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Fruit Ninja and Pocket God coming this week for Xbox LIVE on WP7

Whoa ho ho! Look at this little announcement just tweeted by Microsoft's Michael Klucher. Looks like tomorrow, the usual release day for Xbox LIVE titles, will be bringing two popular iPhone games to our side of town: Fruit Ninja and Pocket God.

For those who don't know or keep track of these things, both titles are up there with Angry Birds as far as popularity, meaning this is a huge win for our platform. And while Pocket God was known to be coming "soon" (see earlier coverage), Fruit Ninja (see their site) was something we forgot about (though it was mentioned in the original "50" list). Both titles are on Android too and doing very well, but it's good to see that we're catching up by acquiring these big names.

Source: @mklucher

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  • Awesome. Loved Pocket God on iOS, can't wait to see what's been added since last time I played. Hopefully they'll be able to continually add updates on Xbox Live like they do for the iOS version.
  • Fruit Ninja is great. I had it on my iP4, and will be getting in for WP7!
  • Both games are up on the Marketplace now!! Yay Fruit Ninja!