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Free Slots Fun Factory, pint-sized casino gaming from your Windows Phone

Free Slots Fun Factory is an entertaining gaming option from Game Troopers that delivers a handful of colorful casino slot machines to your Windows Phone. You can also add a collection of Xbox achievements to pursue and a few mini-games to the mix.

Graphics are colorful, and while Free Slots Fun Factory is more of a game of chance than skill, gameplay is enjoyable. Betting is more scaled-down or pint-sized when compared to other slot games (maximum bets are only a dollar), which gives the game a little longevity and helps you avoid going bust so quickly.

While playing the slots may not be everyone's cup of tea, all in all, Free Slots Fun Factory is an appealing Windows Phone game to pass the time with.

Free Slots Fun Factory opens up with the option to link the game to your Facebook account. This isn't necessary but will allow you to send or receive gifts to and from your Facebook friends. Being an Xbox game, you will be signed into your Windows account automatically to add any achievements to your gaming profile.

The layout of the main menu for Free Slots Fun Factory has your gaming stats running across the top of the screen, your slot machine options filling the center of the screen and gift options running along the bottom of the display. Stats include links to your gaming achievements, the option to link to Facebook, your gold count and experience level. There is a menu button in the top right corner that will give you access to the game's settings.

Settings with Free Slots Fun Factory include options to turn on/off notifications, sound and music. You will also find options to contact the developer and buy gaming cash through in-app purchases. The six slot themes are progressively unlocked as you advance in gaming experience. The slots include farm, Roman, Aztec, Lucky Sevens, Africa and Billionaire themes. When you start gameplay with Free Slots Fun Factory, only the farm theme slots is available.

Free Slots Fun Factory

The game screen has your stats running across the top of the screen with an option to return to the gaming lobby and your betting options running across the bottom of the display. The betting options include options to view the game's pay table, selecting the number of lines you want to bet on, your bet per line, total bet, payout and a spin button.

Free Slots Fun Factory

You start gameplay with 1,000 gaming dollars and wagers are in small increments of a $.10, $.25, $.50 and $1.00. The farm slots has a maximum of nine betting lines, so your largest bet per spin is only $9.00. At first, the lower betting limits feel restrictive, but they grow on you. It gives the game a little more longevity than other slot machines where you can bet it all on one spin. It also allows you to discover more of the mini-games and bonuses that Free Slots Fun Factory has to offer.

If you are not a fan of constantly tapping the spin button, if you tap and hold the button you can automatically play the game. You have options to play five, 10, 25, 100 and 500 spins.

The mini-game is accessible during gameplay and is a matching game of sorts. You are presented a collection of objects that mirror the slot machines theme (pumpkins for the farm, clay pottery for Roman, etc.). Tap an object to reveal a potential prize (typically a number of free spins). Continue to reveal awards and when you expose three of the same item that is your prize. You will also have to opportunity to win free spins during gameplay or do-overs during the free spin sessions (simply adds an extra spin to the mix).

Overall, I enjoyed playing Free Slots Fun Factory. It's not a game packed with action or requires a lot of skill or strategy, but it is still a lot of fun.

Graphics are colorful with nice detail to the symbols on the slot wheels. The mini-game is a nice touch to give Free Slots Fun Factory a little more depth and the smaller betting options give the game longevity. While casino slots may be a niche' game, Free Slots Fun Factory is an enjoyable game to pass the time with. I doubt it would hold up to marathon gaming sessions, but if you need help passing shorter bits of time the Xbox gaming title should do alright.

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  • Good game to just pick and play. Needs updating tho doesn't understand multiple line wins and the free spin bonus has a problem if you win something on the first spin. But still a good slots game. Plus Xbox achievements tho 3 need alot of friends to play the game and Facebook to get them.
  • Interesting slots game with the nice colorful themes. Like for helping to pass the time. Also want to admi their preety comfortable interface and game process. Wish more features to be added as well as the themes. It seems good yet.