Microsoft, Lenovo, AMD and HP all win coveted Future Tech Awards

Future Tech Awards Hero
Future Tech Awards Hero (Image credit: Future)

Future Tech Awards Hero

Source: Future (Image credit: Source: Future)

Over 100 different winners were crowned in the Future Tech Awards, and a number of noteworthy companies from the PC market won awards. With over 200,000 votes cast, our readers voted for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon as laptop of the year, ASUS ROG Mothership as best gaming computer, and HP's Envy 13 as the best value computer. Other notable winners include the Netgear Nighthawk R7800 (best Wi-Fi router) and Microsoft's new Xbox Elite Controller 2 (best PC accessory).

The Future Tech Awards also played host to the annual Future Tech Hall of Fame, recognizing the lifetime achievements of the following individuals:

  • Lisa Su, President and CEO, AMD
  • Jason Johnson, Co-founder and CEO, August Home
  • Marques Brownlee, MKBHD

Future 50 recognized the achievements of 50 individuals in 2019, highlighting them as being at the forefront of technology and listing them as key people to watch in 2020. The winners include:

  • Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer of Microsoft
  • Austin Ratner, Affiliate and Partnerships Marketing Manager of HP
  • Brian Leonard, Vice President of Design, Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo
  • Christian Teismann, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business at Lenovo
  • Taylor Wilson, Global Social Media Content Manager at Lenovo

Check out the full list of winners at the Future Tech Awards website!

Nirave Gondhia
  • MKBHD got a lifetime achievement award! Holy ****, he's like 25! That's pretty amazing. If any tech YouTuber deserves it it's probably him.
  • I think Linus deserves one too. Maybe more so as he's created an entire media company around it and covers all kinds of tech. Marques does more cellphone coverage than anything else. I will say his Retro Tech series is outstanding though.