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Free Slots Fun Factory is a fun Xbox title from the creative minds at Game Troopers that delivers a collection of colorful slot machine games to your Windows Phone.

While gameplay relies more on chance than skill (this is slots, after all), the colorful graphics and modest betting lines offer a nice level of appeal to Free Slots Fun Factory. The game is already a free title in the Windows Phone Store with plenty of in-app purchases.

Over the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree deal, you can pick up the game free and get 1,000 gaming coins free as well. Normally you'd have to pay $0.99 for those in-game chips, so this doubles your starting bank account for bets. If you like passing the time with a quick game of slots, Free Slots Fun Factory is an easy way to pick up an entertaining game and get a boost in your betting funds.

The Vegas-styled game includes six slot machine themes that are progressively unlocked as you advance in the gaming experience. The slot themes include Farm, Aztec, Lucky Sevens, Africa and Billionaire themes. Gameplay begins with the Farming theme.

Free Slots Fun Factory

Free Slots Fun Factory does include Facebook account integration along with automatically signing you into your Windows account to begin earning Xbox gaming achievements. The Facebook integration isn't required, but it allows you to send or receive gifts (gaming coins) to and from your Facebook friends.

Free Slots Fun Factory

Gameplay falls in line with your traditional game of slots with multiple betting lines. Bets are a bit on the modest side, maxing out at a dollar per line ($9.00 is your max bet). While you aren't going to strike it rich with the modest betting limits, it does give the game a little more longevity — simply put, it takes you longer to burn through your $1,000 ($2,000 with the myAppFree deal).

Along with the core game of slots, there are a few mini-games that pop-up as you play the one-armed bandit. These mini-games are matching games where you search behind items for prizes. Reveal two of the same item (free spins, extra coins, etc.) and that is your prize.

While casino slots may not be everyone's cup of tea, Free Slots Fun Factory is an enjoyable game to spend a little time with. Graphics are colorful and full of detail, gameplay isn't overly complicated and the payouts are not too conservative.

Free Slots Fun Factory myAppFree Bonus

Free Slots Fun Factory is a free Xbox gaming title that is available for Windows Phone. The myAppFree deal adds 1,000 extra gaming coins to the free gaming title. The $0.99 savings is good for the next twenty-four hours. The bonus gaming coins will be added to your gaming account after you first launch Free Slots Fun Factory and you will see a pop-up window appear confirming the free gift. The bonus is currently live in the U.S. market and it may take a while before it hits all the markets due to time zone differences.

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