Free Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs up for grabs this week

Ubisoft has kicked off a new limited-time event for its hit first-person shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Marking the release of the game's cosmetic "Alpha Pack" loot boxes one year ago, a weekly challenge has been issued with two high-level loop drops up for grabs.

Hosted through the Ubisoft Club, players will be rewarded for obtaining headshots in the game's player-versus-player (PvP) game modes. Securing 20 headshots over the coming days provides a guaranteed Alpha Pack of "Epic" rarity, while 40 headshots guarantee an additional "Legendary" drop. With the percentage of obtaining these items through traditional Alpha Packs extremely low, it's an ideal chance to secure rare cosmetic items.

Like previous weekly challenges, you'll first need to begin tracking the challenge via the "Ubisoft Club" on your preferred platform. You can track progress through the Ubisoft Club on your system, before the event concludes on Tuesday, July 24.

After the release of Operation Para Bellum last month, we're now looking forward to the next season of Rainbow Six Siege content. Ubisoft has already confirmed several features of the upcoming expansion, including two new Operators, a rework of the "Hereford Base" map, and much more.

As always, let us know which Alpha Packs drops you obtain from this week's challenge.

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