Free Spotify streamers will have new video ads to endure on desktop and mobile

Spotify is a popular music streaming service, available for free and as a subscription. Those who have enjoyed the free, ad-supported experience will have some new advertisements to enjoy in the form of videos. The service has announced these new video ads, which will task streamers to endure both audible and two types of video-based advertisements.

The new video advertisements to be introduced by Spotify include Video Takeover and Sponsored Sessions. The former enables brands to provide desktop users with 15-30 second ad breaks, forcing those who have the app currently active in the foreground to watch through the entire duration. Should the Spotify app be minimized, the video ads on desktop will not play (since no one will be watching them).

The Sponsored Sessions are for mobile users, where companies can sponsor 30 minutes of uninterrupted playback - streamers have the choice to to sit through a video ad to unlock the 30 minute slot. It's reported that Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald's and Universal Pictures have signed on with the new Spotify brand promotion services.

It's be interesting to see how the new adverts are interacted with by streamers. Don't want the ads? Consider Spotify Premium.

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Source: The Next Web

Rich Edmonds
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