From the Forums: Nokia updates, HTC 8X battery tips, Lumia 920 camera tests

It has been an eventful week with Nokia's recent Deadmau5 partnership to bring more Lumia love to London, UK. We managed to turn up and boogie with other attendees while seeing how the Lumia 920 coped with low lighting, high volume levels and bags of movement. As well as a number of news stories appearing on the radar, our Windows Phone forum has been busy as always.

First up in today's roundup is a number of Nokia updates that have been pushed out to owners recently for a number of features. We covered Nokia Maps today, but the manufacturer has also bumped its Extras + Info, NFC, and Smart Shoot just to name a few. We noticed the list on our Lumia 920. Congusano created a thread with a screenshot showing the changes applied to the Extras 'app'.

The Lumia 920 has only been available for a month but the company is already pouring hours of time into further enhancing the user experience. It's reassuring for owners to see support for the flagship Windows Phone already fired up. Have you noticed any minor updates being pushed to your Windows Phone? Join in the discussion in the "Extras and Info updated AGAIN" thread.

Some battery tricks for your HTC 8X

Windows Phone Central user Coolknight1968 has published a number of tips to our forums that can help extend the battery life of your HTC 8X (or other Windows Phone). It's always wise to get the most out of a single charge as possible, especially when a charging station or adapter isn't available for a full work day.

Here's a snippet of the conclusion:

"Now after two weeks of use and doing the above, yesterday my 8X gave me some good performance. Was all day in Edge / GSM + WiFi, I had a call, surfed die Email for 4.5 hours, also on this forum had a 5 min phone call, from 06:30 to 01:30 I was using it. End of the day I was at 63% power remaining. So now, unless your unit has a defective battery, I am confident my above list will help you! This will work for any WP8 device, from Nokia or HTC or Samsung."

Be sure to read up on the full list of tricks and tips on how you can get the most out of your charge cycles present in the "Battery tricks and tips" thread.

Miscellaneous: Lumia 920 camera test with fly-over

A video has been uploaded to YouTube that shows a plane flying over a Windows Phone owner who captured the fly-over using a Lumia 920. Low levels of light coupled with the high volume from the jet engines were no match for the device, which managed to capture a fairly high quality recording of the event.

We've previously looked at a number of tests where the Lumia 920 has been put against competitor hardware, as well as being put to use at concerts, which we also carried out at the Deadmau5 gig in Brixton, London last night. Head on over to the "Lumia 920 camera capture test" thread to add your $0.02. 

Remember that you can (of course) create a free Mobile Nations account, which is pretty darn gnarly, right? We hope to see you over on the Windows Phone Central forums shortly!

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