GamerBand puts your Xbox Avatar on your Microsoft Band

GamerBand is a Windows Phone app that lets you easily add your Xbox Avatar as a Microsoft Band wallpaper. The app has been updated a few times since we last checked it out with new customizations and support for the Microsoft Band 2. With these new changes, it's time to revisit this fun little app for Xbox gaming aficionados that also sport a Microsoft Band.

Since we last visited GamerBand, the Windows Phone app has received several updates to add features and improve the app's overall performance. The current version is v1.9 and it remains very simple to use. The interface is laid out in simple fashion with options to view your Gamerscore and create a Live Tile for your Windows Phone Start Screen

Your first order of business is to allow GamerBand access to your Xbox Gamertag and Avatar. Just fill in the Gamertag field on the opening page and hit the refresh button at the bottom of the screen. You will see your Avatar appear in the preview menu with the option to display your Gamertag on the wallpaper as well.


The other buttons located at the bottom of the screen will refresh your Gamerscore and sync your wallpaper with your Band. Please note that accessing your Gamerscore will require you to log into your Xbox Live account.

Additional pages include customization options to help make your Avatar wallpaper better suit your tastes. They include:

  • Avatar Positioning: This screen will let you position and resize your Avatar to your liking on the wallpaper.
  • Gamerscore options: Here you can display your Xbox Gamerscore on your wallpaper and Live Tile. You also have the option to sync your score when GamerBand opens.
  • Background Color: GameBand gives you the opportunity to use your Windows Phone theme color as the wallpaper background color or you can choose a custom color from the color palette.
  • Wallpaper: The app offers you the option of having a solid colored background or you can choose from over twenty wallpaper designs. Can you guess which one is our favorite?
  • Miscellaneous Options: Here you can display the Xbox Logo, align everything to the right and choose a 24-hour time format.

GamerBand also has a screen that will preview the app's Live Tile that will display your Avatar, Gamertag and Gamerscore. Lastly, up under the three-dot menu, you will find options to view the About Screen, share the app, share your Avatar and share your Live Tile.


I like how you can position the Avatar on the wallpaper and the selection of wallpapers aren't too shabby. I would like to see the customizations extend to the Live Tile, but the importance rests with delivering a sharp looking wallpaper to your Microsoft Band. All of which GamerBand is capable of doing.

We liked the app when we first took a look at it and after several updates, our opinion has not wavered. At last check, GamerBand is rated at 4.3 Stars with several positive comments from users describing the app as "must have" and "very cool". We won't argue with the rating and see GamerBand is a solid addition to the collection of Band Apps in the Windows Phone Store.

If you have tried GamerBand, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. It is a free, ad-supported app and available in the Windows Phone Store.

Download GamerBand from the Windows Phone Store

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