Frostpoint VR is a new sci-fi PvPvE shooter from The Bard's Tale developers

Frostpoint VR
Frostpoint VR (Image credit: inXile Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Frostpoint VR is a PvPvE shooter from inXile Entertainment, exclusive to PC VR headsets.
  • Players will fight against each other as well as a legion of biomechanical creatures, with the option of going alone against bots or as a co-op-only experience with friends.
  • Open beta begins in September for the first 10,000 registrants.

inXile Entertainment is best known for its RPGs over the years. The Bard's Tale, The Mage's Tale, and other titles from the veteran developers at the company typically eclipse this genre over others. But now the team is taking its expertise to a new genre of gaming, one that blends a multiplayer shooter with a PvE experience (via UploadVR). Frostpoint VR is a 10 vs 10 multiplayer shooter in which players will complete various objectives, hold the point, or just eliminate each other. But beware — behind every corner lurks an unknown entity that could wipe out more than just your strategy against your fellow human players.

Frostpoint VR is a unique PvPvE set in a sci-fi-themed post-apocalyptic timeline where warring factions are regularly interrupted by a biomechanical legion of aliens working together to eliminate all the humans. But these aliens aren't just there for target practice; they actually serve a valuable purpose throughout your time in the world of Frostpoint VR. While gunning against other humans, players can take out these biomechanical non-player-controlled bots for resources that can be used to upgrade equipment and weapons between each round. Think of it as Killing Floor meets Battlefield or Call of Duty. Players can also play by themselves against bots, or as a co-op-only adventure with friends.

But unlike Killing Floor or some other multiplayer shooters, Frostpoint VR isn't a class-based game. Instead, players will create their own play style by selecting from a wide assortment of weapons and equipment which can wildly change how the game plays. Everything from traditional bullet-based weapons to sci-fi blasters can be used, while different suits of armor will grant players different abilities like running faster, reducing gun recoil, enabling the use of heavier weapons, and plenty of other traits, as well.

Farpoint VR is, as the name suggests, a VR-exclusive title that's being made available later this year for all PC VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift family, HTC Vive family, and Valve Index (among others). Frostpoint VR will begin an open beta in September and will accept 10,000 players into the program, each of which have a chance to win a free copy of the game. There's no set release date or price at this time, other than "later this year", so the open beta will be the best chance of playing the game as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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