Game Troopers' new game, Elements: Epic Heroes, hacks and slashes on Windows Phone

First announced back in mid-October, publisher Game Troopers has finally released the fantasy hack-and-slash game Elements: Epic Heroes for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases, and supports Xbox Live achievements.

Here's the breakdown of the game:

"You will be able to build up a team of blocky heroes that will defeat the Dark Lord in an epic battle at the Kingdom of Elements. Join a classic fantasy quest through monsters, dungeons and castles in rich 3D environments, solo or with your friends in a multiplayer scenario."

  • Control a team of up to 3 heroes with simple, intuitive touch controls.
  • Play heroes of different classes, each represents its own Element.
  • Complete lots of missions in different locations and slay bosses with unique skill sets for awesome loot reward!
  • Defeat giant raid bosses with your friends in fully Online Multiplayer experience!
  • Team up with friends, socialize with them and show off your epic gear.
  • Rich character improvement: lots of unique and upgradable weapons and armor, unlockable skills and more.
  • Achievements and challenges (200G)
  • Download for free
  • Supports devices with 512MB of memory

Download Elements: Epic Heroes for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Elements: Epic Heroes

  • Only getting connection error after the opening play through
  • Same here.
  • Yeah. Connection error after tutorial.
  • +1
  • Can some one post the link please
  • Same here...
  • "Let's attack the dragon with our friends"
  • Friendly fire!
  • ****! It's about time!
  • Swear filter? And how is "héll" a bad word? I've seen PG-13 movies that use the word!
  • Context is everything.
  • Looks good.
  • I will give it a try. I play and love Dungeon Hunter 5 but with last update it's full of's unplayable.
  • What's your username there? I play it frequently.
  • I cant join any guild. The game getting heavier after i joined
  • I'm PSO, for Phantasy Star Online. I usually play daily for a few minutes.
  • Interesting. I might be trying this.
  • With xbox and no problems playing after opening play trough. Love it! Update: It freezes after being connected :/
  • Such a big supporter of the platform, but why are they also not releasing this on w10?
  • Because majority of users are not on 10 yet. I'm sure they will support universal in future
  • Looks like this would be fun on PC and tablets. Guess I'll wait...
  • Caramba! I love it! Cool! Really cool! (Lumia 520)
  • Doesn't load after tutorial :(
  • For those freezing after the tutorial, uninstall and reinstall. The achievements weren't live and it was supposed to trigger an achievement there. You'll have to replay the tutorial again.
  • The same thing after tutorial U_U
  • Pls give us some good sports games like dream league
  • My username is yaz join me
  • Game doesnt work right? Or is it now
  • It works all fine. Dude
  • Ok, i got it to work. How do i add you?
  • Does progress sync between Windows 10 devices? Between different PCs and your Phone?
  • Just read properly and it's only for WP and W10M. But does progress sync between phones at least?
  • I liked the game so I decided to give it a go and also do some sort of a review and sum up few impressions of my own here in super-monkey-star-bio-weapon review , so if you have time feel free to check it out as well.  what I do like about this review is this straightforward breakdown with all the key points which I think is going to be very useful to hoever might want to check out this game. thumbs up from my side