Gameloft brings the big guns in Blitz Brigade for some Windows Phone carnage

Blitz Brigade is a first-person shooter (FPS) from Gameloft, which has just been released for Windows Phone. It's not entirely new since Android and iOS already have the game, but it's an official title nonetheless. Essentially, players are tasked with selecting from a range of five classes to team up with other players from around the world and break some bones. Fan of Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress and other classic shooters? You'll want to check out Blitz Brigade on your Windows Phone.

A total of up to 12 players can battle it out at any given time with soldier, gunner, medic, sniper and stealth classes available to mix gameplay up and provide something to suit everyone's play style. There are multiple gametypes available too, including domination mode where you'll need to control the battlefied, as well as the usual deathmatch everyone knows and loves.

Blitz Brigade

Providing Blitz Brigade an edge over other mobile FPS attempts is the inclusion of vehicles, sporting three different terror on wheels to select from. If you're mad about weaponry in such games, there are over 100 weapons to choose from to really dig deep and personalize how your character performs on the battlefield. Then you have the arena-style taunting and kill phrases to keep you amused when blowing heads off. An added bonus is the voice chat for enhanced teamplay.

Don't worry if you're not a seasoned veteran in the realm of shooters as there are 120 unique missions to complete, which will aid you in mastering specialized skills for each class, as well as getting a taste for what the tanks and helicopters can do.

QR: Blitz Brigade

A massive thanks to everyone for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • No Xbox No Gameloft Save Xbox
  • My friend I really really HATE to say this but,
    With the streak Gameloft is bringing games to WP8/W8 and of course updating them making them par to par with iOS/Android... I rather have no Xbox which is coming from a die hard Xbox fan. Want an example? *ORDER AND CHAOS* so yeah.... saying like that will not hurt only the DEVS but also to WP/W8 so please stop bitching and start playing.
  • Thanks HyperKid. This really needed to be said. Diehard Xbox WP gamers will die hard. I'm glad you chose not to go down with the ship!
  • Isn't drowning dying hard? If not then you are on the wrong ship.
  • Well my friend I am glad I didn't go down then. I do respect everyone's opinion too I mean there was a time when Gameloft announced that some games are coming to Wp8 and first was Asphalt 8. Now the time frame was ~3 months of the game to be released so I though it would be definitely Xbox live but NO it wasn't. But I still though maybe they would do it (and I still BOUGHT THE GAME ON DAY 1 RELEASE) but the trend continued and the answer was A NO! But then I started to see the advantages, sure I was disappointed that No XBL but regular updates, bug fixes, new content, and especially people like @Gameloft_Ryan who is almost active in the forums listening to us... I am ready to ditch XBL for all these. Also 95 to 98% games WE requested are here e.g this game was on most people's request so I am glad it made it.
    Sure I would like say or tell actually to MICROSOFT to please make the process of XBL easier and of course FASTER but please dont and for God's sake dont TYPE THESE COMMENTS!
  • Cool story
  • Depending on how you see it. For me it ain't.
  • So how come theres such an uproar when some devs release apps that are web wrappers? Based on this logic shouldnt people just be happy and grateful that they have some kind, any kind of app they can boast about? Why doesnt the same outrage apply to a WP feature like Xbox live?
  • Because a web wrapper isn't an app, you could just go to the particular website page through internet explorer and get the exact same thing. It's not like with a game you can just go online and play a non Xbox version, you either get the game without Xbox or you don't get it at all (or you get it without updates).
  • #SaveXboxWP....
  • Yupp thanks bro! Best explanation I've heard so far
  • +1 I want a good selection of quality games, not achivement points...XBL is well past it's "best before" date.
  • Microsoft had a fantastic opportunity with Xbox to provide Windows Phone with a unique and desirable feature. Unfortunately they blew it. Making certification and updates way too difficult put a nail in the coffin. At this point, we need to be thankful to devs who support Windows Phone at all.
  • Sushish is right. Your attitude is misguided and unrealistic. You essentially are trying to argue for parity with Android and iOS, accepting a loss of Xbox gaming on WP for the promise of getting the same games at the same time and then having them be updated at the same time. First of all, such parity isn't going to happen anytime soon, if ever. The market share for Windows Phone is so far behind iOS and Android that Windows Phone will, for the foreseeable future, never be a platform of parity with iOS and Android. It certainly won't happen within the next decade, and most likely it will never happen at all. So all you're doing is accepting a loss of features that previously set apart Windows Phone. Second of all, and in that vein, why would anyone want parity anyway? We don't want parity: we want better. Xbox Live integration in our games is a distinct feature that sets Windows Phone gaming apart from Android and iOS. It's pretty much the only way our platform can draw gamers away from iOS and Android because, as another gamer pointed out, why would gamers leave Android and iOS where they have more games, that are released sooner, that are updated more often, for the 'sloppy seconds' ports to Windows Phone? They wouldn't. And that's why the recent backlash against the #SaveXboxWP movement on WPcentral has been so vexing. The best solution is to cajole Microsoft into extending the ID(at)Xbox to WP and Windows 8. Details here.
  • Tell that to Microsoft who are doing nothing in this situation.
    Several people, including me have done our part by using that hashtag and made forums and blah blah blah. Right now, it's in their hands so I don't know about others, I want to support these DEVS who are supporting this platform to make sure their hard work did pay them off...!
  • We have been telling that to Microsoft, since last Novemeber, actually. Maybe help us out? Great. Thanx. Ninja edit in response to your Ninja edit: That's great hat you've used that hashtag before, but successful online social movements don't happen because a few people tweet once or twice and then say "well, I did my part. it's in their hands now." Successful movements happen because a lot of people do that over and over and over until the target has to do something about it. If you like Gameloft games and want to play them, then great, go play them. I'm not telling you not to. I'm telling you that I have no interest in playing games without Xbox achievements because they are a necessary feature for me, and it's condescening when people try to tell me otherwise, as if they are buying all of the things they don't like in the world too.
  • You are right and yes I do love to have Xbox integration on each Gameloft game but lately, there ain't new news about Xbox for Windows phone. Nothing is being done for the certification process. As I have said before, I respect everyone's opinion. You dont to want buy? Don't. Don't want to download? Don't but saying here NO XBOX NO BUY is ain't a right thing.
  • So you think that Xbox is the only thing that differentiates WP from other platforms?
    Well, your wrong. Having Xbox support doesn't change jack for me. I'm not gonna ditch my beloved platform coz I can't have Xbox XP for my games.
    What kinda logic is that???
    DEVs are not going to wait for MS to make developing games and apps for them easier.
    You don't wanna play l that's ok, but it's your own loss.
    Coz when devs stop making games and apps for WP you will start whining about not having them. All this because you didn't get your Xbox candies. Grow up for God's sake dude. And let this platform breath much for a while.
  • We are talking about mobile gaming, so the answer is yes, Xbox is the only distinguishing characteristic that WP has over gaming in any other mobile platforms.
    Don't be so condescending. I don't demand that you buy things you don't want, so don't tell me to buy things I don't want. If you want to dictate what games I buy, buy them for me. Otherwise, get off your high horse.
  • You think I don't get it!! I get it sir, I was once like you....but it's time to move on.
    Devs are running from complications and Xbox on mobile phones is just dragging everything down right now.
    I'm to a degree a realistic person....i am a Microsoft person from day one from the first day ms dos was released and it's clear to me how this company works.
    And right now, what needs to be done is getting as much devs on the ship as possible.
    For the time being forget about Xbox. What good is Xbox on mobile If you didn't have any solid games at all ????
    So first get the games, get the support from devs then think about luxury...
    I understand believe me. But for now please show those devs that they have audience in here. Maybe later you can ask for Xbox support. After those devs invest heavily in WP.
    Coz right now gameloft doesn't care about Xbox. You asked for the games and now you have them. if you want Xbox support for mobile games then you better start playing those games before demanding a single thing.
  • My solution is simple: bring over the id(at)xbox program to WP and then indie developers can easily make Xbox games on WP. Your solution: to buy games I don't want and then, after the fact, hope that that somehow convinces developers to make Xbox games is logically unsound. Gameloft used to be an Xbox WP developer. They stopped supporting it. Do you really thing that buying their non-Xbox games are somehow going to spur them into making Xbox games again? No. It will do the exact opposite of that. Gameloft doesn't care about Xbox WP and I don't care about Gameloft games. The only reason I suffered through Gameloft's games in the past was because they had Xbox integration. Without that added bonus I have no desire to torture myself with their games.
  • So good to have you Coip, doing an awesome job here.
    Lots of people lose their good manners but you keep it cool man.
    Needless to say you are right with your attitude towards Xbox on WP. So many people fail to see the big picture and keep thinking it's only about some gamerscore points. It's so much more than that and you explained that very well, especially that point about game parity is good.
  • Thanks, man. Much appreciated.
  • Wow, so you'll play terrible games JUST because they have xbox integration? What does that possibly achieve other than "oh, customers don't care about quality so long as they get gamerscore"?
  • No. I bought a series of Xbox-enabled Gameloft games awhile ago when they were all on sale. I thought most of them were crap, but I still played some of them only because they had Xbox achievements so at least I could try to get some of my money's worth. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even bothered with them, just like I haven't bothered with them since they dropped Xbox support last November. That's cool if you think Gameloft is good and you enjoy their games. I don't, especially without Xbox integration. No gracias.
  • Gameloft games provide free trials, there was absolutely no reason for you to buy them on a whim, so you only bought them because they were Xbox enabled. You then said they were terrible yet you still played them. I will never understand why a person would actively play a game they don't enjoy, I have bought games I don't like (maybe I enjoyed the trial, did it as a punt, or there was no trial option and I took a risk) you know what happens when I didn't like one? I stopped playing, uninstalled it, whatever. You said your time is limited so why would you bother wasting it on bad games? This no longer has anything to do with Xbox or not, I am genuinely perplexed as to why a person, with little time as you said, would waste it on a game you don't like, when there are certainly many others I'm sure you do enjoy.
  • I encountered the sale less than a day before it was scheduled to end, so I didn't have time to download all the trials and vet them. I played the games because I could get some enjoyment out of them because they had Xbox achievements. I never said I didn't enjoy them. I said that without Xbox achievements they would've been unenjoyable. Now, Gameloft games don't have Xbox achievements, so I'm not interested in them. Also, if I could go back in time, I'd 'un-buy' the ones I bought before. Make sense now?
  • First of I'm not asking you to buy anything so STOP SAYING THAT. Play the free games.
    Second, you are free to do whatever you like. Why do you read my words as orders?
    Third, I love Xbox on my mobile and I'm not against the cause.
    Forth, stop attacking or chasing away the devs.
    Fifth we are on the same team, we want the best for WP. I wanna make it clear that we are not fighting in here.
    Sixth, when devs see a big number of users asking for a feature or something they tend to listen. But you can't ask for a feature to be added to something you don't even use. Devs won't listen the 100-200 people demanding Xbox support and half of them ain't even playing the game. But you force devs to listen to you when there is a huge number of users playing the game and demanding a feature or improvement. So the summary is, we are not only on the same team, we also want Xbox on mobile as well, but the difference here between me and you is that I wouldn't want Xbox mobile gaming on the expense of losing WP.
    To me, losing Xbox support temporarily let me say it again TEMPORARILY is acceptable if that will help WP improve faster. It all depends on MS priorities now.
    I really hope that I made myself clear.
  • Nothing is free. Free games take up hard drive space and take up valuable time of my life. I loathe freemium games. They're the worst thing to happen to gaming pretty much ever. That's fine if you like Gameloft's games and want to play them. Go for it. But I don't, especially without Xbox integration, it's not worth my time. I have no desire to download their games to "show my support" for them when they took away the one feature that made their games bearable.
  • Dafuq r u talking about!!! Some free games are better than most paid games.
    But let me get this straight, to you, games with no Xbox support are worthless no matter what???
    that's an interesting point of view!
    By all means my friend, stay in your cave.
    It's no wonder wp is not moving forward. People like you who have no time but still wanna play and have things their own way. Your royal @sses are the reason why WP is stuck.
    Kid, if You want a toy go buy a 50$ android phone with 5 gigs of storage.
    I have 1520 and my minimum storage is 64 gigs I couldn't care less about the size of the game.I have 99 problems and money & storage ain't none of them.
    If you have no money then stop limiting the development of this platform to your own limitations.
    Send me your bank acc i'll send you 5 bucks for the game dude.what a joke, WHAT A FREAKING JOKE.
  • #SaveXboxWP
  • I personally will not buy any game that is not Xbox live enabled. People whine and moan when apps are missing WP signature features but will say Xbox live on WP is pointless when its a unique and differentiating feature of WP. No thanks.
  • Why is gameloft not adding Xbox support? Not that I care, bit Microsoft is will willing to assist them and even fund developing costs to make things happen, so frankly this is a decision that is purely gameloft.
  • I agree with you, and as someone who loved this game on Android, I'm saddened to hear it's just another no Xbox game, but Microsoft needs to reform the way Xbox live is handled on Windows Phone and W8 if they expect dev support.
  • Did you play and love it on Android because it had Xbox support?
  • The point is that he already played it on Android. This Widnows Phone version is sloppy seconds of that game, a lazy port with no additional features like Xbox acheivements to make it enticing to play again. Sloppy seconds.
  • Happy to see that still there are people who love XBOX.....What parity they mean....its a unique feature and the thing which we can boast of it....So Roar for it.....Hold hands together for it....One day Our dreams will come true...Waiting for that hopes...Meantime those who can't support continue the average life
  • It isn't that unique any more.
  • Sad that you'll miss out on some really good games out of what? Because it isn't stamped with xblive? Are you kidding me? Grow up.
  • No 768MB RAM support :(
  • Great!!! i like it!
  • 1GB??
  • Only 1GB ram devices. FML
  • :(
  • No 512 mb ram support. Now that sucks!
  • I really hope you didn't buy a budget phone expecting to get the best games. Not knocking you but you don't buy a Toyota Prius and expect Lamborghini speed.
  • Lol... Now that's funny, but sooooo true...
  • Please post this on every 512 comment in existence
  • Gameloft Disney AE, Miniclip a salute to u from the wp central users
  • Unh...Miniclip?  What have you done for me lately....ooOOooooOOooo yeah?
  • Lololol I know right. They have hardly done anything. What is Fruit Ninja? Lol ok
  • No Xbox, No Buy, even if it's free #SaveXboxWP For people with 512mb devices, you knew this buying that device that you could have this problem #DealWithIt
  • To Gameloft.... Thank you for bringing requested games to our platform with such speed and I hope that you'll continue to support this platform much more and more. So KUDOS!
  • Gameloft rocks. They are catching up WP with another's platforms.
  • We need all android games in wp badly with 512 support
  • This has been said already, you can't expect Intel performance from an AMD processor...
  • lolwut??
  • Why not exclusive WP games, why the android envy?
  • It's not Android envy. It's wanting quality games that everyone else but WP users get to play. Clash of Clans anyone? Also, we have plenty of WP exclusives and most of them kind of suck; cheap, chinese knock-offs. Halo: Spartan Assault is probably one of the only exclusive games I've seen so far that isn't half-bad, but even then, the controls aren't that great on the WP version. I love my WP and Windows in general, but when it comes to gaming or chatting or any other kind of social media, I want cross platform. I shouldn't have to have the same phone as everyone else to communicate via video messaging apps (facetime?) and I want to be able to play Clash of Clans with my Android and iPhone friends. (Just a couple of examples) On the flip side, I'm glad that I can access OneNote and OneDrive from my Android tablet. :D Exclusives, for the most part, do more harm than good, in my opinion.
  • I think I should buy a 1 GB ram phone next time, instead of complaining about the lack of 512 MB RAM support..
  • Smart man there^
  • Yeah gotta agree with that. If you got a phone for $49.95 you should be prepared to have apps you can't run.
  • The fact that Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter and many others game got to 512 ram after the work of Gameloft just proves you wrong, because you could say "go buy a better phone if you expect to play these games" and in the end they actually worked excellent. I play Modern Combat 4 on my 520 and works perfect. So the "go buy something something more expensive" doesnt applies every time, and if you really love WP you should ask the developers to keep in mind the 512ram devices since they are the biggest % of the WP around. soooooooooooooooooo
  • +1520
  • Kinda like Team Fortress 2 Mobile with less classes and vehicles
  • Thank you gameloft for your support..
  • I miss working with U GAMELOFT :(
  • Think its time to scrap the xbox achievments & name it Gameloft achievements...cause with the quality & quantity of the games these guys are releasing, I don't think xbox can keep up, on phones that is.   
  • Its over now every great game only for over 1gb ram. Time to change OS.
  • Bwahahaaha U SO FUNNY!!
    On ios you're not gonna find a new 512mb device... And Android is just a huge lagfest if you get a 512mb device...
    So, have fun I guess!
  • Okay, but did you know that Android can easily run these games by doing some modifications or patches or by reducing frame rate. It's tough in WP for installing apps and games except from wp store.
  • Gameloft is awesome :) Thanks
  • Gamelofts logic: We will provide many high graphics game for 512mb ram users but we wont give them normal games which require less gpu power
  • In fact the power needed to run a game is unrelated to the ram it will use
  • GAMELOFT has been putting out some killer games. Keep it up guys!!!
  • Only thing I hate is the fact I have to delete things off my Lumia 1020 due to a lack of a sdcard slot. Can't have a good camera with expandable space I guess...
  • That's why I ditched the 1020 for the 1520
  • If only the 1520 had the 1020's camera....
  • +Agree
  • I have both and unfortunately that means I have to carry two devices due to my need to take the best pictures with a current OS. You guys are right though, if only the 1520 had the 1020s camera, it would be great. Also, if only the 1020 had the 1520s screen type, resolution, processor, microphones, SD slots etc...
  • Well I think the majority of your photos taken on the 1020 were meant to be stored in Onedrive
  • This is the gameloft game I would consider having.
  • And I wish you little complainers would sincerely stfu who gives a flying fuckjaai if you're boycotting games. Go take up knitting. Dogs. Female dogs.
  • You're condescending, self-centered, and immature. Maybe you should take your own advice.
  • I'm impressed. It's like you know me.
  • +1520
  • 512mb ram support plzzz gameloft!!!!
  • So, this is basically Gameloft's version of Battlefield Heroes.
  • Guys complaining about the lack of 512mb support: Gameloft already stated that their goal is to bring their games to WP in the smaller time possible and after then work in an update to bring 512mb support. They are doing this with almost every game they released.
  • I'd like to read where they said that, do you have a source?
  • It's what they are doing, for eg look at dungeon hunter 4 and gameloft_Ryan has promised that real racing 2 and my little pony will have 512mb support in an update.
  • Say NO to Microtransactions!
  • And say yes to $1.99 - $2.99 outright purchases! Just so we're clear, right?  I'm all on-board with buying games but there's lots of people who seem to think they're now entitled to free games...but hate the IAPs
  • Which leads me to IAPs vs DLC. What's worse?
  • Does anyone know if Gameloft is planning on bringing any of their first person shooter games like, Modern Combat 4 or 5, N.O.V.A. 3,  to the Surface (Windows 8.1) family.
  • Modern combat 5 should be on Windows 8.1
  • I haven't seen any plans for those games to be ported over to Windows 8 as of now.  We've been pretty busy, so things could change once we push out the last couple of launches and updates.
  • As long as Order & Chaos get a update and that nice winter land expansion my life is perfect.
  • Just checked they are up and ready to play they look great though... Wp8.1
  • Wasn't there talk about merging windows store to windows phone store? Or is windows rt already dead?
  • Gameloft is on a roll. One game after the other is being released. Good work by the Gameloft team !
  • No Xbox,no download. Lol,JK,can't download it because of 512mb ram  xD :P
  • LOL.
  • I have 512 mb ram device but thanks to Gameloft for WP support ;-)
  • Exactly,same from me (y) Even though I own a 620 but thanks to Gameloft :)  
  • Amazes me how much "NAGGING" the first Few replies have. Making forums and hash tags to save Xbox WP games? Stop joking already and being rude, IT WONT WORK! u can tell people a bunch of times what to do to have a finger in this situation, but They never read or listen. Get over it already unless u know what to do. But go ahead, keep making them Fancy hash tags.
  • Speaking of being rude...
  • XBox on WP is dead until they make a public API that developers can hook into. End of
  • Story
  • Full
  • Fuck 1gb ram
  • +100000000000 :)
  • fuck 512MB
  • Moga support???
  • Nope, I still cant believe there is not one FPS on WP that supports MOGA.
  • **Don't reply back if you don't have a sense of humor and you're not butthurt** Reading this just makes me think of one Titanfail (not trolling, just trying to be funny), Call of Duty and Battlefield Heroes for some reason. Is so freaking hilarious and stupid how this mobile game has 12 players... Just like Titanfall (even though it's a "console" game)... Call of Duty.... Ohh poor CoD. I feel like any FPS mocks and can make fun of CoD. I mean really? This mobile game has vehicles but CoD doesn't? Lol ok. And Battlefield Heroes... well because it sort of looks like it all cartoony and all (like Team Fortress too) and that's not a bad thing at all. Battlefield Heroes is a pretty fun game.
  • Dude most people here don't even know what team fortress is, saddens me how non-gamers complain about gaming when they only play games on their phones. Worst part is, they think they are hardcore gamers.... Loool makes me laugh every single time .
  • Its just poor programming how can an xbox 360 which has 512mb ram produce games like battlefield yet a phone needs 1gig you telling me this game is better and more complex than battlefield. Right o
  • No, that's not it at all. An Xbox 360 has considerably more processing and graphical power than a phone. Ram has nothing to do with it. The Tegra K1 is the closest anyone has come to Xbox power in a mobile device. And it's far from perfect. 
  • A phone is actuaqlly doing a hell of a lot more at any given time than your xBox is. Plus the 360 (IIRC) has dedicated video memory for textures and the like. Also it has nothing to do with the amount of RAM, the issue stems from, from what I have heard) difficulty in the WP system to get games working under 512MB, it can be done, but it takes more man hours, so the idea is that they get the game out first for a select few people, and then tinker with it until they have it working under 512MB. Think of it like a timed exclusive for people with more expensive phones.
  • I wish I could express my feelings now, but I don't want a ban
  • It must be something to with porting from android because 512mb ram should be more than enough for any of these games I mean come on a ps3 has 256mb ram lol
  • Its enough for 512mb Ram phones yes. But there are limits. I think apps for 512MB ram phones has only 150MB reserved. For 1GB RAM phones its 380MB. But on you can search for that game. Sometimes they patch games (like GTA SA now works also on 512mb ram devices
  • Cool game:-)
  • AT LAST, AT LAST, best game on android.. NOW ON Windows Phone !! (but on android its laggy also on Galaxy S4.. fail) on L920 its smooth
  • It's harder to optimize for Android since they have way too many different graphics chips. On Windows Phone it's just Adreno (Snapdragon)
  • Giving it a try ;)
  • Ummm wow, very disappointed. The game is telling me I have no internet connection because I'm not using WiFi. I don't have WiFi because I share my LTE that I pay for. I'm 30 years old and Gameloft is telling me that I can't choose to use the data I want to use because I'm not smart enough to know that without WiFi it uses my data? Wow I am not happy right now because I can't participate in multiplayer and the only way to unlock training is to reach their limit of stars by playing a level over and over again which would be fine if I could switch it up with multiplayer. WPcentral guys, help get the message to Gameloft to let us use our phones the way we choose! Please!!!
  • What a stupid game. Mostly because I am a bullet magnet who can't figure out how to aim before I am dead.
  • How much space does it use?