Fox Sports and WWE Network retire their Windows 10 apps (update)

What you need to know

  • Both WWE Network and Fox Sports are retiring their Windows 10 apps.
  • Fox Sports has already stopped streaming to Windows 10, and WWE Network is set to end support starting May 21.
  • Both apps remain available for Xbox One. A new Fox Sports Go app is also available for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) for regional sports streaming.

Updated May 20, 2019: In lieu of the Fox Sports app, a new Fox Sports Go app for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) is now available for streaming local and regional teams.

Fox Sports and WWE Network are both retiring their Windows 10 apps. The move follows the end of support for another high-profile app, CBS, last week.

Currently, both apps are still available to download from the Microsoft Store. When you fire up the Fox Sports app, however, you'll be greeted by a message telling you to visit the Fox Sports website or use the Xbox One app. WWE Network, meanwhile, still works, but the network has started emailing users to tell them the Windows 10 and Xbox 360 apps, along with apps on several other platforms, will no longer be supported as of May 21.

From WWE Network:

Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible viewing experience on WWE Network. Unfortunately, several device manufacturers have stopped updating the operating system of older products, which may impact your ability to stream high-quality video. As such, the WWE Network app will no longer be available on the devices listed below starting tomorrow:

  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Apple TV - 3rd Generation and earlier models
  • LG TV - 2016 and earlier models
  • PlayStation 3
  • Samsung TV - 2016 and earlier models
  • Samsung and Sony Blue-Ray Players
  • Sony - non Android TVs
  • Windows 10 PCs and Tablets
  • Xbox 360

Because Microsoft continues to supply Windows 10 updates, WWE Network's explanation doesn't make much sense. However, you can reference WWE Network's list of supported devices, which includes Xbox One, for a look at where you can continue watching.

Thanks to Jay S. and Shaheed M. for the tips!

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  • "Windows 10 is outdated so use our website that's running Flash" is just what I'd expect from a company run by Vince McMahon
  • Haha McMahon is out of touch with everything
  • Read on the Plex forums that it's apparently not easy to just copy the Xbox app over to PC. What happened to UWP and the one app thing? I know there is a difference between platforms, but apparently the gap is still wide.
  • Lie, if it runs on XBOX, it runs on Windows 10 PC, you need only to adapt the UI if you want, but you're not obliged to do it. p.s.
    the problem would be the other way around, because on XBOX there are some APIs that doesn't work
  • Yeah you're right.
    If it works on xbox, it's very easy to include PC support.
  • The problem with viewing TV on websites is the lack of proper surround sound - take Netflix as an example. The Windows app supports 5.1 output, but not the website. I don't know if these networks use 5.1 sound on their output, but using the website will restrict them to stereo only.
  • They definitely use 5.1 output as I can receive it using the Netflix UWP app or by viewing on the TV. However Netflix audio is rubbish. It's heavily compressed and soft. A lot of 5.1 effects are missing. Can clearly hear it by swapping out for the same show on Bluray copies I own.
  • In Edge it runs fine. You need to make sure you have the 4k-subscription to get the best audio. HD would be enough for me to watch (i only see a minimal difference), but the sound quality is like 96kbit Mp3s with HD. With the 4k i don't hear any difference compared to the BR.
  • This is an absolute joke. I've got just received a firmware update for my Samsung KS9000 TV... so to say that Samsung have stopped updating their 2016 TVs is an absolute joke. I am aware WWE will be updating their app later this year... so I guess they just can't be bothered to write the new app for "old" devices. Suddenly "smart" tv's become not so smart. Pisses me off no end. And as for the Windows app.. nah, WWE just can't be bothered. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Well, this month I have cancelled my subscription. Three years I've had it, I got it when they finally released the app for the KS9000 TV... so that's quite fitting.
  • The old Fox app kind of sucked, hopefully the new one is better.
  • My first reaction is to be upset, but then I step back and wonder if I really should be. Do we really need a plethora of apps everywhere to do basically the same thing, that can essentially be done through a web page? I mean, after all, aren't we supposed to be moving to a PWA utopia?
    Admittedly, after the prolonged painful death of Windows Phone/Mobile, it stings to see regular Windows 10 apps being discontinued. We need some new compelling mobile devices out soon!