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It's a relaxing weekend holiday with Labour Day just around the corner, but Windows Phone Central is still full steam ahead with the run up to Nokia's announcement (as well as other OEM hardware). If you haven't already done so, we recommend checking out our community forums for the latest and greatest platform discussion.

Forum member XENOPHOS has asked (and started a poll covering) the all important question, "when will you purchase your Apollo Windows Phone?". 

"For me its going to be as the dust settles and the real reviews start flowing in... then will I be in a better position to judge which OEM gets my money."

It's rather difficult for many to predict when they'll purchase their next Windows Phone. Is it worth going for the hardware that's released at platform / release launch or is it beneficial to wait for prices to fall and more advanced devices to be unveiled?

We can safely state that we'll be taking the dive early on, as well as making the purchase later on - probably why it's viewed to be relatively expensive working in this industry with all the mobile devices that are available. But what about you? Will you be picking up a Windows Phone shortly, or will you be waiting? Be sure to reply and vote in the poll on the "So when are you buying your Windows Phone 8?" thread.

Nokia Lumias or the Samsung ATIV S?


Samsung recently unveiled its ATIV S Windows Phone at this year's IFA in Berlin. Many have been taken by the design and look of the device, while others feel it's just not enough. Simon Tupper has created a thread asking what you prefer out of the ATIV S or the 'leaked' Nokia Lumia devices that are expect to be announced soon.

"To me the ATIV S is way more appealing, it has the premium look, it is thinner than most phones and you can remove the battery. To me... the Lumia 820 is an improved Lumia 900... which is not that bad, but does it compete? I don't know, it's up to you, some may like it, personally I don't, but here's what's nice about tastes."

We're also torn between loving the ATIV S design and despising it. Until we've had one in our hands we can't be certain either way, but it's interesting to see a Windows Phone cause such dividing in the community. Are you looking forward to its release, or waiting for Nokia's Lumia line? Add your thoughts in the "Nokia 820 VS Samsung ATIV S" thread.

Miscellaneous: other Windows Phone OEMs catch up with Nokia?

Forum member cp2_4eva closes off this From The Forums round-up with a valid rant / question as to why other Windows Phone OEMs aren't matching the effort levels of Nokia.

"Why is it that Nokia has the best exclusive apps that Samsung and HTC can't get? On other OS, if there is an app on the market, then all android users can get it. Not just android users that have a Samsung. I'm talking about apps, not functions. This is stupid. I like my HTC, but the apps that Nokia has exclusively makes me a bit disgruntled."

Unfortunately we've always had this issue with manufacturers when it comes to Microsoft's mobile platform, since it launched back in 2010. HTC, Samsung, and others simply launch hardware, offer limited support to released Windows Phones, and that's basically it. 

Here's hoping Samsung opens its eyes to Windows Phone with the recent court result against Apple. Google is prepared to leave partners to fend for themselves, while Microsoft appears to have measures in place to better protect platform OEMs. What are your thoughts? Head on over to the "I find this so stupid about WP7" thread to voice your opinion.