From the Forums: Nokia Lumia 900 cracked screen

"The Horror! The Horror!"

Soldier down! That's right, even with the Lumia 900's Corning® Gorilla® Glass it seems that just the right drop at just the right height can shatter the beautiful 4.3" display.

Forum member fig dropped his Lumia from waist high and the screen darn near 'sploded. If he has the AT&T insurance, the best he can hope for is spending $200 on the deductible. That is rather high but it's a lot better than paying full price for a new device, so let us hope he has the insurance!

Get the full story in our forums: cracked display.....what should I do? Let us know in the comments if you have insurance on your device and if you think the $200 deductible is, you know, too high?

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Dave Blake