From the Forums: Lumia 900 is cheap as chips and Will WP8 take BB10?

It's been an eventful weekend so far with the London 2012 Olympics in full swing and our community forums haven't seen any sign of sowing down for the games with more discussions being forged and engaged in by registered members. So what's been discussed over the weekend? 

To kick us off tonight is 12Danny123 who looked at some posts over on our sister website He noted that BlackBerry readers were discussing the possibility of upcoming BB10 not being able to push forward and follow Windows Phone with RIM pumping money into the platform attempting to build momentum. Cgk1 published an interesting response,

"The thrust of that conversation is right - Microsoft and partners have spend billions to very limited impact, RIM is going to about to attempt the same thing but with far more constrained resources and BB10 is likely to fail in the market. Bottom line is that WP7 is an also-ran and there is a good chance that both BB10 and WP8 will be also-rans as well."

Windows 8 and Apollo are both on the way, which Microsoft can use (along with the Xbox) to push Windows Phone in the right direction. Aiming for business partners as well as consumers, the software giant can use Office, Lync, and more to drive companies away from competitor platforms. Here's hoping traction builds as these upgrades are released. We expect to see brand awareness boost in the months following Apollo and Windows 8.

What do you think about BlackBerry and the future of Windows Phone? Do you believe BlackBerry stands a stronger or weaker chance of building much needed momentum? Sound off in the comments and be sure to voice your pinion over in the "Wp8/7.8 vs BB10" thread.

Arriving from BlackBerry

RIM WP Concept

Now we've covered a thread talking about the competition between BlackBerry and Windows Phone, it's only right we pick up on a newcomer who will be purchasing a Windows Phone to leave the arms of RIM. Current BB user pastornordel has asked for advice from Windows Phone owners who used to follow RIM.

"Coming from bb, and considering a windows phone, I'd like to hear from others that have made this switch. Im a heavy email user and have used bb exclusively and would be curious if i would find contact management and composing a big disappointment in wp."

Have you switched to Windows Phone from BlackBerry? Be sure to head on over to the "Question for bb switchers" thread to add your $.02.

Leaving Windows Phone and moving on

Forum member DanielCeleste has created a thread asking the community for advice on whether he should switch to the iPhone or can make the most of Windows Phone until Apollo arrives.

"I bought a Windows Phone almost a year ago and have been content with the OS ever since. It's buttery smoothness and quick functionality have greatly impressed me and have completely changed my thoughts about Microsoft. Before my Windows Phone, I've owned two iPod touches and I currently own an iPad. I've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to switch.I will probably be switching in the Fall when a new iPhone comes out (I am also fully aware of Windows Phone 8 - which seems like a good update). Are there any apps, homebrew tweaks (no interop unlock), or overall new uses and advantages for my Windows Phone that will keep me entertained for the next little while, or possibly change my mind about switching?" 

Have you got any advice for Daniel, or do you believe he should jump ship and see how it goes with iOS? Already owning an iPad, we would recommend the wait for Apollo, especially if he's set to get the next iPhone. With the likes of Nokia, Samsung and HTC preparing to launch newer hardware on launch, it's an exciting time for Windows Phone.

The "Bored with Windows Phone" is the place to be for discussion on this issue.

Miscellaneous: Lumia 900 falling, falling, falling in price

Lastly bigkevbosky has kicked off a discussion surrounding the Lumia 900's continuous price drop. 

"So I regularly keep an eye on phone prices, especially Windows Phone devices, and I've noticed that the Lumia's value has dropped much more quickly than other Windows phones. In fact, a Lumia these days is about on par with a Titan, and is below the values of the Focus S and Titan II. "

We've followed the pricing of the Lumia 900 since it first launched in the US earlier this year, and while many would comment that it's simply too cheap for what's on offer (especially with the Lumia 710 and 610 both being painted as the cheaper Windows Phone), we believe it's a superb opportunity for consumers to pick one up for less.

If you're not already actively visiting our community forums, be sure to do so if you're up for discussing the platform with other Windows Phone owners.

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