Forza Motorsport 7 will have loot boxes, containing cars, mods, gear and more

With the Xbox One X just around the corner, new details are beginning to emerge surrounding Forza Motorsport 7 – Microsoft's next entry in its flagship racing series. While its graphical improvements and newly-introduced dynamic weather are at the center of marketing, it appears a new reward system is in the works – loot boxes.

Earlier this week as a part of Gamescom 2017, we got the opportunity to get a closer look at Forza Motorsport 7 ahead of its debut this September. During a behind-closed-doors session, we noticed the inclusion of in-game "Prize Crates," however at the time, didn't receive clarification on exactly what these contained.

Forza Motorsport 7 stresses customization, allowing players to make their own in-game avatar.

Forza Motorsport 7 stresses customization, allowing players to make their own in-game avatar.

Speaking with AR12Gaming, Turn 10 Community Manager, Brian Ekberg, clarified that Prize Crates will be a way of obtaining various items in Forza 7, including rare cars, mods and more. Driver gear, a new way of customizing your in-game avatar in Forza Motorsport 7, can also be earned through these digital packages.

Right now, Prize Crates are set to be available in several tiers, with higher-value crates providing a greater chance of rewarding rare bonuses. It's being stressed that these will be earned exclusively with in-game credits at launch, however, the concept of charging for Prize Crates later down the line wasn't entirely dismissed.

This isn't the first time Microsoft Studios titles have taken advantage of randomized loot crates. Recent installments of both Gears of War and Halo have introduced so form of randomized item drops, so an appearance in the Forza series comes as no surprise. With several of the publisher's biggest franchises adopting a "games-as-a-service" (GaaS) model, post-launch updates, expansions, and microtransactions are frequently becoming common sights in these triple-A releases.

What do you think of Forza Motorsport 7's Prize Crates? Is this a good move for the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Matt Brown

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  • ... and there goes my want of buying this game.  After the microtransations and excessive DLC of past forza games, I'm not about to guy into random boxes of crap either.   
  • Well technically you can pay real money to buy a car in any recent Forza games. That's not really different here. Just as you can get anything for free if you play enough 
  • @Aurelink That's the f2p or mobile phone games strategy for a full price game. You can grind hours to get crates or you could spend money to get these crates and maybe (if you're lucky) get the stuff you actually want.
  • Not seeing what the problem is here
  • Totally agree, better to get something for free, even if random, than having to pay for it.   I play FH3, I would never buy something like the Duracel Car Pack, but I do enjoy getting the free car on weekends from the forzathon  
  • @Jf.Vigor Watch Fee 2 pay by Jimquisition on Youtube. You'll understand what's the problem with microtransactions.
  •  so long as every car can be had without a crappy random generator, I don't care. But if I can't drive the cars want to drive because of some terrible random loot crates then the game is definitely not for me.
  • Well done Microsoft, well done just what the fans wanted plz plz give us Micro transactions too
  • This is taking the card packs from Forza 6 to the next ridiculous level. As long as the items are purely cosmetic I don't have a problem; a unique paint job for example. However, if particular cars are unicorns and only acquirable from random number generators then I've got a feeling this will be my last Forza game. I'm fine with a career mode you have to progress through as you gain access to better and better cars; however, I'm not paying $100 so a roll of the virtual dice determines what I get to do in a game I paid good money for.
  • How are Loot Boxes and Microtransactions have anything in common? My god you guys will complain about anything and everything.
  • Pretty sure this is exactly the reason why the original Xbox One lauch went to hell, people didn't even bother to understand what they were complaining about...  it's like the new coolest thing, lets complain about stuff without trying it out
  • @xfatalx zero  How is this good for us gamers and gaming?  Stop defending a company. We gamers are defending ourselves, other gamers and gaming.
  • I was looking forward buying this game on Black Friday (somehow all the Forza games always go 40 - 50 percent off on Black Friday - just a few weeks after launch) but getting FM5 on Friday might keep me busy for a while
  • Ofc. That's what MS does... Special content for people who spent more on the $99 ultimate edition. Pre order bonus, pay to "play early" (in other words, if you don't pay you'll get the game late), All-Stars Car Pack, Porsche Car Pack, Blizzard Mountain, Mattel's Hot Wheels, Mountain dew car pack... VIP bs... expansion/season Pass, microtransactions... Welcome to MS's vision of gaming: games as a service...
  • There is NO EXCUSE for having free to play elements and microtransactions for full price games. There is NO damage control possible. No need to say "There is nothing wrong, as you can still play to own it" or "stop complaining just don't buy it" or "they are optional". This was implemented in the game. The game will be designed to get people to spend more money out of a game you bought.
    How is this us gamers? I expect the usual people to defend this because a certain company is doing this but this is NOT help gamers and gaming. That's another reason why I say company fans aren't good for gaming.