From the Forums: Notifications, mottos and focusing on manufacturing

We've not had a From the Forums roundup for a few days due to an overwhelming focus on Nokia and the recently announced Lumia hardware. We can only cover so much before you begin to repeat previous threads. Unfortunately this appeared it would be the case until the HTC event, but luckily there's enough happening surrounding the iPhone announcement, as well as other general discussions.

Smoledman kicks us off today with a thread created to discuss the notifications in Windows Phone - or how they could be improved to create a richer experience. Currently we have Live Tiles and toast notifications, but are these enough? When you receive a notification via the alert at the top of the screen and should so happen to miss it, you'll have no idea which app sent you the notification, not to mention what the alert was actually for.

But how could we have this rectified? What would you recommend Microsoft do to implement a solution that doesn't feel "added" or will clutter the clean UI? Provide your suggestions over in the "Microsoft fails again on Notification Center" thread.

What should OEMs focus on in mobile development?

Are you tired of smartphones advancing but batteries remaining at a certain level? Would you like to see more development in making larger capacity batteries for LTE and octo-core configurations, or do you believe we should push harder on hardware improvements? Simon Tupper opened a poll on the forum asking exactly that.

"Personally I am tired of seeing all those "revolutionary" improvements in performance, but not much improvements in terms of battery life."

I -personally- would like to see larger batteries in Windows Phones. We've moved up to dual-core, and we've got LTE and other features now inside Apollo hardware. Manufacturers now need to ensure we can run the smartphone for at least 24 hours while using it as both a phone and a portable computer - especially if the platform is to attract business users.

Be sure to head on over to the "What would you like smartphones manufacturers to focus on?" thread and vote for your preference.

Miscellaneous: Think up some mottos

Snowmutt has created an interesting thread that calls for motto ideas. Some suggestions have already been added, including some interesting ones - "Windows Phone 8: Work. Play. Life at your fingertips." Think on humour, as well as slightly jabbing other platforms, or ripping on Microsoft itself. It's all good fun, right?

Do you believe you have the perfect Windows Phone motto in-mind? Be sure to let us all know it! Unleash your creativity in the "Time to get serious about lightening up..." thread.

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  • Completely random.but I just beat gravity guy on rescue (the harder one) without dying. About 5 months in the making. Wooot woot. Didn't even use slow mo. I'm a loser lol.
  • Really lets see you do that in Istunt 2.
  • One thing I loved about most android phone is the LED notification light,,,being able to set different colours for different notifications was an easy way to what was incomming to your phone with out even having to turn it on. Blue light,,,"oh I got a text" red light,,"uh oh,,,missed a call" purple light "new email,,that can wait". MS should make this a mandatory feature of all OEM's that's kinda why I'm leaning towards HTC because in the specs leak it shows it having an LED notification.
  • +100
  • I didn't know Android had that but it's the only feature I miss from my BlackBerry. Bebuzz was a killer app.
  • Love the LED indicator on my HD7, especially that it tells me battery status while charging.
  • Please no, no blue and red blinking space shuttle dots! White discrete LED to show there are notifications if you absolutetly have to have a LED. But if it's an OLED screen they should just do what Nokia have been doing for quite some time already and show it right there on the sleeping screen (uses miniscule amounts of battery, I've had this on my N85, N8 and N9 so far):
    Edit: White LED example, pretty stylish if I may say so:
    But yeah, the drawback is of course that it does not allow for differentiating between notifications in any easy way, except variating pulses of course but that might be a bit too obscure.
  • I've never seen that before but I actually really like that idea,,,,maybe that plus a few different colours to differentiate text's from emails and missed calls or make them customizable.
  • That's definately doable. On the N8 I even had animations showing when there were missed calls, at about 5:10 theres notifications for missed calls and e-mails (granted these might be a bit too much but it shows some possibilities):
    I'm a bit surprised at how few seem to have come across these things outside the Symbian/MeeGo world. But these features are actually one of the things that I will miss a lot if taking the step to WP. The clock for example might not seem like a lot but the truth is that I've found it very convenient. You don't even have to touch the phone to know the time, date, weather, notifications etc etc. Unfortunately this wouldn't be possible on the 920 since it's an LCD.
  • Ditto!  Sleeping Screen, and even the 'always on' clock/screen saver is very useful.  I was really hoping that Nokia would be able to implement those features for the WP Lumia devices since I will be buying one and putting my N8 back in its box soon!
    Still hoping...
  • Get over the lack of LED notifications is it really that hard to look at the lock screen?
  • Windows Phone. Don't be an iSheep. ;)
  • As far as mottos go-"Don't let not having a Jobs get you down or be Green with envy open up your Windows and ilimunate your world"
  • My idea is to have a notification center that can be accessed by swiping to the right from the homescreen or tapping a persistent indicator in the area where the time and network indicators are.
  • Why does everyone say this? I think a better way is to swipe up from the bottom. Like go to the homescreen and go to the bottom and swipe up from that (like the pin lock) and it would only have the toasts pilled up on each other. (with a like 5 px space between each notification) idk thats just my opinion
  • I'd rather swipe from the top. Swiping from the bottom would lead to even more accidental pressing of the capacitive buttons. We already touch at the top to show signal/wifi/clock etc so a touch & swipe from the top would work well
  • I would like to go to settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, etc when we swipe from the top and press and hold the specific icon. Either that or we toggle the things on and off right there at the top.
  • Where will you swipe up from?? Swiping up scrolls the homescreen, even more so with the new layout coming with wp7.8/8
  • I personally like the idea of being able to continuously scroll throughout the OS like how they do with the pictures hub and music hub. That way you could swipe left for a list of notifications that would stay displayed and the option to go into the app or clear it from the list. So you could swipe right twice to get to the Notifications hub or swipe left once to get there or continue swiping left to get to the app list. That would work.
  • Why not swipe left for the app list and swipe right for the notification centre? Simple.
  • Indeed i've had that thought since very beginning, 3 panels r more than enough...i guess they cant do it now or else they will be called following the new iOS6. The scroll down from top is annoying, i hate that from my days with droid (dont get me wrong, useful but not all the way from the top)
    It would hav been perfect if it has been like this:
    quick toggle & settings < MAIN SCREEN > apps drawer
  • maybe they shud introduce special gesture on main page (draw circle or pinch all???) to call up the toggle/setting panel...
  • +1
  • I'm in favor of larger batteries. I recently upgraded to a 3000 mAh battery on my HD7. Yes, the phone is a bit heavier and thicker now, but oh, so worth the vastly extended runtime between charges. Especially handy when on the go and a midday charge isn't available, let alone convenient. WP is supposed to let us get on with our day--having to stop for a charge gets in the way of that.
  • Indeed, to me days playing with phone r so over for me, i still want my smartphone to be smart, for gps, quick info search, social updates and taking pictures...everything is thrown out of the window when ur phone beeps telling u that ur battery gonna run out so soon...
    Hence i always fancy the Motorola RAZR MAXX battery life. For my friends who's considering getting a droid, i always recommend them to consider that phone rather than stuck with S3 in their heads (my guts just hav bad feelings for all things S!!!)
    Hope to see such battery life in WP units...
  • How about flashing camera light options. I know it's on iPhone, but it wasn't initially created by Apple. They just adopted it because it was a great idea. Thing is, it would be great on all phones and it would help those that are hearing impaired.
  • As for notifications while the phone is in use idk, but while it's off they can add a two step notification system. There was a screen shot with a lot of notification icons on the start screen.
    They could add instead of an LED system just make the windows home key glow when there's something. Turn on screen to see specifically what it is.
  • Surely it would be so simple to add a notification list tab to the 'me' application, the live tile could summarise the number of notifications and opening the live tile would allow you to swipe past the social update list to a list of all app notifications.
  • How about we just use the live tile counters, that's what they're for.
    And include the counter on the app list too, not just the start screen. This might be more likely now they have the small start screen icon size...
    Then include a way to filter the apps list to those with notifications, like maybe with another button under the search at the left of the app list... Assuming its still like that in wp8.
  • The cleanest and simplest way to add a sort of notification center is to add a "notification tile" or swipe to the left. I hope they will not add it to the Me tile
  • Most of you still don't get it, its not the notifications of mussed calls etc, you can easily see those. It's the toast, the ones that come at the top of the screen, that if you miss are gone forever.
  • Then they should make the toast notification stay on screen untill its manually cleared or the message is read,,,,doesn't seem like it should be that hard to do.