Fosmon Dual Charging Station vs. Energizer 2X Charging Station: Which is better for Xbox controllers?

Overall, the Fosmon Dual Charging Station is the better charging station, but you can get a similar experience with the Energizer 2X Charging Station if you want to save some money and don't mind a few extra downsides.

Fosmon vs Energizer: Power vs affordability

Pictured: Fosmon Dual Charging Station

Pictured: Fosmon Dual Charging Station

The main thing that separates the Fosmon Dual Charging Station from the Energizer 2X Charging Station is that the former has a stronger battery. After charging a dead controller to full power on both stands and then playing with it until it died again, the Fosmon stand's battery lasted four hours longer than the Energizer battery despite having 200 mAh less overall. The Energizer battery pack seems to hold a charge worse, though its own playtime performance is still quite good.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Fosmon Charging StationEnergizer Charging Station
Playtime per charge20-22 hours17-18 hours
Charge time5-6 hours5-6 hours
Batteries2x 1000mAh battery packs2x 1200 mAh battery packs
Connection methodMicro-USB (Needs AC adapter)DC plug (comes with AC adapter)

Another thing the Fosmon charger has going for it is that it's overall a much better product, design-wise. It does feel a little flimsier than the Energizer stand, but it's designed horizontally and has a deep charging slot, which means there's little risk of the controller falling out and getting damaged from a slight bump or a vibration. The Energizer stand holds the controllers in the air vertically and has much less secure charging slots, meaning you need to be careful with it in order to avoid knocking your controllers out.

Things aren't all bad for the Energizer charger, however. Its DC plug is built into a custom AC adapter that comes in the box, as opposed to the Fosmon charger which doesn't come with an AC adapter for its Micro-USB cable. Additionally, it's $10 cheaper.

Fosmon vs Energizer: Which should you buy?

Overall, I think the Fosmon Dual Charging Station is the better of the two charging stands since its battery packs last longer and the stand holds controllers much more securely, despite the way the stand itself feels a little cheaply made. However, the Energizer 2X Charging Station is no slouch, and if you don't mind the downsides, you can save $10 by opting for it. At the time of writing, the Fosmon charger is on sale at just $27 though, so you can currently get the best charger for the lowest possible price.

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