Fox Sports GO Windows app launches on Xbox One (with a rough start)

Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps story appears to be paying off for big media companies looking to get some space on the gaming console. Fox has now put their new Windows 10 version of their Fox Sports GO on the Xbox One.

That's the good news. The bad news is the launch has some unintended consequences.

First up, the Fox Sports GO app can be found in the Store with a simple search on the Xbox, and it should populate within the general new apps area soon if not already. The app loads up quickly, and it is clear the company has fine-tuned the app for the big screen with better UI controls and a slightly different layout from the version for PC and Mobile.

Bad news number one is the app does not properly authenticate your TV provider (at least not on our machine with Verizon). The Fox Sports GO app requires you to have a cable subscription and like other apps, you need to login to your account to verify. That is currently not working meaning you cannot watch live TV quite yet.

The new Windows 10 Fox Sports GO app on the Xbox One gets a better layout

The new Windows 10 Fox Sports GO app on the Xbox One gets a better layout

The other issue is it looked like when the app was submitted to the Store the company unchecked PC and Mobile support. So while the Fox Sports GO website still advertises the app for PC and Mobile and the Store continues to show the screenshots for that platform you cannot download the app if you wanted it for a new device.

If you already have it installed, it continues to work as before, of course.

There is no reason to believe that Fox is pulling the app, which launched in April for PC and Mobile on the same day it launches the same code for the Xbox One.

Let's hope it gets sorted in time for tomorrow's free UFC Fight Night 95 in Brazil (go, Cyborg!).

Thanks, hellknight74, for the tip!

Download FOX Sports Go from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Fox Sports go

Daniel Rubino

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  • Interestingly, Fox is one of the few media companies that has commercials for their app on their own network and actually show/highlight Windows 10. True story.
  • I know it is because of the amount of money that MS pushes on these networks, but I find it funny how many WP devices you see people using on TV shows. Not just windows phone, but other windows devices as well. The phone is just funny because it looks to be the inverse of it's market share.
  • I liked it better when I was using the old app and couldn't see the down votes. =P I wasn't saying that to be spiteful or anything. I was just pointing out the irony of it. I loved seeing my phone on being used on TV while people out there didn't even know Microsoft had a phone.
  • I think it's fun seeing windows phones on TV too (I see more there than IRL, alas). Just watched Humans, and it's Windows everything. Kind of neat as the tech is suppose to be futuristic-ish, but it's modern day windows phones and Surfaces.
  • Many movies I saw also use Windows phone devices such as Lumia which its bit odd but looks amusing to see. Its like an alternate universe where Windows phone manage to have good market share.
  • It's the universe with no Nadella. I suppose most of the product placement deals were done years ago by Nokia.
  • worked on my xfinity in CT, signed in live TV no problem
  • Funny how things change, a year or two ago they said they had no interest in bringing their apps to streaming devices.
  • Thankfully had this app on my W8 machine a year or two ago. It allowed me catch quite a many football games at work.
  • I wish there was an option for a game console OS only. I have a Roku and a BluRay player. I just want the Xbox to startup faster and play games.
  • XB1 Light here we come.... Half the storage and twice the price!
  • You don't have to install any of the apps if you don't want them.
  • I think the point was that the system might boot faster and be more responsive if you had a version that didn't have to support apps. I remember the 360 had significant speed drops around the point where apps started being supported. This maybe untrue however and was probably just caused be the age of the hardware in trying to support newer software. Sometimes I do see the same type of slowdown when doing somethings on the XB1.
  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!   I have been waiting for this! :D :D :D :D
  • This makes me want to buy another Xbox for the bedroom.  If only Charter or one of the satellite provides made a UWP that would be perfect!
  • I encounter issues with the Fox Sports app (pc and phone) if I'm connecting from an internet connection that is one of the provider options, but that doesn't have a subscription. e.g. logging in from a comcast internet connection that doesn't have a cable subscription, even though I have the subscription through my own comcast account. It's the internet provider trying to do you a favor by auto-authenticating, I think. I've never found it convenient.
  • Both FSG & WatchESPN UWP apps are absolutely terrible. The UWP app frequently freezes up, etc.
  • It authenticated fine with DirecTV for me.  I just had to go to the website and enter the code and it is set up.
  • This shows their support to Windows Mobile is none
  • yup, I'm watching FS1 on my Xbox One S, the Fox Sports Go app on my Lumia 950 XL doesn't have any live channels.
  • I got it activated with an Xfinity account.
  • Why would you need that app on Xbox if you have cable? I understand having the app for mobile devices while on the go but having it on your Xbox seems like a waste if you have cable.
  • What if you are using your Xbox away from home? That's why.