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FreePrints Windows Phone app removed from store and will shut down March 1

The FreePrints Windows Phone app, which allowed users to order and ship prints of images from their phone and other online sources, is no longer available to download from the Windows Phone Store. The app will shut down for anyone that still has it installed on their device on March 1.

We've received a number of tips about this development, as the company behind the app, Photo Affections, sent out emails to customers today informing them of this change. Here's their statement, which confirms that the Windows desktop app will also be discontinued:

"Dear FreePrints Customer,""We regret to inform you that FreePrints for Windows Phone and Windows desktop will be discontinued on March 1st. As of this date, you will no longer be able to order prints using the apps for either Windows Phone or Windows desktop.""You can still continue using FreePrints online at Additionally, FreePrints mobile apps for iOS and Android will continue to be available.""To learn more about FreePrints online, FreePrints for iOS and FreePrints for Android, please visit"

This is just the latest popular Windows Phone app to receive its shutdown orders. The Chase Mobile banking app has already been removed from the store and existing copies will stop working in March. The Bank of America app will also end in March.

Folks who are looking for photo printing alternatives for Windows Phone can check out Printicular if they live near a Walgreens store, or SnapCam, which is a Windows Phone exclusive.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  • We need a "Removed Apps" section in Windows Central...
  • Bro do strike for it or don't eat food, then they will listen to you.. Best of luck :D
  • Right? :(
  • Developers that love windows phone can form a third party app movement powered by MS. That's could save the headache
  • I like your idea
  • As Rudy Hyun has learned the hard way, sometimes companies still complain about 3rd party apps being developed for their services. :(
  • Microsoft needs to update their ToS to include a clause that states any company who decides to remove their official app from the windows market place loses the right to file complaints against 3rd party apps that fill the gap for their ignorance.
  • That would be funny, then we'd have zero apps
  • This is just stupid. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • True I don't know which apps I liked not in the store now.
  • :P
  • I'm going to classify this under "Who?" Given the fact Windows 8 is on 200 million devices, I'm going to guess they did a poor job marketing their service given this is the first time I've heard of them.
  • Same as that never heard of it.
  • I really don't think that universal apps will even save MS from the pain of a poor app store. Instead, MS can focus on 'Project Third Party' with some developers. They can gain traction with it. If I can get a third party like 6tag as an alternative, who needs the official app?
  • The thing is when someone says "Windows Phone doesn't have this app I need" and I tell them there is a thrid party app most say "But I don't want a third party app, I want an app from the original company".   I'm hoping (and hopeful) Windows 10 will catch on enough to gain app developers and maybe Chase, BofA and others will come back.  OR hopefully they get Android apps to work on Windows 10 to bridge the gap.
  • We did cover it here on the site.
  • I have to agree. I find many app developers like to complain that no one is using or downloading their app. I also find that they do very little in terms of promotion for their product. I was not aware of this app until its end. I needed this on my vacation.
  • Microsoft really needs to add a download counter for every download from a new download from a Microsoft account that downloads an app for the first time.
  • Apps in and of themselves are not entirely necessary. Pocketnow is a perfect example of pinning the site from IE with live tile updates on Windows Phone as they don't have a dedicated app.. Granted some apps are necessary for special functions. But this gives a lot of sites the ability to make something for all platforms through their site without having to cater to each os. Apple doesn't update as they have static icons. Android only allows pinning a link to a site without updates as I've tried with no luck. This makes WP special and able to offset apps to a degree if website developers allow for this ability. Try it. Let me know what you think.
  • Agreed
  • ​I'm just curious why do they stop working? Is it a radical backend change and they cba to update the Windows Phone app so they just discontinue it or? Sad to see apps vanish from the WP store... ​
  • They could have made an update recently that makes the app check the date or they probably check which device is being used to access the API and can effectively "disable" them by not returning login authentication or data in the response if they notice a specific device.
  • The situation around WP is not that services choose to drop support for their apps on purpose, it's a lack of developers to maintain those apps. I am a single WP developer in my office with 50+ people working on different projects from different companies. And I am an enthusiast, I wasn't hired to develop the app.
  • I want to personally thank you for your enthusiasm and continued support of Windows phone. This is regardless of not knowing what it is you're developing.
  • Same here. I'm the only developer who constantly following and learning WinRT universal app development. Down to the point which they call me "John Connor" because of Google = skynet jokes and I'm the only one not using their services.
  • John, Just a thought/non-contentious observation: Windows Central carriers a lot of clout in numerous mobile development circles, especially when reporting on things like new/updated/discontinued apps. By continuing to frame every single app "shutdown" report in this light of "everyone is jumping ship", don't you think that you might be reinforcing some unnecessarily negative (and I feel, unfounded) perceptions of the platform? Just my $.02
  • Reinforcing unfounded perceptions of the platform? Windows Phone and Windows stores suck compared to iOS or Android ones. It isn't unfounded. It's a fact.
  • You missed my point by a mile. I'm not saying the store is not lacking compared to iOS or Android (I definitely don't think the app selection "sucks"). What I'm saying is that there seems to be this growing (and in my opinion, unfounded) notion that existing developers are all jumping ship on Windows Phone.
  • Many ARE jumping ship, although not all. If people choose to be hyperbolic about it then it's their prerogative. Even as a WP user and enthusiast, I find myself unable to blemish the situation anymore. I'm now genuinely advising people *not* to opt for WP if they care about even the most basic of apps (a la Snapchat).
  • +925
  • If you say it long enough people will believe it. The shut down message is the wrong one to use though. I would like to see Alternatives posted for each story about a particular app that is no longer being supported. And Windows Central championing a new one or developer who had picked up the slack for those who have dropped the ball.
  • That is an awesome idea +1520
  • That would be good.
  • This is the what I would have expected. Ever been to That's what they should be doing. Listing alternatives for these apps that leave, especially if they are "name brands"
  • "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
    -- Joseph Gobbles, Master of Propaganda, Nazi Germany
    "The art of propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses and finding, through a psychologically correct form, the way to the attention and thence to the heart of the broad masses. The fact that [people] do not understand this merely shows how mentally lazy and conceited they are..."
    --Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 6
  • You are the master of obscure references.
  • Eh, im just good with my history haha (:
  • @slavrenz I agree. Of course losing apps is not a good thing but of the five apps that have been pulled over the past few weeks, two are coming back and the other three are a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands of other apps in the store. The doom in every article about an app being delisted is kind of silly.
  • None of other apps bother me except bank apps. Because people rely on it and sometimes buy the phone knowing that they will be able to access their bank from a Windows Phone as well, just like they did on lets say Android. Chase and Bank of America are the only two banks I use. Now, both are out. So this is more than just two drops for me. I'm not jumping ship but hoping that the Bank of America website will work properly on Windows 10, cause it doesn't show itemized list of your account history on the current WP8.1's IE.
  • Losing bank apps is a pretty big deal. Those are very important to people who use them.
  • Paul, do you know if anyone reached out to Microsoft for a statement regarding the loss of the banking apps? It would be nice of them to address it for us instead of ignoring the fact that some of their customers are hurt by this. We already have to miss out on apps like clash of clans, etc, but banking apps to me are more essential than a few games.
  • How do we know MS is ignoring the facts?  What exactly is MS not doing to make developement as easy as it can be to promote developer adoption? I would think that their Win 10 event showed that the are not ignoring the problem and they have a plan to improve the situation. Should MS have a statement prepared when any app gets removed from the store?
  • They probably should be doing some kind of outreach when an import app prepares to leave the store, particularly the banks. We don't know that they're not doing that, but it seems unlikely - Microsoft could offer them money or support to stay if it really wanted.
  • Yeah, banking apps are definitely more essential. With an issue like this, the regular PR people we typically deal with won't provide any useful comment as the issue only casts Microsoft in a negative light. You have to get to someone with more agency and freedom of expression, which can be difficult. If we can bring more insight to the situation, we definitely will! :)
  • Agree with john
  • It's only fair if they also report on every major addition to the Windows store (and I think they do, or at least aim to do so). I think Windows Central should be fair and balanced, and I believe it is (for a fan site). As for the news itself, I wonder why the desktop app got killed too. There should be plenty of desktop users. My guess is that without a store they should have done more to market it. And who is to say the iOS or Android app is doing well. Maybe the entire company is perfoming poorly but removing the app from Android would kill their last hope of succes. They may just lack the resources to keep the Windows app alive aas they're struggling to do the same for Android.
  • They definitely should report on apps that are no longer available. What they shouldn't do is say stuff like "just the latest app to be removed" or link back to all the other recent apps that are no longer available. This is what I take issue with, because it establishes a trend of abandonment for the platform where one may not exist (and I don't think it does).
  • A trend is a trend, man. Sticking your fingers in your ears doesn't help. All you can do is hope the trend stops or reverses.
  • Then we have two trends occuring at the same time: WP apps are being added and WP apps are being removed.  There is no general trend.  Just look at the headlines on this site to see the proof. If you want to cherry pick one of those trends and ignore the other, then you could come to a conclusion.  It would be flawed, but there you go. At best, you could say that the app situation is in flux at this point.  Has anyone found out how many apps are being removed vs the amount being added?  That would be interesting.
  • In other words, you want Windows Central to only report positive spins that you want to read; the "head in the sand" approach. Nice. 
  • They may be able to word it differently but I think windowscentral is just trying to do unbiased reporting. This site needs windows phone to be relevant or at least to stay alive. If windows phone fails or becomes completely irrelevant, than so will windowscentral. They can not rely windows desktop to push this site. I personally think this site gets such a loyal following because of the "underdog" label that wp gets. 
  • "We took down the app on your phone but you can check it out on iOS and Android' - Assholes
  • Hahaha right...? The nerve
  • The cheek of them to shut it down on Windows and Windows Phone and they say to check it out on iOS and Android is unforgivable. They think since Chase Bank and Bank Of America is shutting down their apps, they should shut them down too. People from all over who want iPhones and Android phones are not giving Windows Phone and Windows a chance. They think its shit full stop. They don't know that until they have tried it. To all the people who don't give Windows Phone and Windows a chance, I say this "Don't just go for iOS or Android too soon. Give Windows Phone and Windows a try. Don't just think that its terrible. You don't know that until you have tried it for a good while. Just think about that."
  • Microsoft has kept alot of restrictions (for our safety) which causes developers some sort of problem! Well who cares, fuck them! At least, Microsoft themselves should give use something great and unique apps, so that we can say "ios and android cant even come close to windows".
  • Except Microsoft prefers developing apps first and usually better on iOS and android too.
  • Sounds like hate flowing heavily... But why, all of a sudden without a proper reason? Google is that you? -_-
  • I really feel Google is influencing the companies to hate on MS. I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but Google actively tries to stunt WP and with their evil practices of late, I wouldn't be surprised if they have dealt with other companies to get then to ignore the WP platform.
  • Have to agree with SeraphX2 the only thing theese companies seems to care is to give the information to the public about dropping WINDOWS and WINDOWS PHONE (the statement say this clearly)
    So it's not a problem about WP but a "war" against MS
  • I wouldnt put it past Google to have employees activily calling companies and offering to promote their app for free in the play store if they kill their WP app. Afterall Apple is high-end, with Windows out of the way Google can grow to become the Microsoft of the mobile computing age.
  • Google doesn't "actively try to stunt WP"(whatever that means) they simply ignore WP. 
  • And also, blaming Google on an app getting pulled from the store is retarded.
  • So who was it that shutdown one of the best made YouTube apps ever on WP?  Oh, right, Google.  MS made a beautiful app for WP and actively denied connections from that app.  And ignoring it *is* stunting it because none of their services are on WP without 3rd party support which can be hit or miss and easily shutdown.
    The MS YouTube app was shutdown was on bogus claims that were full of shit.  They could do the same to any 3rd party app as well.  Strangely enough, some of the apps actually break the developers ToS, but still exist.
  • Would not put it past them..
  • I hated that part most, if they are no longer supporting WP that's it. They must not refer us to Android
  • +1
  • That is the worst part of it. Take your app down if you must, but don't throw that but in there about trying it on iOS and Android. That's just a asshole thing to do. Never heard of this company, but if I ever get in my Delorean and go back in time and need prints I will go out of my way to avoid their service.
  • Also, is it weird that they are all going to end in March? Or is March like the next wave of apps ending support, you know like how Tuesdays are when music or video games are released
  • March is probably when their next fiscal quarter begins and they probably don't to carry the cost of support/maintenance into the next quarter. 
  • The absolute kick in the teeth. So they assume WP users are just going switch to another OS just for this app? Dumb asses..
  • One More Removal, Regretting My Decision Of Buying Windows Phone...
  • Because I'm sure that app makes or breaks it for you.
  • It's not the app for everyone, but when you lose an app you use, you will understand. To someone an app maybe important. Losing chase and bank of America is a huge issue for me.
  • I actually joined Windows phone way before my bank even had an app. So I know how it feels actually. I joined at WP 7.5 Mango.
  • Same I was with Windows since Windows mobile. Coming in you know what's missing, but coming to Windows phone and losing an app is terrible. I am still Windows phone and not leaving but people need to stop brushing these app removals off. It needs to stop, even if you don't use the app. If developers are leaving, that's not going to encourage others to join or to develop. This is a serious problem for the platform
  • Have you forgotten the last few years? There have always been apps leaving the platform. I wish it would stop too, but it's not a new trend. And there are still apps joining the platform. Hopefully these apps will come back in Windows 10.
  • I joined at 7.1 from old WM6.1 days and trust me, app scenario has improved by miles but not enough for those who make "the switch". Microsoft treating WP like shit says a lot about numbers. I don't blame these devs leaving WP. Microsoft treats it like unwanted child, why shouldn't others?
  • Because you used this app everyday, right?
  • Because a couple apps got removed? Yea it sucks, but its not like every app disappeared overnight
  • Ryan, that is a choice left up to you. But, consider this. Was it the apps that got you to decide to try WP, or was it WP itself? While it is unfortunate that some developers have touted the reasoning is low usage, it doesn't change the fact that WP is a great OS. As long as WP continues to serve YOUR purpose, don't be regretful. The future of WP is going to be a struggle, but MS has put too much into it to leave it high and dry. I believe Windows 10 will be the start of a turning point for the platform. However, if WP at some point, fails to meet your needs, then switch back to whichever platform you came from. But, it sounds to me that you were never really vested in that platform, so coming back to WP at a later date is always an option.
  • How often do you use the free prints app? And please don't lie
  • Right now, a lot of awesome stuff is happening for Windows Phone. I don't know why you can't see that.
  • It is like someone makes developers discontinue their windows phone apps. It sounds so artificial. Especially these days when people are interested in windows as never before
  • It's google, fuck google
  • +929
  • Never heard of it....but goodbye nonetheless....
    I think 4 down....about 250000 apps to go
  • *you're a bit off there lad. I think you mean 400K
  • I could be....but I don't think it matters much....
  • 570k+ after the stores merge.
  • Will all those 570K apps work on both Windows Phone AND Windows 8.1? If not, lets boost the number to 10 Million by including x32/x64 binaries, too! Yes, its a shame another app has been pulled. Who knows, IF universal apps on W10 really do make it effortless to write once, run anywhere, PERHAPS these developers will come crawling back to the store. But from the sounds of it, they are far from convinced.  
  • 600K Aftere the stores merge. Its a;ready about 590 atm
  • All I have to say is, "Once you walk out that door don't you come crawling back!".
  • +520
  • Does anyone else smell Google or Apple $$$ to pull from Windows platform?
  • I do + I'm pretty sure!
  • Why do they need to bother when Windows is nowhere in mobile?
  • Kill it before it grows? If they let Microsoft be than there is a small chance they will actually succeed. Put a few million of the billions they make into activily keeping MS small and they can assure they dont need to share those billions. I really think MS should alllow side loading of Android apps on WP. Gadgets fans cant do without apps but they dont mind the extra work of side loading apps and they get to check out Windows Phone fo a change. This means more high-end WPs will be sold. Universal apps will ensure that developers interested in developing for WIndows desktops will also offer a app for phones/tablets. At the same time keep producing a wide range of low-end Lumias to keep WP in the front end of stores. Do all these at the same time and word of mouth and sales will pick up and the wheel starts rolling.
  • Why is this Android on Windows Phone idea so popular? I'd hate it. It didn't work for blackberry either. It was supposed to be a temporary fix until developers had made a native version of their apps, but it became the only way they release their apps there. If they ever do that, prepare to see þe store cropped up with buggy and useless android apps that work half the time. I hope they will at least have the decency to allow filtering out o those apps from the store
  • Since your comment is directed at me I urge you to reread my comment. I talked about side loading Android apps. I am well aware that there is a huge risk involved in offfering Android apps in the Windows store. Even if they run flawlessly, they would break the Windows experience. For Microsoft is attempting to offer tools to developers to create integrative features in their apps to make the platform feel as one whole. Tools not used by the Android offering and thus it would leave the platform broken. The benefit of side loading Android apps is that gadgets fans (those that buy high-end devices) can start to seriously consider Windows OS. Now it isnt even an option intheir mind as they cant risk missing out on some cool app available now or down the road. It is important to get more gadget fans on board as they do the word of mouth on most tech websites. If MS can get a positive vibe going for Windows on such sites than a even larger group will open their minds to it.
  • Ok, never really thought about it that way. It always seemed like a quick and dirty app gap patching attempt.
    As long as the android runtime has to be installed separately and its apps are only installable by sideloading them I could live with it. Or you mean to make them installable from the store as any other app?
  • I dont think I can be any clearer, I literally said I am talking about side loading Android apps. I also mentioned the risk to the Windows ecosystem if they became store apps. In and by itself stealing all Android apps would actually be a brilliant move. It would immediatly patch the app gap. But given Microsoft's long-term strategy for Windows, it just doesn't fit. I would certainly put the focus on universal apps for the next few years. If after 5 years Microsoft determines the strategy after Windows 10 has failed than it is time to seriously consider offering Android apps in the Windows store.
  • I do. Its a scent that some devs who see that Apple and Google are better and remove and shut down apps for Windows Phone is not just ruining the community, its ruining the time and effort Microsoft does to keep Windows Phone alive. Apple and Google: Go fuck yourselves.
  • Great. Another one. Good grief. :/
  • They're not welcome to return.
  • They are. Forgive and forget
  • Even though I would probably never use their services, I have a basic rule that I will never support an app/company who waited until it was convenient to be on our platform. I will never play Candy Crush Saga and I will never play ANY game from Zynga. No, they aren't welcome back.
  • I am just like you.
  • Yeah, I am sure they will notice. LOL.  Some people here need to get a grip. 
  • I don't give a shit if they notice: I'm not supporting companies who waited 3+ years until the platform was "viable" before supporting it.  If they had all just made apps up front, the platform would have become viable a lot sooner.
  • I hope you see how dumb your statement is..... I will give you a minute to figure out how stupid what you're saying is..... Nah, you have said this a few times so I don't think you get it, so, I will spell it out for you. If you go around yelling that you will NEVER support Zynga if they bring their apps to Windows Phone, please tell me; why should they ever waste their time bringing their app to WP? Why should big developers invest in WP when a fraction of the already small number of WP users are hating them? Oh, "they did not support WP earlier" So, what? Grow up, this isn't high school. These are business decisions.   You guys claim you love WP so much but don't see that you are a HUGE part of the problem. Apps are being pulled from the marketplace, yet you spend your time scaring off new developers. Smart man. 
  • Retweeted
  • Why on earth would you want to pull your app? Surely the increased coverage is good for business?
    Not to mention that will explode once the unified store goes live. Not to mention they still have their ios and android apps....
  • Now they have to make themselves relevant among the many apps in apple and Google stores using crappy cameras... hmm... how about marketing your stuff
  • We need to send them a letter stating that because they can not service their customers we will be discontinuing service. But that it is ok because we will still use Walgreens or photomart for our photo needs if they want to know how we are doing.
  • I smell a rat. I refuse to believe te timing is all coincidence. Especially whn you have apps like this where security isn't as big an issue as banking apps. Financial institutions are audited all the time and they have to ensure all their offerings are up to date with the latest security standards, especially as of the last few years with all the breaches. An app like this doesn't fit into that category and there's no reason they couldn't just leave what they have in the store and decide to no longer update it or provide support. 
  • Yup, something smells very very off here.
  • Any theories? May be they want to start working on universal app for w10? Or may be just wishful thinking on my part? :/
  • If they were going to release a universal app I would hope they would announce this as the reason they were taking it down.
  • Here's one more conspiracy theory - new SDK is not official out yet, may be only available to selected few, I am sure MS wants key apps to be available immediately when w10 and new universal store officially launches. But this companies are under NDA and can not talk about it otherwise it will create a massive headache for MS with other developers, and MS can't afford to pi** off other developers when they are needed the most...just my theory...
  • Well there are a few problems with that theory. First, bank of America and chase both said specifically that they had no plans to continue developing for Windows 10. I spoke with Chase and they actually said they'd relay it to the proper channel and that maybe it would be reconsidered after windows 10 launches, by that they were in fact abandoning the platform. In the case of the app this article refers to I highly doubt NS would consider this an important app that needs special access to their SDK.
  • Why all theese apps shutdown in march?
  • And more, what is the cost and effort in simply leaving the app on the store? Isn't it better to let it stay instead of pulling it off?
  • This will be one I miss. It was a well designed app that I used frequently. Neither of the mentioned alternatives were as well rated in the store as FreePrints nor beat in price for cost per print. I guess I can still use the service through their website and uploading photos through One Drive, but it is inconvenient compared to the App.
  • I hear these commercials everyday on Sirius. I wouldn't have known they had a WP app since each ad ends with "download now for IOS or Android". No mention of Windows.
  • This makes them sounds even more like idiots...
  • Mother Fuckers
  • Never use this apps and any other who as been shut down, it suck for peoples who use them... What i dont know is why some apps is shut down on WP and some are still made on in work for BlackBerry, i dont even know anybody who still use a BlackBerry... What i can tell is that in my friends circle this is 50% Android 30% IOS and 20% WP, but windows phone is still growing in my circle, well maybe because of me and Lollipop update with all those bugs...
  • Yes me too don't understand why some for bb, but not wp
    I guess MS is doing some troubles....
  • Because in most cases, supporting BB10 means passing the APK file to a script that repackages it for the android runtime built in into bb10. Which means that on bb10 there are native, consistent apps using the system's look and feel, and then there are this horrible android apps running alongside, with their android-y look and lag
  • Man, an app I've never heard of and don't need is no longer available. Clearly I should switch to iPhone :-).
  • As the post says, there's a Windows Phone exclusive alternative. So go try that instead.
  • I think a lot of this is the windows 10 factor, and I'm sure many will return with universal versions of those apps...
  • But they shutting it down completely.
  • It's a little early to be pulling apps for W10 or WP10.End of summer is the projected public release date.
  • If that were the case, how hard is it to just say that in your statement?????
  • The same has happened with Nordea Bank app in Sweden.
  • No app. No sale. If you don't support my platform of choice, I don't support you. Pretty simple really
  • Don't get why they removing it from windows store.
  • All you guys do is cry here in the windows central forum.... Why don't you make a concerted effort and just overload Joe B's twitter and facebook accounts with complaints?? Maybe it will force him to do something or as much as I hate to say it, get fired like Allard, Sinofsky, and the other who weren't doing anything positive for the platform. As much as I like Joe, I think he's dropping the ball when it comes to bringing apps to and keeping them on the platform. He's over the windows/windows phone teams do ultimately, it's his responsibility to make sure his team members are doing their jobs to prevent this from happening! That's the bottom line!
  • All you guys do is cry here in the windows central forum.... Why don't you make a concerted effort and just overload Joe B's twitter and facebook accounts with complaints?? Maybe it will force him to do something or as much as I hate to say it, get fired like Allard, Sinofsky, and the other who weren't doing anything positive for the platform. As much as I like Joe, I think he's dropping the ball when it comes to bringing apps to and keeping them on the platform. He's over the windows/windows phone teams so ultimately, it's his responsibility to make sure his team members are doing their jobs to prevent this from happening! That's the bottom line!
  • I think you're oversimplifying this a little. To consider the guy to get fired for reasons that are beyond our understanding about the company who pulled it without any reasoning's goes way beyond Joes abilities and power. He can't force them to not pull their app. It's not that simple, there is something were missing.
  • Joe is over those teams and he needs to get on the guy he had in charge of developer relations or whatever they call it internally, because apparently that guy or girl is failing miserably at their jobs. Ultimately Joe is responsible for his team and if he can't manage them or replace them with people who can improve developer relationships then it's on him! I like Joe, but in the past two-three weeks, I'm beginning to wonder myself. I've been on this train since 07 regarding WP, but I'm also full on windows 8.1 soon to be 10 in my 350+ organization
  • 600,000 apps on windows. So Joe has to control the well being of each apps on the store you say? What is he? A super computer? It's beyond his or anyone's reach.
  • He's a manager and again, whichever member of his staff that's in charge of developer/apps should be held responsible as I'm sure he's heard about bank of America, chase and now free prints being discontinued and should demand that the person in charge of developer/apps segment be held accountable. If he or she cannot improve or maintain developer and apps growth in the windows phone/ windows store should be repremaned or fired.....get someone in who can get the job done! I honestly believe that in this day and age with all the technical advancement we have the store should be over 1 million in four years now......bottom line.
  • What exactly do you expect an app developer manager to do if a company tells them that they no longer have the staff to maintain a wp app and cannot afford to correct that? It sounds like you expect that person to say outright pay bank of america to develop the app and keep it up to date.  Your also ignoring the apps that are added to wp everyday.  Its not fair to make this a one sided affair.  You want someone fired for losing some apps, but give them zero credit for any apps that get added or stay on the platform. Your basically saying that if an app leaves the app store, someone should lose their job. I guess MS just needs to keep saying publicly that they are aware of issues and are working to fix them.  All MS can do is focus on making the platform easy to develop for, which reduces the cost to companies like Bank of America and might entice them back.  Win 10 is part of that answer.  I kind of doubt they are happy about these apps leaving or that they are not working to move forward.
  • Because he personally writes all third party apps and publishes them to the store...... He has NO control over a thrid party company supporting the platofrom what so ever, complaining to him would be like complaining to the store manager at a grocery that your favorite food is no longer being proudced.
  • No, he's the boss and should hold whomever he's put in charge of app/developer relations accountable.... He's the one who hired and fires in his department!
  • Hold someone accountable that has NO say in what an idependant company does if they see that they are not getting the benifit of having a product out there?  If a company is not seeing money coming in, or actually going out because of a low adoption rate of their product, there is NOTHING another company could do to change that.  again, its like firing someone because a product produced by another company is not on your store shelves.  It makes no sense. 
  • No big loss.  I never used this app anyways.  For a good image to print app check out SmileBooks Print. Been using them for images taken with my 1020 and 1520.
  • Why please continue the support
  • F***! I use this app almost every month.
  • While it's sad to see another app go that remains on iOS/Android, does anybody actually use services like this?  Its 2015 and I can't remember the last time I made prints of a digital photo.  With facebook, flickr, and even just cloud storage like OneDrive and dropbox offering decent photo viewing, I just don't get the need.  My parents are in their late 50s and they use Facebook, etc. for photos.  Can't imagine more than 2% of users actually ordered something.  And 2% of WP users is a lot less than 2% of iOS or Android, which is probably the reason for the shutdown.
  • The app has been available, for I think only US customers, a year and half, and had 450+ ratings in the store with an overall rating of 4.6/5 so obviously it's services were being used. I used it almost every month and was very happy with the service. In most cases, I want a physical print in addition to the digital original. The cost per print for their service, with shipping to my door, was under a dime.
  • did you tweet them this information? by giving them the facts like you've provided here might force them to give us an honest answer because they can't be generating that much new revenue on android and ios because once you've purchased the app and upgrade to a new iphone or android, there's not a new charge as you've already paid so it a free re-download.
  • Looking for alternatives to FreePrints, which was a favorite with myself and my family. Want to order individual prints and have them mailed to the house - like FreePrints did so well. Downloaded SnapCam - love to support a WP exclusive - but it appears it only allows you to print a photobook - not individual prints. Am I missing something? Also, the Walgreens app is still there. It lets you order prints and pick up at the store. is there a snapfish or shutterfly app? Can't find one. Any help. Huge fan of WP and not going to let apps choose my phone for me. Not going to these annoyances force me to change to an inferior or overpriced alternative! Thanks!
  • We appreciate you
  • PhotoMart is a great one. It's what I use. It's the "exclusive" WP app from Walmart, of all places. Well, it was exclusive when I first downloaded it, not sure if it still is. Prints are good, and very inexpensive to use. Easy to use app for me. I can get prints shipped to my door, or made ready for pickup at my local Walmart in an hour.
  • Thanks for the suggestion on PhotoMart. App looks good but only see an option to pick-up at the local Wal-Mart. Where is the option to get home delivery?
  • I thought it was there. I may be confusing ordering the prints online, which is what I do 90% of the time. I've used the app only about a half dozen times, to be honest.  If I'm near my laptop, I usually just use that and do the website order anyway. Though this app has been quite useful, since I normally pick up at the store anyway, as I make a couple of trips every week to the local Walmart to pick up supplies and such. 
  • I've been looking for alternatives as well that have home delivery option. The only one I can find is Smilebooks Print. Downloaded it today. Cruder UI than FreePrints, but is workable. Costs are .07 cents per 4x6 print with $1.99 shipping. I am going to use them on my next order and see how it works out.
  • Truthfully, I had no idea this app even existed. :-/
  • "IOS and android continue to be available." Yeah, go pound sand.
  • Never heard of it lol
  • What I don't get, why they have to remove the app from the store. They'll lose customers. When they give a shit on WP, okay, then just don't update it anymore like Instagram does it. I don't get, what these people are thinking, but okay never used any of these apps that were pulled from the store, so I don't care. ^^
  • The funny thing is that I never heard of this app until now and I'm the only Windows Phone amongst my family and friends. So it sounds like they aren't having much success with Android and iOS either.
  • Honestly, it doesn't matter whether e heard of it or used it, what matters is that @joebelfiore and his team do something about it for those people who do use it! I've tweeted him, so please, everyone else tweet him as well! I personally don't use the app, but that doesn't mean it's not important to those of us who do. Stand up and make your voice heard on his twitter page!
  • Wow. You are all through the comments blaming Joe B. for this. Yes, he's over the Windows Phone development team, but that's the OS in house. He has NOTHING to do with 3rd party apps. 3rd party app makers are the only ones to make that decision. Try to start applying Wheaton's Law. If you don't know what it is, Bing it. 
  • Whether he's in charge or not, if he sees or hears about it maybe he can bring it to the right persons attention because talking about it in this forum isn't helping, that's reflected by the constant reports of new apps being dropped weekly. Since you know everything, can you kindly tell us who's in charge so we can bring our concerns to his or her attention??
  • smh. Can you read more than one sentence of anyone's post? Here you are asking me "who's in charge" and I already told you. 3rd party app makers. Each individual app that leaves, well, you'll have to contact the maker of that particular app in order to make a difference. That's the only way. Although, as full of drama as you are, I'd recommend you getting your mommy to call them. Perhaps she will be a bit more adult-like when contacting them. We don't want them to have even more reason to drop the platform.
  • I still can't get my mind around the idea of someone choosing a smartphone because it supports a certian app, or a number of apps, for that matter. How did apps become a more important factor then say, build quality, design or hardware? I remember all the fuss about Instagram not being available for WP (even though third-party apps were perfectly fine), it was absolutely ludicrous. Never mind the fact that over here you had a tech wonder badass 41 Mpx Camera for taking quality photos, it doesn't have Instagram! Booo!
  • Agreed.
  • Apps are a big reason.What good is a OS without solid apps to back it up.If apps were not that big of a deal I would go buy a flip phone to make calls on and text.I use a smartphone for the OS and app experience.And WP OS revolves around live tiles that are apps.No apps no OS.
  • I jumped from IOS to Windows phone with the launch of WP8, I compared the apps I use frequently, and if they were not there, I found alternatives.  An app would not make or break my decision of a platform, there are always alternative apps available that do the same thing.
  • Same here, haven't heard of the app. But think ths recent trend of app removal from the windows store is just dirty politics between MS and google/apple. MS did invest in cyanogen, google's rival. Could they be investing similarly to pull down MS and windows phone? 
  • Apple isn't Microsoft's competition in this day and age ... they are coexisting fine ... in fact Apple's platforms are extra revenue streams for the new cloud & services Microsoft ... the latest OS X has bing search wrapped into it's search ... I would assume Apple is paying them for that deal since there isn't any Microsoft branding on it. Google is trying to take a chunk of Microsoft's business so they are running interference with Google services making sure Windows Phone users get a bad Google expereince on the platform. Devs are abandoning Windows Phone because they aren't making any money ... plain and simple.    
  • If thats the case, i can honestly say that I will never go android and would as much as I hate to contemplate or type these words, "would go iphone instead  
  • Anyway bye
  • I personallly have never even heard of this app.  Maybe a little more advertising and they would be making a bit of money on this thing.
  • Another loss to the Windows phone community... Why now?
  • I'd be curious to see the iOS and Android numbers on this app. It doesn't seem overly useful as is, I'm sure they're keeping the other 2 platforms open just b/c of the shear number of those devices out there. Is there really a demand for this?
  • What is this? Is it a conspiracy against Windows Phone? That's not good.
  • What people need to do, whether they use the app or not, is contact the company and let them know that its not cool to pull your app and limit your customers. I have done so before and will do so for this app which I actually used
  • I can see the removal of the Windows Phone version, but why remove your Windows desktop version as well? By "desktop" I assume they mean a standard program that would run on Windows 7 or 8, and not a store app, which would make it a very odd decision.
  • quality windows phone apps are dying one after another this week :(
  • Quality apps? Where?
  • 3 whole frigging apps. OMG! Did you even use this thing? Likely you never even heard of it.
  • "This is just the latest POPULAR app..." Obviously it's not that popular.
  • this kind of companies are just full of crapp. i never heard of this app before . but the fact that companies saying we pull the trigger but you can try the ios or android version , makes me so pissed . all reasons a company like this give is crap. small share ?? yeah smal percentage but that small percentage is good for i dont know how many million phone / tablet, and i dont even mention other windows devices. i know in few years windows might have turned things and have a much bigger share. i hope that they then refuse those companies that pulled their apps from publishing in the windows store. 
    there should be a platform with just a bunch of developers , where windows users can bring ideas of what they need or missing on windows phone , so that those developers can bring it to the platform.
    i hope developers start to see the huge potential of windows , especialy when windows 10 comes . 1 app for console , laptop/desktop , tablet , phones , smart watches , smart tables , hologlass and other devices to come .
  • #1 Why the hell did WC actually feel the need to inform us of this app of all things? #2 Why the hell are these morons below blubbering like this was the most important app in the history of apps? #3 Why dont every app added get an individual story? How much you want to bet the comment counter will be a FRACTION of the total?
  • Yes, don't know why i should Read this s..t news..
    I explain some italian apps in the store are still at 2010 and of Course don't work anymore since wp8...
    But why they are not pulling theese apps from the store?
    Why theese companies aren't announcing this s..t to the public? Simple, those who make this FUD get money by someone
  • Come on, its so obvious, they have a windows 8 app and when universal apps hit, they will return to the Windows Store for release in all platforms! They are ditching the "phone only" app and having their developers spend their time /resources coding the universal one. They are not announcing it because they need to ensure the windows 10 universal app will work as expected. Windows 10 makes the WP apps redundant, so they need to ditch em before going live. Simple as that! Stop hatin...
  • Those idiots are discontinuing the desktop app as well
  • Seven months out is way to early to be pulling apps.That's what alot of you guys keep saying it's because of W10 or WP10.Not the case.Marketshare is the reason and Microsoft's slow rollout of W10 and WP10 is also a contributing factor and will probably cause more companies to bail.
  • And... They have customers that use the Windows platform. Are they suggesting that they do not wish to offer the same service that they currently offer on Apple and Android to those on windows because of market share?
    Don't get me wrong, I understand the business approach to this. But that doesn't mean they can't come to a decision that doesn't alienate their consumers that do use Windows. They're plenty of avenues they could have gone that didn't require completely shutting down their app.
    No matter what excuse they give it still feels like a snub and a disregard to their customs on Windows.
    Perhaps some of these companies can attain a better grasp on facilitating some integrity when it comes to public and consumer relations.
  • Umm i am not a photographer but I do take pictures of my family. But now this day who still print images
    I mean personally I don't like. Maybe once in a while like for special day but besides I don't. I have like 150 GB of images from my canon 5d and WP but I rather store them. Imagine printing hundreds of picture and then they end on the trash. No thanx and also I never heard that app lol first time here
  • Notice that they've never advertised an app for windows phone, not even on the website in the image of the article or when you visit their website itself
  • Never used them anyways.
  • IOS and android will continue....thats a big blow for WP users
  • Yeah, the blow is just sooooooooooooo huge. How will we ever print out photos without "freeprints"?
  • Damn it, I wish I had a printer so I could print them myself... oh wait, I do have a printer.
  • It might be a joke to you, but have you N notice the windows phone users also can't print from their cell phones yet ios and Android cell phones can. In for years, don't you think that we should be able to do that by now. I think there's one company that made a printing app that allows us to print from our phone (fujitzu our someone like that, and how many fujitzu printers do you see in companies?)
  • The only way i could print through my printer is the brother app, thats because i have brother printer with wifi support.
  • It will come with Windows 10
  • Should windows gain in market share, there should be stipulations for being pricks about leaving windows out of there service.
    It's also starting to look like a collective push to completely isolate, diminish and shut down the Windows phone platform.
    I say, to hell with them. And I do hope Windows phones gain traction and begin to expand in market shares even if only to reject them in the future.
  • Microsoft is failing us.
  • Would be nice to get a comment from MS or a MS strike force out convincing these companies to come back with W10 universal apps.
  • I don't get companies, the more users the better right?
  • Why can't they just stop removing apps?
  • It seems that a lot of companies want people to stop using WP, just wtf
  • Perhaps these companies have invested in Apple and Android stocks. Windows 10 approaching has them scared, so they are trying to make it harder for Windows 10 to succeed. They will fail. They will eventually become irrelevant in the new order. ;)
  • Never heard of it, good riddance.
  • fuck Android and iOS
  • One of the major real estate apps in Australia called Domain, just got a decent update here in Australia in WP, its not all bad news, there are plenty of apps being upgraded elsewhere.
  • Foreign developers seem to support newer platforms better than American developers, they understand that growth takes time, as opposed to measuring an up and coming platform against mature ones when it comes their profits. Sure everyone's wants yo make money off of their apps, but to expect it to be basically on par with the other leading platforms is ridiculous, especially when you don't even update/improve your app.
  • Typical Windows central users reponse to app removals - " Who , f**uk them they had crappy app anyway , its google , i never used app , they never updated the app" Sad to see this site turning into crackberry :p
  • Oh should we look at every $#@%% minor little app and have a meltdown? There are tens of thousands of apps for WP, but WE are the only ones that need to react because this one leaves? Do you know how many apps go from both iOS and Android?   Do you know how many never make it to Androd?   This is just bullshit click-bait because the site's owners know that they are guarenteed 300 comments from drama queens and trolls every time they post one of these.
  • The funny thing is that on my WP I have more apps than all the other people I know and the apps I have on WP aren't available on Android or iOS. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I don't think we should give anymore business or developers anymore free press that they are pulling their windows apps while still supporting android IOS, this only gives them free publicity letting everyone know the app is still available on competing platforms, lets let them pull these apps in silence honestly phuck them!
  • I think most of you are missing the overall picture. "Service" apps like this, or banking, or Domino Pizza are kind of heading down Dinosaur Road. The gap between what these apps offer and what you can do on their websites is getting smaller all the time.   I'd assume that's a big part of why Project Spartan has come around.  Put IE to bed and get something fast and flexible going cause the future will be about browser support...not the app gap. So why keep going with iOS and Android support then?  Well a) cause we're not "there" yet, b) the user bases are massive and the amount of metadata they get streaming back from you, about you, is almost certainly more from an app, than it would be from a website visit.
  • In a couple of months, they come back telling the whole world that due to high demand bla bla bla. Or stay away. I actually don't give a $**t.
  • I'm glad they are gone, I d rather use the WalMart app for my prints
  • Many can't see the "awesome" stuff happening to WP including chase,boa,beats music and the makers of this app and the rest of developers looking to pull there WP app. So we're not the only ones who can't see this " awesome" stuff
  • Beats leaving WP is just a theory.  Nothing more, or less.
  • Thanks for the article. I installed both alternatives I never even knew about.
  • Never heard of them. I use SnapCam.
  • And how is it gonna be if WhatsApp pulls out their app too?
  • Then we can beg Rudy Hyun to make a app based on the original WhatsApp for WP so long he allows us to sign in with our phone number like the original app did. Rudy is ours and Microsoft's savior on Windows Phone app development for services that don't wish to develop apps for this platform and once he makes a app that uses those services, those companies will no say about what he did for WP and they too will make a official app or if they ask him to take it down, he make a new app until a court order forces him to stop it.
  • Free who? I suggest that we put in 1 star rating to this company or app once they come back when W10 flies.
  • No suprising. MS keep kicking out their loyal users from WM6,WP7 and now RT. People bought those devices were angered by MS and who happen to be decision maker of some companies. That was what happened in China when MS kill WM6. WM6 devices used to be "iPhone Like" thing. People bought WM6 device usually are the business man / manager. MS kicked them out and they can kick MS out too.
  • Free what for windows?
  • And there are the broken apps-Sound Hound, Urban Dictionary...haven't worked right in months. Check the reviews..
  • Found a great solution for Windows Phone users who want prints delivered to their home. Shutterfly's mobile Web site is actually pretty good. And you can use 100 Bing Rewards Points to get 25 prints. The mobile site is very "app like" and renders well in mobile IE. It allows you to access the camera roll and also upload photos stored on your OneDrive.  Would it be better if Shutterfly supported Windows with an official app? Sure. But at least they took the time to make sure it works well in mobile IE. Maybe an official Windows 10 app will arrive....
  • This is the flipside of adding so many low-end units/customers. No offense to them, but the reason Apple enjoys high ARPU, in iTunes Store, is because their customers are well heeled, or at LEAST aspirational. Android, while it has significantly more low-end phones/customers, still has many hig end models, and therefore, also well-heeled, similarly aspirational, folks, who purchase apps, and generate revenue. By concentrating on the low wnd, without offering even a steady, single, kick-butt high end model, at a steady, unrelenting drum beat, of once a year, say, Microsoft has conceded those customers who will pay those developers, and keep them here. Just think about it. You create a banking app, but most of WP's customers are on cheapie phones. How many of them even HAVE Chase, or BoA accounts? Most poor people in America have checks cashed at currency exchanges, or deposited onto RushCard type debit cards, so out of the smallest sample size, of the "Big Three" mobile OSes, you have the smallest size of "whales," or the most desirable customers, for a given developer/s. McLaren, might have stemmed this. The 830, definitely cannot. Every day that passes, without a high end WP announcement, developers, and customers leave, or, worse yet, never even come give WP a try. When the customers don't come in, you cant pay the waiters, or the cooks. Then the restaurant closes. It really is that simple. Im staying, for the foreseeable future. I've gone from a WP7(pre-Mango), through several WP8s (currently, a 1520, which I love, fiercely). But, MS, has to do something, and the longer they wait, the more dramatic, and drastic, their efforts, will have to be, to reverse the bad press, ill will, malfeasance, and general discontent, and malaise. Good luck, MS. Some of us really love your mobile OS. We need you to get this right.
  • I already have a third-party app on my Windows Phone for this service: IE 10. :) I get far more upset when the platform loses an app that provides functionality only an app can provide (check deposit in a bank app for example.) But stuff like this, that is just an app UI for a service you'd just access with a browser on your PC? I wouldn't waste the space on my phone the app takes up when I can get all the same functionality from an IE bookmark! With 8.1, Windows Phone has a very robust file system and a browser capable of file upload and download. Apps are no longer required for stuff like this, or Shutterfly, etc. WP can use these services just like a PC would.
    "Apps" became such an important part of smartphones in the iPhone era in part to compensate for the locked-down file systems and incomplete browsers of phones. Modern devices are far less dependent on "apps", because they can do more of what PCs can today. (What "app" do we use on a PC for Twitter, Facebook, banking, photo print ordering, online shopping, etc.? The browser, of course.) I get the importance of app availability to prospective buyers since they have been trained by hobbled mobile OSes into thinking apps are necessary to accomplish any task, and I get the importance of apps instead of websites to service providers and ecommerce- it gets their company logos under the user's nose (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, BestBuy, etc) encouraging them to use them instead of shopping around.