Fujifilm's new projector can move the image without distorting it

One of the worst things about a projector is finding the perfect spot for it in relation to where you're projecting, right? Because the image gets distorted and weird if you move the projector even a little bit. Or if the screen moves. Or if the room moves. Or if an insect somewhere on the other side of the world flaps its wings. Well, Fujifilm, a company with a lot of experience dealing with lenses and cameras, believes it has found the answer to that problem with a projector using the rotating Fujinon lens. This is a "two-axial rotatable lens" that will allow you face the lens in any direction to project images, and you won't have to move the whole unit with it. You'll be able to watch images on the ceiling, the floor, or switch between a horizontal or vertical display, very easily.

The projector also uses an ultra-short throw lens and laser light source. This means you can cover a 100-inch screen like this one from as close as 75 centimeters. Fujifilm believes all these features, along with the projector's ability to be placed horizontally or vertically, will make it a great gadget for stores with digital signage or artists using projections at galleries or museums where available space is limited.

This will be Fujifilm's first foray into the projector business, but you'll have to wait until 2019 to get your hands on this projector. You can look into projectors by BenQ or Epson in the meantime, as they make very good ones.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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