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Gameloft announces title and story details for Modern Combat 5

Although Gameloft dropped some details on Modern Combat 5: Blackout back in June for Android and iOS, we've still not seen release of the game as of yet. Don't fret though, Gameloft is still working on things and have once again let it be known the game is well on its way to release and have now dropped the full title and story details behind the game.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will once again take fans on an adventure across the globe, as the player engages in special counter-terrorism operations with the latest and most technologically advanced combat weaponry. The single-player campaign for MC5: Blackout consists of compact and dynamic missions that ratchet up the suspense of each action-packed moments. The development team wanted players to experience the story in a more intense and diverse way than ever before.The story will indeed begin in Venice, Italy where Phoenix, the main character of the game, is sent on a special operation to secure a transport of WMDs from a particularly well-armed terrorist group. From there the plot will take gamers on a globe-trotting adventure, including a particularly harrowing sequence in Tokyo where Phoenix has to fight amidst total anarchy while trying to convince his allies to accept an uncomfortable secret. By the end, players will have experienced a range of visually-stunning settings, and thrilling action-packed combat sequences.

Sounds promising and from the previous videos, it looks pretty good. Needless to say though, we're at the mercy of Gameloft for a release date, pricing details and whether or not it will make its way to Windows Phone like Modern Combat 4 did but it sounds like we're getting closer.

  • "back in June for iOS and Android"
    Did they announce anything for WP? If so, then why didn't you write it? If not, why is this even here? Just curious.
  • +920
  • So much this. Looks like it is indeed confirmed for Windows Phone, but still, not mentioning it in the article is quite the fail.
  • Why its here? Because Modern Combat is one of the best game for smartphone
  • You didn't read the article till the end
  • Actually, he added that after my comment.
  • Maybe the article will help the devs realize how many people want it on Windows Phone?
  • My 920 is not good enough for this game I'm afraid, it will surely drain in 30 minutes while the ceramic piece on the back fries my fingers
  • Re the heat remark, sad that it's true but still almost died laughing from your comment.
  • Honestly I sometimes wonder how my 920 hasn't melted yet. Lol.
  • Not just fingers!!! Your finger prints!O.O
  • After playing mc 4 eagerly waiting for this one
  • CoD's for nubz
  • Really? I bet you always get pawn at CoD
  • No, I don't even play, maybe when there's a free weekend. CoD has sucked ever since the first modern warfare and it's been worsening. It's a great business strategy and attracts nubz because of the easy level ups and unlocks, zero recoil, and p2w. It's sad because BF adopted a similar strategy after they saw how successful it was. The gameplay is still much better though, the way CoD is set up promotes a very selfish playing style.
  • So you are one of those kids who plays Counter Strike???
  • P2w? I dont see how it's pay to win.
  • You are probably crap at cod
  • Suck since modern warfare?
    I smell a bunch of bullshit
  • Not really, it's either you hate CoD or you love it. Modern Warfare was good, Black Ops II was okay, the rest suck.
  • World at War was highly underappreciated...
  • Ah tbh I didn't try that one
  • One of the best world war shooters I played. Dismembering bodies was amazing
  • I hate to be the one to say it, but without Xbox support I won't be getting. Besides on this boxy 928 it's not all that comfortable to play two handed games.
  • Stop lying, you don't hate to be one to say it. Too bad for you, we will play MC5 in rememberance of you and the other people who wish to ensure that developers don't make a good return on their Windows Phone development investment.
  • What you're saying implies that we as windows phone users are all obligated to buy this.
  • What I am saying is exactly what I said. With that said, people can buy whatever they want to buy. Or not buy it. We are dealing with a mindset that says no Xbox achievements, no buy. We aren't dealing with "This game sucks, I'm not going to buy it. Do what you will, just know that the no Xbox, no buy mentality is what is damaging Windows Phone's relevance as a platform worth developing for. Where a developer would make money on a well designed and developed game, they may not make much money because some WP users boycott the games based on Xbox achievements that were not a part of the game in the first place and take extra development time and money just to launch the game on WP. Once again, buy what you want and don't buy what you don't want. With the current position of WP and it's small market share, it's not just your loss, but a loss for the developer and a loss for the consumer and the WP ecosystem. The smaller the user base, the more the decision to buy or not buy matters. In a large established user base like iOS and Android, it doesn't matter as much if 10,000 of you don't buy a game because 800,000 others will. It isn't the same with WP. Now I am only talking about the mindset of no Xbox, no buy regardless of the quality of the game. No one is obligated to buy anything but saying you would buy it but since no Xbox achievements, you are not buying it is different than saying you would not buy it because you don't like that type of game. It's the mindset that harms the ecosystem, not the quality of the games or the amount of users.
  • While WP was hurting for big games when the last version of this game showed up, that's not so much the case now. So if it shows up 6 months late at $7, dont think it is going to happen.
  • Glitched achievement in MC4... Fix please.
  • Its a good game but I prefer pc for shooter games. Love playing call of duty ghosts
  • You play ghosts on pc?!?! Are you absolutely crazy?? The game runs waay worse and looks worse than on 360...
    I'm not hating on cod like everyone else but the pc port of ghosts is complete crap, I can't believe people enjoy playing that...
  • Jep, I wish I could get my money back since I also fell for that piece of sh*t
  • I feel so sorry for you (I wasn't gonna get it anyway and then I saw all the reviews showcasing what a monstrosity of a port it is... All I could do was laugh at infinityward...)
  • I find it great no issues.
  • Wow... Good for you I guess
  • Same here, I have it on the PC, Xbox one and 360 (360 then the $10 upgrade for the xbox one). No problems running it on the PC, no crashes and looks a little better than even the Xbox one version.... People who are having problems otherwise have a weak video card or do not know how to tweak games...sorry but, it's true..
  • Fps on phones are a joke, and cod on PCs is a joke.
  • What about laptops with touchpads ? I completed cod modern warfare on my laptop WITHOUT an external mouse used even once, on all 4 of the difficulty levels, including veteran. Beat that ! ;)
  • tbh that is pretty amazing, but i meant the game itself, it doesn't suit the keyboard+mouse format.
  • Really ? LOL. These types of games were on the PC long before the Xbox or Xbox one.... With good setup, these are shocking as a lot of PC users can be more accurate with a mouse than a controller..
  • Depends how it's implemeneted ... Dead Space on Android was an amazing FPS experience... Modern Combat 4 was "meh" at best but not because of controls, it's becuase of bad gameplay and just enough lag on 920 to make controls feel inadequate.
  • Will it be an Xbox title? No? Than I don't care and most definitely won't pay a dime for it or waste my limited space on the 920/1020 with it if it's free.
  • On my 1020 I have 8GB left. Need to deserve this for Xbox games
  • k, kool story bro
  • Off Topic : Captain America: TWS just got released. Yippieee !!
  • Nice :)
  • Not much fanfare for such a requested game. 2 things though stands out states it's a demo with option for full game unlock and second, it seems a small dl for a gameloft title unless its like GTA and thus is a two part download.
  • Seems like someone doesn't know how to use the trial system on WP store... :D
  • Actually I do know what the trial system is :-D. Its just that I never seen a game from a big developer released with demo in the description. On WP were come to expect such limitations from a trial without it being stated :-D.
  • Noooo I didn't mean you.. I meant Gameloft and the guy who decided to publish this game as a demo with IAP for full game :D
  • The description is like that because it is from the Android and iOS versions. Users complained that the game was a trial when they felt they were led to believe it was the whole game for free.
  • No Xbox..... #SaveXboxWP a Skip for me...
  • Not sure why but game felt a lot like minion rush with decision on how to combat... But TWS just doesn't work for me... you see bad guys, you decide to either: a) Tap close to them and watch the combat b) Trow the shield by swiping up and watch the combat when enemies approac c) Use one of the special skills buttons and watch the combat Game got boring aweful fast. Unistalled.
  • Gotta be Xbox live for me too or no buy.
  • As long as this has Moga Pro Power support like MC4, it will be great to play on either a 930 or 1520... and I'm buying it.
  • If I had a moga pro with a 930 or 1520 I would also definitely buy it :) a 920 without moga isn't worth it though :P
  • Do you play multiplayer with the moga? I always thought it would be useless and take forever to turn... People hate the screen controls at first but when you get used to them they are boss.
  • Ok
  • Any word on when the amazing Spiderman 2 game is coming out for windows phone
  • A must have.
  • Make it happen for 512mb devices... Common show ur skills.. Its a challenge from me...
  • I already got 4
  • You invite what type of game I would like to see, one where you are the "bad guys". Smuggle weapons, assassinate political leaders, hijack planes, overthrow a government, oppress the oppressors basically.
  • I wanted plants vs zombies 2.
  • It will get the WP version w/o XBL when MC6 comes out. :P
  • After pumping lots of hours into a buggy version of World at Arms to finally have a patch that fixes (I assume) most of the bugs reset me back to Level 1 I will be giving this game a miss. What also miffs me with Gameloft is even when the game is on Windows 8 and not just a phone they still ask for carrier information when logging a customer complaint, add the fact that my Surface tablet goes to the WAP version of Gameloft website and I am out.
  • I hope this comes to windows RT with Xbox 360 controller support!! Day 1 purchase for me!
  • Windows Phone version confirmed:
  • That's like, not the most reliable website, you know
  • How about fixing order and chaos on the icon so its playable.
  • Is the same, they won't support lower ram devices anyway so gameloft can stick this game up their a...s
  • Modern Combat 5 will surely melt the polycarbonate body and will fry the motherboard of my 920
  • Considering that your battery will last about 15 min your (and mine) 920 might just survive the incident...
  • Universal app please.. And Xbox support
  • Great, I have a Windows Phone device, that just means that this WILL be released for iOS and Android and MAYBE 6 months later, Windows Phone will get it....Watch...with cut down graphics. Like Most games.... Stil, if it comes or not, if it does not have Xbox live, no matter on how cool it might be, I wont buy it, even if it's free #SaveXboxWP