The Gameband Minecraft USB wearable saves your worlds for $79.99

They say you learn something new every day, well that goes for us too. We have just become aware of a wearable that joins the Microsoft Band on the Microsoft Store site. The Gameband Minecraft device allows PC players of the popular sandbox game to never lose their worlds for the price of $79.99.

Although it's not new, it is new to us. This product has been available to buy Microsoft's store site since February, along with most of the company's retail locations like Best Buy. However, we thought it might be of interest for the massive amount of Minecraft players on the PC who might not have heard of this officially licensed device. The device is a USB Flash drive with 8GB of storage that can be used on and Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

Minecraft players can connect the GameBand to their PC and launch the included app to load their Minecraft world. Then when they are done playing, they can back up their files to Gameband's cloud servers and then take the band with them to play again on other PCs.

That might sound like what any USB drive can do, but the Gameband Minecraft also has an app that allows users to create custom animations that can be displayed with the band's LED lights. The app, PixelFurnace, also allows users to download animations created by other GameBand Minecraft owners. Finally, the band also comes preloaded with a number of Minecraft worlds created by popular players.

This wearable is definitely made for the huge Minecraft children's audience. If you already have one, let us know in comments what you think of it!

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

  • This was at my MS store 2 weeks ago!
  • Did you see any other things?
  • My laptop, new laptops, curved monitors, a while lotta bands in stock, the Lumia 1520, some mini-drones, a Stream 14, and a 3D printer. All connected to a Surface, no matter what device.
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  • I love seeing some good ole psych references. I'm pretty fond of this one, "No Gus, the cheese has gone good..."
  • Yeah mine too. There was a lot of Minecraft branding in general that I hadn't seen before. I also noticed the Xbox display had car seats in them ...assuming for Forza. Tons of Surface 3s as well.
  • Wow :P
  • It's quite intriguing that Microsoft sells this through its store.
  • Well, they own Minecraft after all, so I don't find it too surprising.
  • Yeah, but still, it's an unusual product that appeals to a limited audience, plus it's US only.
  • Novelty items like this can sell surprisingly well.
  • Interesting, but... 80??? Seriously? I back up my MC worlds to Onedrive!!!
  • It is pricey. However, I don't even play Minecraft and I think that thing looks kind of awesome, lol
  • You should for a while! It gets funner and better! Especially when people recreate cities and stuff.
  • But in a format everyone knows and loves to use!
  • For a USB it's expensive, but for a watch - it's okay. For a USB watch... it's quite reasonable. Thing is... next watch I get I want to be a smartwatch.
  • Not everyone in the younger generation or some in the much older generation that are heavy Minecraft gamers ness with One Drive so this is perfect for them.
  • SMDH.... This article just proves how horrific MS marketing is...
    Even WC didn't know about this product... There's something wrong here.
  • I may need to agree on that point. No one has reported any sightings anywhere.
  • Its been out for months and wasnt even developed by MS, why would anyone report sightings of a new MS developed wearable that came out before MS even owned minecraft?
  • Quit making excuses... Lol.
  • But it's for Minecraft. That's popular enough.
  • What❓ That's not how things work...
    And, it's obvious that it doesn't work like that because even WC didn't know... Marketing just has to improve... No excuses❗
  • Microsoft's marketing department makes the DPRK's PR team look like all-stars
  • Yes... Hopefully that'll change soon.
  • Yes, Microsoft's marketing and nothing are almost the same thing, that's why we have a lack of apps on the platform and the OS is known for having few users, and ms doesn't do nothing to change it. That's why I think that windows 10 won't change a thing
  • Hummm... W10.
    Wonder how they'll handle that.
  • I don't know what Windows phone or Windows 10 or xbox or any other product have to do with Minecraft and a usb wearable thing. oh yeah, you just want to complain and show how pathetic you are and just talk crap, and repeat it like if that made you have a better life and a brain to use.   again this is about a usb wearable band.... end. it has NOTHING to do with whatever bullshicrap you keep talking about. and then again... do you really expect to see it on TV or something? many people play it, and if you play Minecraft and you care about this stuff, you would have already known it existed. but yet again, like I said, you only want to talk crap like if it had to do with this article, just for reason of complaning.
  • Do you feel better now that you let it all out❓
    I do... I feel much better for you.
    That was scary❗
  • I suppose you wanted this on TV as well. The Minecraft community is mostly aware of this device. Just because you, or Windows Central, didn't know about it, doesn't mean it's target audience doesn't. You have to remember, WC isn't saturated with Minecraft fans, and I would be the few that are in here don't send tips to WC about new products.
  • Ok.. You're right. MS doesn't have a marketing issue... Sorry to bother you.
  • Microsoft does have a marketing problem, yes! But if you'd wanted to promote this gameband? You'd do it with commercials around videos made by Minecraftfans on YouTube. Or a reference in the Minecraft Pocked Edition app. Or maybe even a reference in the pc/console game. You would never promote it during a big and expensive major TV campaign, it costs way to much and you'd reach all the wrong people. So it's logical to assume you'd have to be in the Minecraft community to have heard about this product. Back to Microsofts marketing issues, Satya Nadella has been changing a lot of things for the better within Microsoft over the past year. Satya is a clever guy, I'm sure he knows the importance of marketing (he has seen how Samsung spend it's way to dominate the Android world). And I'm sure he's have read you bitching about this particularly problem somewhere haha The fact is Microsoft marketing has actually been getting better, and better, lately. I think it's okay to assume that with the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft will unleash it's greatest and biggest global marketing offensive ever. The company has a lot riding on this. And they need Windows 10 to push there consumer side of things to a whole new level. When the consumer uses and loves Windows 10, enterprise adoption will pick up at a faster pace eventually. They know this! And with over 90 billion is cash reserves they have some money to spend. So don't worry about it, Microsoft will push Windows 10 to the max, they know they need to!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1... I never said anything about TV ads, or any specific ads...
    2.. Spare us the false praise... It's sad.
  • No what's sad is keeping complaining over a problem over and over again. Your like a damn broken record! I like to believe Microsoft, like any other, learns from its mistakes.
    They know that the very existence of Windows depends on the success of Windows 10.
    And they know that marketing and public perception will be key to the success of Windows 10. It's a fact that Microsoft has a warchest worth over 90 billion, it is logical to assume they would tap in to that to ensure its success. Steve Ballmer is gone and his blind spot is gone to.
    Steve was the man you'd want leading a company during the times it helds a monopoly position. He was always more then an accountant then a tech professional. He made his mistakes for obvious reasons, he had no real insight in the market and the ways it was shifting the second half of the last decade. But Satya is de kind of guy you'd want br CEO of Microsoft in its current market position. A bold and innovative man that has the insight and the capabilites to return Microsoft to its rightfully place as acutting edge and leading company in the industry. You keep bitching about Microsofts marketing failures in the past (mainly the Ballmer era). I enjoy watching the new and improved Microsoft since Satya Nadella took the reigns at Microsoft. We've seen big changes over the last year, and there is no reason at all to assume Microsoft continues to stink at there marketing efforts, no reason at all! On the opposite, there is every reason to assume Microsoft has taken the broom trough it's marketing department with there most recent restructuring campaign. Wait and see, they will push Windows 10 and Hololens to the max. They know they need to now! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No... This is sad⬆ Do you really expect me to read all that crap about how you hate my post❓ Seriously❓ Anyone that would get that emotional over what someone post must have serious issues... Lol. I mean look at what you just did..
    1.. I'm not reading that crap. Because
    2.. I could care less about how you get upset over others post, because
    3... I don't give a rats ass what you think, and I'm free to post what I like... Get over it.
    You could just ignore it.. Ummm, I think that's your best bet towards peace.. Just ignore me.
    Really❓ Wow...
    That's the last time I'm gonna tell you this, Michael... You'll be arguing with yourself if you don't learn how to deal with others opinions, whether you like them, or not.... Lets see if you learn to ignore.
  • Your not reading that crap, but you do take the time to send a massive respond... Now who's the sad guy of the both of us ;-) LOL! Ps. I don't hate your posts, most of the times your right.
    But your complaints about the marketing for this particularly product was way off. And I tried to explain this to you, and you got all defensive and called me out to be sad?! Wtf really! A normal discussion is no longer possible with you. Microsofts marketing's sucks and there is nothing they could do to satisfy your expectations! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know two Apple households where the children have these. Minecraft fans are like any other fans and will find their products.
  • True, true.. You're right...
    But, that's besides the point, and marketing needs to improve.
  • If it's something like Minecraft, a game that hundreds of millions play, then you don't need much marketing, if any.
  • Whatdid I say❓
  • I agree marketing needs to improve, for other devices. I've yet to see the 640 in a commercial but it's better to have a flagship on tv, unless showing the decent price of a 640.
    The Gameband is available at every Target and Gamestop. Kids will see it in stores and on their friends' wrists.
  • yeah because Windows Central works for Microsoft so they know every product they sell, and Daniel Rubino lives in Microsoft campus, and all WC team gets a detailed inform of every move Microsoft makes; oh but wait, I am sure they even schedule a launch with Satya to discuss the products and how many articles they can make about it... you know because WC and Daniel Rubino is god, so they/he must know everything.... that surely makes sense /s   but it's just one more useless comment on Windows Central comment section. not a surprise. But I am sure if you played Minecraft and cared about this stuff, you would know it existed, end. so marketing had nothing to do with WC not knowing, they just aren't into the game so they never typed "minecraft" on Microsoft store and nobody tipped them about this.   But yeah I will complain about not having a tv ad telling me "Minecraft Reversible Plush" exist. /s
  • You're an angry feller today.... Maybe you should get some sleep tonight..
    ...... Try St Johns Wort.. Worked for me.
  • Can this guy get a ban already? Or smirky fat trolls and flame storms in comments are welcome here?
  • How long have you been with WP again❓
  • Clearly it didn't work because you still post your angry nonsense here every day.
  • Tell me about this angry nonsense I post everyday.... What don't you agree with❓
  • I'd rather WC focus more on what's important like new phones and laptops and updates than a Minecraft wearable. It wasn't made by microsoft, if I'm correct it was made before they bought Minecraft. Their marketing is fine to me. The only problem is people are so sucked into apple its hard for anything else to get through. For example, my friend who owns an iPhone was set on getting a band after seeing mine, but he decided to get an apple watch. When I asked him why, he replied "cause its apple?" And besides this is a niche device who cares.
  • Rodneyej please research before you speak, this product was released by Mojang and Now Computing before Microsoft purchased Mojang, so how is Gameband's marketing a reflection of Microsoft? That being said, I had heard of this product months ago and bought one for my son last month. It's on the shelves at several big retailers (including Best Buy and Target). Please stop spamming every comment section with your complaints about Microsoft marketing, it's very much off-topic all of the time.
    As far as Gameband goes its pretty cool for a younger Minecraft fan who wants a wearable and maybe plays Minecraft over at friends' houses etc. It's fun and easy to use, and feels well-made.
  • Nice little band. Almost wishing the Microsoft Band was this svelte.
  • Ridiculous
  • Please elaborate.
  • A surprising number of adults play Minecraft as well (don't know why, I don't see the attraction personally) but they do. It's not just a "kids" game.
  • This Minecraft band is ridiculous
  • It's mostly kids that play now. I worked at a daycare for a bit and just about every child had Minecraft on a phone or tablet or talked about it
  • I'm 34 and know plenty of adults who either play or used to play it. Now with little kids I don't have much time for it, but I played before they were born and occasionally now too.
  • Really nice
  • Do they have any other games? Although I guess I could just use a wearable usb band. 
  • I play the game with my daughter. She would love this thing, but at this price, it would just be an expensive, cool, novelty item... But she would live it and wear it all the time!
  • My Chirstmas shopping for the kids will be done early this year!
  • Now if only they could do this with win2go
  • Hah, that'd be cool.
  • I think it's neat looking and prefer it's look to The Band. Binary, bar code and quirky watches like this are art on the wrist.
  • It looks nice, I'll give it that. Not a PC gamer though.
  • Great more Minecraft stuff to buy!  I bought all the action figures, stuff toys, t-shirts, caps, and Legos for my two boys. Now I'm gonna have to buy these too!
  • I hope you got them the reversible plushes. they are cute and nice! n_________n. I hope Microsoft will start making more Minecraft stuff. it's a game that can sell these stuff.
  • Ohhhh, I saw this at the Microsoft Store just two weeks ago next to a Minecraft demo, and I was extremely confused because there was no label to explain its function. It only had a price listed. This makes a lot more sense!
  • I dont play MC that much but I might get it just cos it does look cool
  • Would buy for $5
  • Was just at Best Buy looking at this wondering exactly what this was. Interesting.
  • It'll be more fun if the custom animation displayed is something the user has chosen themselves, like their home from certain angle, an object they create, etc... Self Personalization.
  • wat
  • It's been out for awhile now. Just never got any press. Posted via Surface Pro 3 or Note 3
  • But in a format everyone knows and loves to use! P/s: download bigone 2015 , bigkool 2015 free