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Microsoft to include free Skype calls and 200GB SkyDrive storage with Surface 2 tablets

Microsoft has chosen to include some interesting extras with the new Surface 2 tablets. As well as announcing the actual hardware today, this bundle include free Skype calls and SkyDrive storage to get you started with your new Windows 8 product. The best part? Both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 purchases are eligible for the promotion. So what's included with each purchase?

You'll receive 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years. That's a massive amount of cloud, which can be utilised for anything and everything. Fancy buying a Nokia Lumia 1020? Now you'll be able to upload high quality shots to share with friends without freaking out about your 20,000 photo album from taking up too much space.

That's not all as free Skype calls to landlines in 60 countries, coupled with free Skype WiFi at over 2 million hotspots for a single year are also included. Tablets are perfect products for keeping in touch with family and friends, especially when abroad and with this promotion pack, you'll be able to enjoy calls back home or video chats on the free WiFi.

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Source: Surface Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I was sold before but this just seals the deal!
  • Agreed! Does anyone have a list of countries for the Skype calling? This would be great for my parents if they could call El Salvador.
  • And surface one owners than :)
  • Looks like it's time to upgrade! :-)
  • My KINGDOM to be able to trade my Surface Pro for a new Pro 2!!!! AHHHH!!!!
  • This will help push sales
  • What's the fine print on Skype promo? I assume there is a monthly cap.
  • I can't say this is much of a value-add at all.  200GB for 2 years??  it's just a graduated sales pitch: get you to start using up the space then have to pay to keep it. 
  • That's what I'm thinking about. What happens after 2 years if you have used more than 25gb and anything over that you have to pay for? Also, would the remaining unused 175gb just disappear?
  • Usually..(I guess), you can only read and delete the files until the usage dropped to 7GB / 25GB.
  • Who says they won't renew it every year? If you want it again next year, buy a Surface 3, or wait 2 years for a Surface 4, still get the extra storage + new hardware. Not as bad then, because after 2 years, the difference will be significant (new hardware usually is lol).
    Wouldn't be so bad then, would it?
  • That's true but keep in mind that this is something that incurs a charge usually, like a subscription. They're giving you two years for free. You can't expect it to be free forever.
  • So how much does 200 gb cost you after 2 years if you fill up the storage? I can imagine the painful feeling deleting after 2 years.or the painful cost?
  • Unless they do a further promotion i think 200gb is £66 per year if you use under 100gb its £32 per year and under 50gb its only £16 per year a bargain sorry not sure on us dollars but you can check in skydrive go to manage storage and click buy then it list the prices
  • I'm sure it'll be some where around $75 per year! I don't think it's really all that bad after all I really like the ability to access my 320kbs music files from anywhere.
    I hope MS can start giving away 50GB SkyDrive to all who purchase a Windows Phone device!
  • I currently pay $50 per year for 100 GB so I would imagine that 200 GB would be about $100 per year (roughly $8.33 per month).  It isn't really expensive considering how much space you are getting.  I store everything in mine and still have about 40 GB left (and I take tons of pictures).  If you end up using a ton, I bet you could downgrade it after two years and still have plenty of space.
  • it is 100....
    new 200 gigs plan is already available
  • Or maybe I would have upgraded to surface 3 or 4 and got my subscription renewed, could be a lockdown to users by microsoft for them to upgrade, lots of possibilities.
  • I gonna get two of the grey, one for me and one for the wife.... And give my surface RT to my son
  • What a Great Deal!
  • Two years is a generous amount of time, but I'm still kind of opposed to temporary cloud storage deals.  Lets say you actually utlize that 200GB of storage and come to depend on it.  In two years you will either have to start paying for it, or adapt to a sudden and massive drop in your storage.
    On another note, they should extend this offer to Surface 1 owners.  It would be a nice gesture.
  • They should of course extend this deal, ir perhaps something less valuable but still appreciable, say 50 or 100Gb, to Surface Pro Owners. But this is Microsoft. How did they compensate WinMo owners for shutting off their services? WP7 customers? I'm afraid you are dreaming. The triumph of hope over experience.
  • This is wonderful. This definitely seals the deal for me. I'm more interested in Skype than storage. Since it supports external storage. Also has anyone thought about wd home cloud storage solutions? Have your own cloud at home.
  • I have 107gb now - does that mean i will get 307?
  • No, you'll get 207 GB. 7 GB free + 200 GB.
  • 307gb. I believe you already have 7gb free plus 100gb after this you should have another 200gb added to your subscription as "Enthusiast bonus".
  • 200GB SkyDrive, that's massive! Never having to worry about not putting large files like PowerPoints with videos in it on SkyDrive at all! SkyDrive can replace "My Folder". Now please, bring the "make available offline" feature of Windows 8.1 to Windows Phone (8.1).
  • Sold to the guy with the Lumia
  • Xbone, surface 2 and 2pro, Nokia 1520. Seriously, do they think I'm rich?
  • Yes?
  • And you are forgetting to mention data cost, here it cost $1us/10MB, so this skydrive thing only benefit those in countries where data charges are cheaper, so here there is no benefit at all since one won't be able to use the storage (whole country)
  • Cost for 200GB is $100/yr pretty good deal if you ask me I think Dropbox charges $100/yr for 50GB and I think Google drive is about the same. Still think this is a great deal, I just got my RT and am now saving up for the Pro2.
  • That is a $200 value. Given that cloud storage is always temporary as long as you are paying for it, it should not make a difference. I would rather that they lower to 75GB and make it permanent..
  • Maybe its just me but id rather pay $100 and get a 2tb hdd for local storage.
  • Good point ,but for work is really important accessing files everivere.
  • And that's why there's USB flash drives. Don't need 200gb everywhere do you? Unless your doing video stuff in which case in sure there's limitations with the cloud still.
  • Oh my God... I was worried that the Surface announcement today would be a let down, but my goodness, this is incredible. SHUT UP AMD TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
  • 200GB free SkyDrive storage for 2 years. Wow. I didn't see that one coming. As an adopter of the original Surface RT, I'm a tad vexed that I don't get this same deal. I also have the same concern that many others have: mainly that you become entirely dependend on having massive cloud storage and then, at the end of 2 years, have to pony up money for a yearly subscription (or else go through a painful and time consuming process of localizing everything). But, I assume that is the whole point of this promotion. Promote SkyDrive use. Well played. Also, as cloud storage gets more widespread, it will get cheapter. $100 for a 200GB annual subsciption now may not cost as much in 2 years.
  • This really should be extended to consumers that purchased the original Surface. I've been wanting more Skydrive storage and somewhat ticked about this.