Fox Sports GO Windows app launches on Xbox One (with a rough start)

Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps story appears to be paying off for big media companies looking to get some space on the gaming console. Fox has now put their new Windows 10 version of their Fox Sports GO on the Xbox One.

That's the good news. The bad news is the launch has some unintended consequences.

First up, the Fox Sports GO app can be found in the Store with a simple search on the Xbox, and it should populate within the general new apps area soon if not already. The app loads up quickly, and it is clear the company has fine-tuned the app for the big screen with better UI controls and a slightly different layout from the version for PC and Mobile.

Bad news number one is the app does not properly authenticate your TV provider (at least not on our machine with Verizon). The Fox Sports GO app requires you to have a cable subscription and like other apps, you need to login to your account to verify. That is currently not working meaning you cannot watch live TV quite yet.

The new Windows 10 Fox Sports GO app on the Xbox One gets a better layout

The new Windows 10 Fox Sports GO app on the Xbox One gets a better layout

The other issue is it looked like when the app was submitted to the Store the company unchecked PC and Mobile support. So while the Fox Sports GO website still advertises the app for PC and Mobile and the Store continues to show the screenshots for that platform you cannot download the app if you wanted it for a new device.

If you already have it installed, it continues to work as before, of course.

There is no reason to believe that Fox is pulling the app, which launched in April for PC and Mobile on the same day it launches the same code for the Xbox One.

Let's hope it gets sorted in time for tomorrow's free UFC Fight Night 95 in Brazil (go, Cyborg!).

Thanks, hellknight74, for the tip!

Download FOX Sports Go from the Windows Store

QR: Fox Sports go

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