Gameloft's Modern Combat Versus brings FPS action to the Windows Store

Gameloft has been a big supporter of the Windows platform for some time, and it's continuing that legacy with the release of its latest game, Modern Combat Versus (opens in new tab). Modern Combat has been a long-running Gameloft mobile franchise, but Versus represents what Gameloft claims is "the beginning of a new era of shooters on smartphones and tablets."

From Gameloft:

Drop into an exclusively multiplayer experience that will immerse you in action-packed 4v4 battles. Play as twelve specialized agents, each with their own unique weapons and abilities, and dominate the battlefield with your team. Featuring formidable attackers, such as Blaze with his flamethrower; tenacious defenders like Tower, equipped with a pulse shield; or stealthy assassins like the energetic Mi-Nu and her sub-machine gun — there's an Agent for every playstyle!

At launch, Modern Combat Versus packs a total of five maps that serve as the settings for its multiplayer battles. Gameloft is also claiming console-quality graphics, and it does look pretty good for what is mostly a mobile title.

If you want to give Modern Combat Versus a shot, it's available now for free on the Windows Store. Currently, the game is listed as available for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PCs. However, Gameloft says in its announcement that the game is intended to be available for Windows phones as well. It's likely the store simply hasn't updated to reflect that just yet.

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  • Wow, two Gameloft games in one week. First IronBlade and now this. Nice and thanks for the support Gameloft.....
  • Gameloft fully understands that you must also publish to PC. I hope that they eventually make the move to Xbox.
  • Wondering if gameloft will make their move into the console war.
  • i want this, unfortunatley gameloft always wants wifi for in app updates or online multiplayer. 
  • Unfortunately that's the way things are going. Also for a game on this type always connected is needed.