Looking for Laika, a new game for Windows phones, sends you on a quest after your abducted dog

Game Troopers continues to release new games for the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile platforms at a rapid pace. Their latest game is called, Looking for Laika, and it's a side-scroller puzzle-adventure game where you have to rescue your dog Laika from aliens.

The game, developed by Moanbej, employs a minimalist art style. Here's a quick description:

"In this title, evil aliens abducted your puppy Laika, and as Astronaut it is your duty to go and save your best friend. Enjoy this epic side-scrolling puzzle adventure in a colorful 3D world. Bounce and jump from planet to planet through different worlds and dimensions. Master the gravity of the asteroids, and save your pet. Lots of dangerous obstacles are waiting for you."

Looking for Laika does support Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM. It's available now for both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile for $1.99 for a limited time.

QR: Looking for Laika

  • Layca is an indian international mobile operator
  • That title can be read totally wrong due to punctuation. First time through I read it: Looking for "Laika" (a new game for Windows Phones) sends you on a quest after your abducted dog.
  • Lol
  • Laika is the name of the dog, who became the first animal to go into space. She went to space on board sputnik 2 in 1957, and also became the first animal to die in space because she couldn't be recovered.
  • This.
  • Are these Game Troopers games all ports of other platforms or do they just have a ton of games lying around waiting to be published????
  • From the game trailer it seems it is windows exclusive, not sure!
  • Game Troppers are only the publisher, not the developer.
    These games were made by other dev teams, they just publish it and take care of the marketing.
  • Nope. Game troopers develop these already available on ios,android games for windows. They share the revenue with the actual developers.
  • Go go GT
  • Every story about Laika is a sad story
  • Make it free
  • LOL. Wait until myAppFree will make a deal with Game Troopers.
  • Where is killlooooo....???????
  • Kiloo is dead
  • I mean Subway surfers
  • "Laika means child (बच्चा) in छत्तीसगढ़ी language...."
  • How does Game Troopers pump quality games out at this rate?
  • They're actually publishers, not developers, so it's other devs that make these games.
  • I find the ragdoll physics hilarious.
  • the price is really interesting, but I find it a pity that there is no trial versions and mostly it is not translated into French   ______________________________________________ galaxy note 4 samsung galaxy note 5