Fujitsu's new ARROWS Tab Q335/K starts rolling out this October

Fujitsu has announced a new Windows 8.1, the ARROWS Tab Q335/K. The ARROWS is aimed at enterprise customers, and features an 8-inch screen, an Intel Atom processor, and comes with Windows 8.1 Pro.

The Q335/K comes in at 0.39 inches thick, and less than 5 inches wide. The tablet weighs less than a pound, which Fujitsu says is ideal for one-handed use while walking around. In addition to coming with Windows 8.1 Pro, the ARROWS Tab can also come with Office. Fujitsu's Cloud PaaS MobileSUITE is supported as well. Fujitsu is also releasing a cover accessory with the Q335/K that can double as a stand.

Fujitsu will begin to roll out the ARROWS Tab Q335/K to customers around the world starting in October.

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Source: Fujitsu

Joseph Keller