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We've not had a From the Forums roundup for a few days due to an overwhelming focus on Nokia and the recently announced Lumia hardware. We can only cover so much before you begin to repeat previous threads. Unfortunately this appeared it would be the case until the HTC event, but luckily there's enough happening surrounding the iPhone announcement, as well as other general discussions.

Smoledman kicks us off today with a thread created to discuss the notifications in Windows Phone - or how they could be improved to create a richer experience. Currently we have Live Tiles and toast notifications, but are these enough? When you receive a notification via the alert at the top of the screen and should so happen to miss it, you'll have no idea which app sent you the notification, not to mention what the alert was actually for.

But how could we have this rectified? What would you recommend Microsoft do to implement a solution that doesn't feel "added" or will clutter the clean UI? Provide your suggestions over in the "Microsoft fails again on Notification Center" thread.

What should OEMs focus on in mobile development?


Are you tired of smartphones advancing but batteries remaining at a certain level? Would you like to see more development in making larger capacity batteries for LTE and octo-core configurations, or do you believe we should push harder on hardware improvements? Simon Tupper opened a poll on the forum asking exactly that.

"Personally I am tired of seeing all those "revolutionary" improvements in performance, but not much improvements in terms of battery life."

I -personally- would like to see larger batteries in Windows Phones. We've moved up to dual-core, and we've got LTE and other features now inside Apollo hardware. Manufacturers now need to ensure we can run the smartphone for at least 24 hours while using it as both a phone and a portable computer - especially if the platform is to attract business users.

Be sure to head on over to the "What would you like smartphones manufacturers to focus on?" thread and vote for your preference.

Miscellaneous: Think up some mottos

Snowmutt has created an interesting thread that calls for motto ideas. Some suggestions have already been added, including some interesting ones - "Windows Phone 8: Work. Play. Life at your fingertips." Think on humour, as well as slightly jabbing other platforms, or ripping on Microsoft itself. It's all good fun, right?

Do you believe you have the perfect Windows Phone motto in-mind? Be sure to let us all know it! Unleash your creativity in the "Time to get serious about lightening up..." thread.