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With all the new games coming out at E3 we are getting a good look at the future of games on Windows Phone. That’s great for the future but what about now. Where can we go to learn about games available today? We have the answer to that question in our forum.

Many developers are making their game content available for us to enjoy, review and offer feedback on. It’s all happening right here in our Games Spotlight area. Our developers want us to help them create the best game possible. They are posting information on these games in this area hoping we will download them and do just that.

SportsStar Lite - Sports Casual Game (Free): This game was published by Pixeldruids Studios Private Limited and is available in the marketplace for free. Pixeldruids has many apps available in the marketplace with titles including Christmas Gift, iFlier, and BeSpooked. This is what Pixeldruid has to say about this game.

“SportsStar Lite by Pixel Druids Studios is a match 3 game with its Sports fun theme. This game is casual enough that you can play while watching your favorite Game , but is challenging enough that you may lose your head if you don’t watch out.”

You can find SportsStar Lite here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Boards & Pieces (incl. Free version): This game shows promise. It’s not one game but instead 4 board games in one. This game includes Block It, Take the Gold, Trigex and Six Men's Morris. Brought to us by Serendipitous Bits LLC is this developer's only published game. Forum member NPavlov (game developer) posted this in our forum.

“I present our first release, a pack of four games, named Boards & Pieces. It is a collection of fun and challenging board games including Block It, Take the Gold, Trigex and Six Men's Morris, all displayed on top of beautiful wallpapers updated daily. Put your brain power to the test against a virtual opponent, supporting three difficulty levels. The games feature sophisticated algorithms, making them pretty challenging on hard level!”

You can find Boards & Pieces Free here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Alone at War (Free): This sounds like a fun and interesting game. All the graphics are hand-drawn. That could be an interesting twist. This app is published by DPE Ukraine who is no stranger to developing Windows Phone apps. With 12 apps in the marketplace this game comes to us from a seasoned app developer. If that's not enough to get you to try this free game then maybe forum member Alcomi (the developer) can convince you to give his game a test drive.

“Alone at War is an amazing hand-drawn graphics game that will surely thrill you! Alone against all, you must defeat the vicious enemies attacking your kingdom with only your bow. Adjust the force and the direction of your arrows to inflict maximum damage. Battles are won a day at a time, and enemies will attack until the sun sets. As your hit count rises, you can obtain enhanced arrows and even spells to cast on your foes. This shooter game will be interesting to everyone who likes action, and danger.”  

Alone at War Free can be snatched up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We have these and many more games available in our Games Spotlight Forum. These developers need your support to make the best games possible. By posting in our forum these developers are opening themselves up to constructive input to help build the best games possible.

We hear lots of talk about the quality of apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Now here is your chance to help make sure that developers are adding the best possible games.

Dave Blake