From the Forums: Nokia Lumia 900 cracked screen

"The Horror! The Horror!"

Soldier down! That's right, even with the Lumia 900's Corning® Gorilla® Glass it seems that just the right drop at just the right height can shatter the beautiful 4.3" display.

Forum member fig dropped his Lumia from waist high and the screen darn near 'sploded. If he has the AT&T insurance, the best he can hope for is spending $200 on the deductible. That is rather high but it's a lot better than paying full price for a new device, so let us hope he has the insurance!

Get the full story in our forums: cracked display.....what should I do? Let us know in the comments if you have insurance on your device and if you think the $200 deductible is, you know, too high?

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Dave Blake
  • Due respect it's glass. Things will break if you don't respect them!
  • Still.... My jaw literally dropped at that image. I just picked up the gorgeous black 900 on Friday night and oh my God that image will give me nightmares. There goes my idea that the Lumia 900 would be at least substantially sturdier than an iPhone....
  • I believe it still is but here's the catch: Gorilla Glass is very hard to make it scratch resistant. But making glass (or metal) very hard also makes it very brittle. So there's a trade off. Fact is, you're more likely to accidently scratch the Lumia 900 on a daily basis than say, drop it from waist high on to concrete. Even then, it's only when it hits the corners will it do this. Trade offs!
  • exactly.  BEWARE of the corners, folks!  drops typically should be okay but, if hit just right, the whole thing will shatter.  there's not really any in-between with gorilla glass, because of how its made.
  • At work I have 4 employees with shattered iPhones. One of them dropped it the same day she purchased it.
  • It is substantially sturdier.  That being said, the screen is still glass, and will still break if dropped just right.
  • everything breaks! :(
  • My son has a 710. After 1 month he's managed to break the LCD under the gorilla glass. No insurance. Nokia repair have quoted around £150. What I will do is buy a new one when price gets lower and swap the motherboard from his into the shell of the new. This will be cheaper than the official repair.
  • Why would you swap the mother board your just going to void the new ones warranty?
  • The 710 is only £129 now... how much cheaper do you expect it to go? Lol.
  • He should just get a new screen and maybe LCD If it's damaged - I'm sure it's cheaper than the $200 deductible (the whole phone costs roughly $200 to make)
  • Well if I can find a lcd alone I may do that as 710's are easy to take appart.  The reason for buting a new one though is that the lcd is only broken at one corner so you can still see 2/3 of the display fine.  I could keep the broken phone and use it a dev device or sell it off to get more moeny back.
    Yes I know that £129 is cheap now , but I think they will be £99 on a payg contract in  a few months once the 900 hits the stores and we get nearer apollo.
  • I do fear you may have a "long" wait for them to drop to £99... the phone itself must be costing Nokia not far off £100 to produce and bring to market etc, then you have retailers costs and profits to account for. The reason Nokia are still producing S40 phones and is widely rumoured to lining Meltemi up as the long-term S40 replacement, is due to the inhently high manufacturing costs that such high-end minimum specs that WP involve. I think Nokia are probably already losing money (overall, even if not on core-production cost) on the 710 at £129, when you take into account logistics, taxation (prior to VAT, the cost is just £107.50, then you have other corporate and employer taxes to account for) and retailer costs. I'd hazard a guess the 710 is meant to be priced around the £199 including VAT mark (as it was on carriers at launch) and that's with the carrier likely bulk-buying for discount, and subsidising the handset costs, and £240+ for SIM-free handsets. So £129 is absolutely rock-bottom imho, I think it's a good marketing ploy by Nokia to "get handsets into hands" and it's one that may work, everyone who has seen my 710 has been wowed by it, and even though they have previously not seen much/any of the WP system, they all seem to want one, two friends and a family member have already got them after playing with mine!! The 610 may not actually be so cheap as £129 after taxes and retailer costs are accounted for, so think wisely before you decide to pass-up the current offer (I don't want to see anyone get burnt later on). I do understand your logic in waiting for them to drop to £99 after dropping from £249 to £199 to £150 to £129, but these were all offers/prices with different retailers, and Nokia are presumably losing money on the handsets in a bid to cause a price war, and gain consumer, and retailer, awareness of the Lumia range. Microsoft may also be part-bankrolling the current price crash as it's in their interest too.
  • Corning gorilla glass runs about $150
  • AT&T's deductable is $125 from Asurion. That is what comes up everytime I sell Mobile Protection on Lumia 900s.
  • Nooooo! That picture pains my eyes!
  • WP central could buy him a new screen...
    You gave away many phones another 200$ wolden't kill ya...
  • I wonder which part of the phone made contact on impact; it's hard to tell from the photo.
  • One the one hand if there was ever a time to use insurance, its now!
    On the other hand the insurance is probably not very reasonable if it's costing $200 in deductible plus $7 per month * 24 months =  Total $368.
    I'd use the insurance now and then drop it (the insurance that is). 
  • The horror, the horror.
  • I really cant believe that. I dropped my samsung focus a couple of times and my daughter a few more and this badass stil goes without a scratch on the screen. (except for that one when i was trying to see how tough it was the gorilla glass with my keys).
  • Same. I've dropped my Focus from higher than waist height onto concrete, tile, hardwood, etc. and my screen doesn't have a single scratch on it.
  • Focus is one durable phone - its made of softer plastic that absorbs more of the impact - it has no hard edged - so no matter how it lands its gonna be okay - and its lighter which means the impact isn't as violent anyways - This is the main reason everyone in my family has focii and I'm the only one with a 900
  • You really should stop dropping your daughter, that can't be good for her health. :)
  • £6.50 per month and my phone, laptop, household appliances etc... All covered with extended warranties, breakdown, theft and accidental damage insurance by my bank! £25 excess on phones is worth it. :-D
  • Ouch. Definitely not a pretty picture. I'll be sure to never "dope" my future Lumia then lol :P
  • Seriously, why is it that whenever a new phone comes out someone breaking it's screen is big news?
    They are made of glass, and they WILL break. It is not news, it is not a surprise.
  • If you can afford to be careless enough to drop a phone you've owned for just over a week then you can probably afford to get a replacement.
  • THAT'S why I ALWAYS stress the fact that people need to get the Black Tie Protection when they get phones from Best Buy Mobile. I know he/she didn't get it from Best Buy, but I'm just saying. When an accident happens with your phone, you pay NO deductible. 
  • I keep all my devices insured fully. even covers this. Little breakage though it looks as though the device hit at three points on the screen..Just saying...
  • My ATT rep told me the insurance deductible on the Lumia is $125.
  • They are correct. The insurance deductible with AT&T for Lumia 900 is only $125.
  • I dropped my Samsung Focus and the screen cracked just like the Lumia pictured above.  I had insurance and got a new one.  Then it got a small scratch, about 1cm long, on the gorilla glass (don't know how it happend.)  I cancled the insurance once I got the Lumia.  My Samsung Focus is the insurance.  If the Lumia breaks I'll go back to the Focus and wait for Windows Phone 8.  I've learned these phones are not undistructable and even though Gorilla Glass is supose to be scratch resistant, well it can still scratch.
  • Did he have a screen protector on it....A really good one can prevent/minimize this as it will spread the impact across the entire face...much like what they use on the subways in NY
  • I dropped my L900 yesterday and fortunately it didn't break :-D I'm sorry that gentleman is having to go through this
  • I had a loose screen in my Lumia 800 repaired by Nokia UK. They told me the 800 is engineered to have an almost imperceptible play in the screen to help shock absorbtion. You have to wonder whether having a rock solid polycarbonate body coupled with toughened Gorilla Glass might actually mean the 800 and 900 screens are in fact easier to break?
  • I've dropped my Samsung Focus like a million times, never had any case to protect it, and even with nasty dings and scratches, this thing still works fine. There's something to be said for a plastic (ugly) phone!
  • Hey guys.  I'm the only who dropped that phone.  And yeah, I did have a screen protector on it.  I did drop from the waist high because it was in my pocket....pretty much slipped out of my hand.  Somehow it landed in the upper right hand corner and just shattered.  I was worried that the deductible from my ATT insurance was going to be $199.  But instead, $125.  That's good news to me.  So I just went with that instead of buying a new phone. 
  • $ 200 deductible? Mine is only $ 100 from AT&T, weird. My wife and I have dropped our Samsung Focus many times and a couple of times on pavement, never had that happen. I've seen a few iPhones like this too.
  • What I meant was I was assuming that it was going to be $199.  I just found out through my ATT insurance that the deductible is $125.
  • Hmm. My deductible is just $50.
  • Black Tie Protection from Best Buy is the well Best way to go. No matter the damage, or reason for you needing your phone replaced it is covered. It does cost $10 a month to have it, but well worth it if you don't want to worry about dropping $200 all at once to replace your phone.
  • Man that sucks, I bought my girlfriend a focus and she has launched that thing about a million times. It's hit every type of surface possible and still looks new and works great..
    I think part of it is the focus has less mass and as a result doesn't "feel" the impact as much.
    In any event I am sure the 900 is plenty tough and this is an isolated incident.
  • The best he can hope for is not the $200 deductible. The best he can hope for is Nokia repairs the phone for free or charge him less than $200 to fix. The insurance is a rip off. On the iPhone apple would charge $200 for accidental damage. At&t would charge like $10 a month and charge a $200 deductible on top of that.
  • I dropped my getting out of my truck, heard it hit the door frame than the ground(asphalt). Thank GOD no breaks and a very small scratch that was very hard to see. The phone hit on the corner than face down, I have the black gel case around my no screen protector. I have insurance hope to never use it.
  • Even the iPhone with it's amazing Gorilla glasss /sarcasm will shatter if hit just right. It will also stand up to quite a bit if dropped and landing at the right spot too. Good luck. I personally would drop the $200 to fix it. Seeing as Nokia gave your the $100 free, when all is said and done it's costing you $100 to fix
  • Mine was 4 days old when it broke, no insurance. I'm on the hunt for a new screen. I found a guy in China who is selling them for $130. We'll see if he rips me off.
    I suspect this is going to be a big problem with this model. It is way too fragile.
  • Sorry to see this. I think the glass planked when it dropped. It hit flat on the floor. Given it's curved surface it may have caused it to shatter more easily. Tempered glass are prone to shattering when dropped or subject to extreme temperatures.
  • What's it cost to repair a screen? Has to be no more expensive than that $200 deductible. 
  • A local repair shop quoted $240 to do the repair, or $200 for the parts. eBay lists the parts for $179. That's what I'll likely do, eventually. Right now, I'm sticking with the Focus; it has been such a great phone.
  • I have best buy protection plan. $0 deductible
  • I've had my Omnia 7 for over a year now and I've dropped it loads of times on concrete; even once I was in a rush and it flew out of my pocket onto the hard pavement and it's still perfectly fine (with the exception of a small, barely noticeable scratch over the search button & a worn out back from heavy day to day use). It's never had a case or a screen protector (though I should really get one), so I'm very surprised how this Lumia 900 has ended up in such a bad state especially considering how tough gorilla glass is constantly advertised to be. The Lumias are a beautiful range of phones (with the exclusion of anything below 710), but this has honestly put me off bit getting one as a potential upgrade.
  • *a bit
  • when i saw this pic my heart just dropped..hard~!!!!
  • What a loss!
  • I can get Genuine OE Nokia Screen & Digitizer Assemblies for $170. The phone is pretty easy to take apart, and replace, but you are into it with parts and labor about $200 so its really almost better to just do the Insurance Replacement.
  • Using things signifies that they may eventually bust. When and if they bust, you should think about downgrading your appliances, rather than replacing them. So don't replace, downgrade instead. The move may actually save you money and that would be of great help for you. One important thing to remember is even though you may choose to downgrade something, this does not mean you should be cheap about your purchase. Quality still worth the price.
  • this surely is a wonderful thing to know "Forum member fig dropped his Lumia from waist high and the screen darn near 'sploded. If he has the AT&T insurance, the best he can hope for is spending $200 on the deductible. That is rather high but it's a lot better than paying full price for a new device, so let us hope he has the insurance!" I will be waiting for more surprises here