From the Forums: Windows Phone stuttering and the best available weather apps

It has been a busy few days on our Windows Phone forum (when isn't it busy?) and we're going to continue to bring you the latest and hottest threads our community is engaging in. Expect to see a steady stream of "From the Forums" update articles, which will aid you in joining heated debates, receive support and voice your much-sought-after opinion.


Windows Phone still slow to catch on?

Our readers have been discussing reasons why Windows Phone hasn't quite taken off just yet, with baileystein revisiting the topic which was last covered many months ago. This time he explains how he pushes Windows Phones out to his friends and classmates, but reiterates as to why he believes the platform is progressing slowly as a whole.

"I have 40 people in my class. Although that "one" person has an iPhone, Windows Phone is getting out there. Thanks to me, I've pushed out 4 Windows Phones. Okay-10%. Big deal? Right? Nope. HUGE deal. The word got out-WP are fast, pretty, and sexy. The problem is requirment. And Android. And refusal to jump platforms. And people. Why can't we win more people? Because they simply don't want to join."

Pretty much hits the nail on the head. We've continuously asked this question internally and have managed to publish a fair few articles that touch on the thoughts of the average consumer. Why hasn't everyone jumped on the Windows Phone train yet? Marketing, hardware specifications, the "Microsoft" brand, previous experiences with Windows Mobile, lack of apps, expensive games, there could be a number of reasons why the iPhone and Android are still climbing.

Should you wish to read up more on what baileystein is attempting to put across, be sure to check out the "Why Windows Phone hasn't caught on..." thread to respond with your comments.


Need an umbrella? What's the best weather app?

Moving swiftly onto weather apps - what's your favourite? Socialcarpet decided it was time the community voiced their most loved weather apps they use on their Windows Phones. Could it be the Weather Channel or WeatherFlow? Members appear to be torn between a variety of available options, which is a good sign of quality apps being developed and updated. Some are even using Microsoft's sturdy Weather app. Sdreamer explains why he chooses to go with Weather for Windows Phone:

"Just the plain ol' "Weather" from Microsoft. I choose this because it has offline access. If you try to access the weather on any other weather app, it will give you some error about not being connected. This is important to me because I keep my data off, especially when I'm nearing my cap. The other thing that got me is the solid live tile support. I couldn't find this working well for other applications, especially if data is on and off; other apps would just stop working or just turn blank because my data would be off instead of just caching the last known weather stats."

Of course with any Microsoft developed app, there are a few issues that have a negative impact on the experience, as sdreamer points out:

"The problem I have is the lack of details and a live tile that adjusts by GPS. In regards to details, hourly forecasts is more like trihourly (which I've come to the conclusion is just enough), you can't click anywhere to find more details as well, like to open a webpage to a more detailed page for finer things. This trend follows into alerts as well."

If you're proud of the weather tools you utilise on your Windows Phone, head on over to the "What's your favourite weather app" thread to add your favourite(s). Remember to perform searches on the main website when attempting to find apps that you can download and enjoy. We've taken a look at some of the highly rated weather apps and have some strong recommendations to pass on.


Miscellaneous: iPhones and Bros with Guns...

Lippidp has been having some fun with "iPhone" he got from work. If you're in the mood for some humorous banter then you'll want to check out "iPhone. I got it but I don't get it.". Here's a snippet of the opening post:

"I was just given "iPhone" for work. It's not "The iPhone" or "an iPhone", it's "iPhone." I'm already annoyed with that little nugget of pretentiousness. One of the first things it says in the cutesy "Finger Tips" guide is that iPhone is fragile and iPhone has glass on the front and back. I immediately went to the IT guy and asked if I was liable for iPhone when iPhone gets damaged. He said yes so I requested a case for precious iPhone. I was given this huge tank-like military-grade case that took me 15 minutes to get the damn phone in it."

Have you used an iPhone? If so, you may want to join in this heated debate / funny story exchange thread to voice your experiences, whether they're positive or negative.

Wrapping up today's From the Forums is v10type-r with his Gun Bros thread.

"Just downloaded it last night, played for a while. Not sure I like the free games where you have the option to spend $ for items tho. (read on for my reason why lol). The gameplay on my Lumia 900 was pretty good, smooth, fast and fun. But on my wifes 1st gen Focus it was a little slower to load and got choppy at times. I actually bought some items with some xbox points I had on my account from over a year ago, but when I bought a couple top level items, I realized that I had pretty much spent the equivalent of $50 on items! ouch! This was obviously my own fault for not knowing what the point to $ ratio was."

While he puts forward his opinion of the game, v10type-r also reminds us of the potential danger regarding Microsoft Points. One has to remember that these little pests can accumulate quicker than expected, so keep an eye on not only your child's Windows Phone, but also your own. Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts on these threads, and be sure to head on over to our forums to join in the conversation!

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