Fosmon Dual Charging Station for Xbox One controllers review: Heavy-duty charging for hardcore gamers

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You can almost always say the same thing about dual controller chargers: The ability to keep two controllers charged is useful, but you each charge usually lasts a shorter amount of time than if you were to use other charging methods. Fosmon's dual charging station for Xbox One controllers is different, though, offering an industry-leading amount of playtime hours per charge — but the catch is that you'll pay more than you would for other dual chargers. That's not a bad thing, however, as the Fosmon charging station is more than worth its price of about $40.

What you'll love about the Fosmon Dual Charging Station

The best thing about the Fosmon Dual Charging Station is its excellent charging capabilities. On a full charge with one of the two included 1000-mah NiMH battery packs, I was able to get 20 full hours of gameplay before my controller died, which is a significant improvement over the eight to 10 hours that I get from other dual charging stations. It even manages to beat my trusty Xbox One Play and Charge kit, which usually gives me about 16 hours of gameplay time. It's hard to know if this will continue as the battery packs get older, but right out of the box, these batteries are fantastic. In terms of charge time, it takes about five to six hours for a battery to reach full capacity after going dead. This isn't the best time on the market, but it's still very respectable.

The best dual charger around.

In addition, both the station and the exteriors of the battery packs are sleek and simple looking. The Fosmon battery pack cover is identical to the standard battery door that comes with Xbox One controllers, aside from the two small metal pieces that the station conducts electricity through. Another neat feature is the charge indicator lights on the front of the station, which flash green while a controller is charging and stay solid green when it is fully charged. Lastly, the frame of the charging station is nice and compact, which means it won't take up too much space on whatever surface you put it on.

What you'll love less about the Fosmon Dual Charging Station

The only real issue with the Fosmon Dual Charging Station is its seemingly weak build quality. In general, I dislike when electronics are hollow inside because it usually means they can break easily. Unfortunately, tapping on the side of the Fosmon station confirms that this is the case. I feel like this charger should be more durable, especially considering how much more it costs compared to other dual chargers.

Should you buy the Fosmon Dual Charging Station?

Aside from the issue with the build quality, the Fosmon Dual Charging Station is an absolutely fantastic product that has all the advantages of a normal dual charging station with none of the downsides.

While it is a little pricey, you definitely get what you pay for in this product. As long as you're relatively careful with it, you won't regret this purchase.

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