Game of Clowns, a circus act of a game for Windows 10

If you like physics-based puzzles, Game of Clowns for Windows 10 may be a game right up your alley. The game challenges you to complete a series of puzzles that assists a group of circus clowns perform tricks and stunts.

The game has colorful graphics and gameplay reminds me of the old Mouse Trap games where you have to use your imagination, creativity and precision to put objects in place that completes the puzzles. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1, Game of Clowns isn't a complicated game to pick up and play, but can drive you nuts in mastering.

Game of Clowns greets you with a brief primary menu that holds options to jump into gameplay, view the About Screen, view your gaming achievements, access the store (to buy the full version) and mute the sound/music.

The eighty-eight levels are spread out across seven chapters and a bonus area with twelve levels. The first few chapters are tutorial in nature to guide you through the basics. Each level requires you to move an object from one point to another. Labels marking "move this" and "here" appear briefly at the start of each level. An assortment of gadgets and platforms are available along the bottom of the game display to create a pathway to meet this goal.

Game of Clowns

For example, one of the first levels requires you to move a clown across the screen into a bucket. A platform has to be completed to allow the clown to roll to his objective and it is your job to move a few sections into place to make this happen.

As you might imagine, as you progress through the game the puzzles become more challenging and complex. You face challenges of not only rolling clowns around the screen but also guide balloons across the screen, create the stage where balls can be kicked through hoops and other circus-style feats.

Game of Clowns

While your primary goal is marked up at the beginning of the puzzle, you do have a secondary goal of collecting stars that are scattered about the level. Each level has a maximum of three stars to collect and these stars need to be collected to unlock the games chapters. Levels can be replayed to increase your star counts as needed.

While some of the puzzles are direct action in nature (e.g. rolling the clown into a bucket), others require a chain reaction to meet the goal. Some will have you lift a balloon into the air, that in turn knocks a ball down a ramp, that then knocks another ball into a bucket. Regardless of the design of the puzzle, each rely on your skills at strategy, imagination and creativity to solve.

Game of Clowns

In tackling the first chapter of puzzles with Game of Clowns, this Windows 10 title comes across as an entertaining puzzle game to spend a little time with. The graphics are colorful and represent the circus theme well. Gameplay does start off slow, but that is by design to get you familiar with the gaming concept and mechanics. After about the sixth level, gameplay picks up in challenge rather nicely.

My only nit with Game of Clowns is that at times transitions between screens took an unusually lengthy amount of time. It wasn't uncommon to wait several seconds to go from the chapter screen to the level screen or leave a puzzle and head back to the level screen. These delays aren't a deal breaker but does make you wonder if Game of Clowns has locked up.

Available for Windows 10 Mobile and PC, as well as Windows Phone 8.1, Game of Clowns does have a free trial version with the full version running $1.99. We found the game to be a fun and challenging time killer and unless you have a phobia of clowns, it's worth a try.

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