Prepare for another matching game as Gameloft releases Puzzle Pets for Windows Phone

Puzzle Pets is the latest hit from Gameloft to arrive on Windows Phone. This new match-3 game will task players with entering a colorful and vibrant world to interact with pets and special abilities for some unpredictable gameplay. If you're a fan of these games, you'll definitely want to save some space for Puzzle Pets.

Not only are there pets with helpful abilities, but players also have access to unique boosters that will aid the adventurer as he (or she) traverses across the different islands, totaling 126 levels.

Puzzle Pets

Here's a list of highlighted features from the store listing:

  • Match up to 6 pets & create over 10 colourful combos!
  • Watch these pets turn into Helpers during your adventure, unveiling stunning new tricks!
  • Train and master these Helpers to clear the island of its threats: ice, iron, poison plants...
  • Progress through snowy mountains, lush forests and 5 other uniquely themed islands packed with enchanting scenery thanks to 126 exciting levels.
  • Find your favourite strategy with 7 boosters from the spectacular Tornado to the curious Chameleon's Tongue!
  • Join exciting in-game events and help the community unlock precious rewards, including extra cool and rare Helpers during breathtaking boss battles!
  • See what your friends are up to and what special events are happening directly from the World Map & Leaderboards.

Hit the download link below to be taken into a world of pets, bosses and matching stuff. The Windows 8 version should be going live shortly too.

Download Puzzle Pets for Windows Phone (87MB - free)

QR: Puzzle Pets

Thanks, Aman B., for the tip!

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