The Gameband Minecraft USB wearable saves your worlds for $79.99

They say you learn something new every day, well that goes for us too. We have just become aware of a wearable that joins the Microsoft Band on the Microsoft Store site. The Gameband Minecraft device allows PC players of the popular sandbox game to never lose their worlds for the price of $79.99.

Although it's not new, it is new to us. This product has been available to buy Microsoft's store site since February, along with most of the company's retail locations like Best Buy. However, we thought it might be of interest for the massive amount of Minecraft players on the PC who might not have heard of this officially licensed device. The device is a USB Flash drive with 8GB of storage that can be used on and Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

Minecraft players can connect the GameBand to their PC and launch the included app to load their Minecraft world. Then when they are done playing, they can back up their files to Gameband's cloud servers and then take the band with them to play again on other PCs.

That might sound like what any USB drive can do, but the Gameband Minecraft also has an app that allows users to create custom animations that can be displayed with the band's LED lights. The app, PixelFurnace, also allows users to download animations created by other GameBand Minecraft owners. Finally, the band also comes preloaded with a number of Minecraft worlds created by popular players.

This wearable is definitely made for the huge Minecraft children's audience. If you already have one, let us know in comments what you think of it!

Source: Microsoft Store

John Callaham