From the Forums: Cool lock screen effect, Microsoft and tablets

It has been a rather quiet weekend in the realm of Windows Phone, but that hasn't prevented Windows Phone community forum members from logging onto the boards over the last couple of days. But what threads have been started and what have you possibly missed? We'll quickly run through a handful of discussions that are growing in popularity.

Blurred WP

"Hello, Windows Phone owners. Look at your screen, now back at me. Now back at your screen, now back at me. Sadly, it isn't me, but if he stopped using a boring wallpaper and switched to a nice blurred effect, he could look like me. Look down, back up, where are you? You're at Redmond, with the Ballmer crew. What's in your hand? It's a Windows Phone that requires some love. Look again, the device is now sporting a unique look. Anything is possible when your Windows Phone has a blurred wallpaper. I'm on a Surface board."

Example Blur WP

Enough said? Try it out, it's pretty awesome. Forum member Joe920 has brought up an idea that we've never attempted ourselves - blurring our home screens and then applying the result as the wallpaper. It has the potential to create some interesting effects. Here's what Joe managed to come up with:

All that's required is to take screenshot, open up the image in your favourite editor and add go crazy with the blur tool. Have you tried it out? Be sure to add yours to the "Nice effect - set your lock screen to a blurred version of your home screen" thread.

Microsoft and tablets

So it's known that Microsoft is pushing both Windows 8 and RT on tablets, competing against both Android and iOS. But what are the company's chances? Can Windows really power through, absorb some market share and cause some issues for the competitor platforms? That's yet to be seen, but if what we've seen already of Windows Blue, we can definitely speculate Redmond will have a strong chance.

Forum member nube_android believes so. We'd like to know what you all think, how do you see Microsoft performing in the tablet market? Head on over to the "Where Microsoft can win: tablets" thread and add your predictions.

Windows Phone consumers spending more dosh

We covered an interesting report today that revealed Evernote reporting more revenue per Windows Phone owner than Android. Should this be the case for other developers it would paint a positive picture for Microsoft. In order to attract more developers to the platform, Redmond needs to convince others that creating content for Windows Phone is worth the investment.

So we put the question to you, just how much do you spend on apps and other content from the store? We're not requesting exact specifics, but if you've noticed you willingly part with the credit card more so on Windows Phone than a competing platform. Do you have a strong collection of commercial apps and games? Add your experiences to the "Go MSFT!" thread.

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  • I paid for something good, but I prefer free stuff. Expensive phone is enough spending.
  • Too bad, so sad.
  • I barely bought anything on Windows Phone 7, because Microsoft were pushing devs with the "your app is worth more than 99c" mentality, and I wasn't going to pay 5x more than iPhone for an app.
    I'm very glad everyone seems to of forgotten that rubbish with WP8. Buy a lot more apps now they're priced in line with other OS's.
  • I'm sure your not a dev :). Otherwise you would not talk like that
  • Any dev with a brain knows that selling one @ $.99 is better than selling zero at $4.99.
    Mobile users have been conditioned to spend no more than a few dollars per app.  If it costs more than that it better be a game or a more complicated app.
  • The $0.99 mentality only makes independent devs create loads of little apps to sell at .99 so they can make some money. If they would make more complex / usefull app at a higher price it will be better and would allow them to put effort in less apps but better ones. Personally I would rather pay more and know that I get a better app than look for a cheap app and spam the dev in review and on his contact data that I want that feature and that and that.
  • You can use Fotor on phone to blur out screenshots for your lock screen
  • Thumba Photo Editor is much better
  • Agreed
  • I like Fantasia Painter for this kind of thing. But It's just personal preference as a blur effect should look the same no matter which app you use.
  • I don't see the point in bluring the home screen make your eyes go funny xp
  • It makes it look like you are unblurring your home screen when you swipe up on the lock screen. It would look really cool if we had bb10 unlock screen animation. Maybe that lock screen plus app will add the bb10 animation effect.
  • I suppose but it would still make my eyes go funny just a bit
  • That's a huge windows phone in his hands
  • I thought the same thing. Maybe he's a little guy.
  • or maybe the editing is terrible
  • Re: tablets. I recently purchased a Surface RT and I'll add the caveat that I've never owned an iPad. That said, I absolutely love it and yes I've purchased some apps (along with about 6 movies). Before the Surface RT came out I really wasn't interested in a tablet Now I've got my Nokia 920 and my Surface RT, so yeah for me Windows RT and WP8 are a hit. I can't knock Apple because I've never owned any of their products...but I can say that I've seen nothing that what make me choose Apple over RT/ WP8. For me the only thing better than Surface RT would be Surface Pro 2 with the new Haswell chipset for better battery life. MSFT has been good to me!
  • +100000000
  • ^this
  • My buddies refer to me as a fan boy. Damn straight, I am a fan of excellence.
  • I have had the same experience - except I had an iPad and an iPad2 before. Surface RT is much better for me.
  • the savior of win 8 tablets is gonna be intel and amd and component manufactures, when they are fast and last long and cheaper its gonna be a no brainer. All ms has to do is keep working on it (improving), keep it fresh and stable and lower prices
    example the not so exciting numbers for rt was due to price, a 200 device{on android) selling for 600 dollars
    whats gonna be different this time around both intel and amd has new chip with tablets in mind longer lasting and beyond 720 p, full hd screens, a full computer in a to go form factor
  • A quiet week? New games, updated Skype, Pandora?
  • I buy music and games on my WP7. I don't care if it costs more then iOS. I support the developed and I dig the achievements.
  • OMG Isaiah Mustafa is my hero!
  • I wish we could put something like Paper Shuffle on the screen with AwesomeWeather on there too. I understand there could be some app conflict, or OS conflict, there, but I'd love to combine the two.