GameStop will pay for your stand alone Xbox One Kinect sensor

GameStop's retail stores in the U.S. are now allowing customers to trade in their Kinect sensor from their Xbox One game console as a stand alone product for store credit or cash for the first time.

GameStop stores are reportedly giving customers who bring in the Kinect sensor either $40 in store credit or $32 in cash. It's not currently known what the price will be for anyone who purchases the used Kinect Xbox One sensor from GameStop.

This news comes as GameStop is holding a special two day Xbox One sale in its stores, where customers can get discounts on games, accessories and Xbox Live Gold memberships.

After insisting for months that the Kinect hardware was an essential part of the Xbox One experience, Microsoft announced in May that it would begin selling the console without the Kinect for the price of $399, shaving $100 the console's normal price. Microsoft plans to sell a stand alone version of the Kinect for the Xbox One this fall but a price tag has yet to be revealed.

If you own an Xbox One, but don't see much value in the Kinect sensor, do you plan to sell off the add-on at your local GameStop?

Source: Gamespot

John Callaham
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  • LMFAO.....the next day they will sell it for $90, or more!
  • Yes, they are a business. They exist to make money.
  • I'm not going to do it
  • I just see this as a way of buying an Xbox, then getting getting the Kinect senor for cheap. I'll definitely do it this way when the time comes that I decide an Xbox One is worthy enough for me to purchase.
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  • Huh? You can buy an Xbox one without a sensor now. Why would you buy one with a sensor if you didn't want one?
  • So that you can buy a used one from Gamestop, for less than the price difference.
  • Told be lucky if Gamestop shave$ 5 - 10 off the price. For a USED product, I find that ridiculous. Their resale prices have gotten out of control.
  • GameStop is evil that way. Some people just don't realize they're (puppets) cogs in a machine meant to use them. Ignorance is someone elses (GameStop's) bliss / profit.
  • Yeah but if people decide to get rid of in mass then what? No good technological leap for games using Kinect! Aw well...they tried lol
  • I've always felt removing the Kinect was a bad idea. It's an all or nothing thing in my opinion. If you believe in your product you to show some backbone and stand behind your product.
  • Stand alone purchase 100. Just a guess
  • Nah. Gamestop is pretty good at pricing, give them a little credit. A used Kinect will probably clock in at $94.98. They won't be able to keep them on the shelves at that price! ;)
  • Then why not buy a Xbox one for 499 with Kinect included? You aren't really saving any money....
  • "you really aren't saving any money" is basically Gamestop's unofficial slogan
  • Its more or less eb's slogan has been along time they usually end up making a sale on a new copy of a game that contains one time use dlc key cards that contain stuff that you cant buy online without one
  • Yeah, Gamestop isn't run by total idiots. In fact, this makes me want to hang onto my Kinect all the more. Obviously Gamestop sees a future demand for the product if they are willing to institute this policy now.
  • They are selling them for $120 and they'll pay you $40 for it.  It's a bigger than normal disconnnect between the purchase and selling price but that's because these are going to sell piss poorly.  Those that want one will get one with the console, those that don't won't buy it at any price.
  • The Kinect is a very good product ... Why would I trade it in for $32? I'm pretty sure its worth way more
  • It is, you are talking about GameStop who likes to buy things almost free and sell it over priced.
  • I love my Kinect and with Cortana on the way its going to be that much more amazing
  • I had a week with out the sensor and all the automation tv doesn't work. No on. No channels change. It is so important!
  • Duh. Its an IR blaster. That stuff won't work without Kinect.
  • I think he is talking about the voice commands.
  • He is. The voice commands activate the IR blaster to change channels, turn the TV and connected stereo on and off with the Xbox, change the volume, etc. It is a nice feature to have all that via voice command. But the TV will still turn on and off even if you turn the console on/off by using a controller or pressing the on button
  • TVs have buttons?!?
  • Was referring to the Xbox One's on button, lol
  • Sold, wish I could get more but you can't ask much for crap.
  • A silly decision.
  • That's what she said.
  • For that price, no.
  • Interesting. I live in Australia where the full ability to use the Oneguide and full voice commands aren't yet available. However I couldn't really do without the ability to tell Xbox One, with one command, to turn off my whole entertainment system, or the ease of commanding Xbox to mute and to unmute, or increase or decrease the volume. Even just this capability, to me, was well worth the few extra $ for the Kinect. I'm not even considering when Cortana makes her way to Xbox! But when that happens I can see 90% of those that trade their Kinect in will be going back to buy it back. The other 10% won't just because their pride will get in the way :-)
  • Agree. Agree. Agree.
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  • +925 Cortana running Xbox One will be Epic
  • Someone could offer me $150 and I'd turn them down since, right now, there's no way to buy one standalone from Microsoft.
    I showed some family members my Xbox One setup and the Kinect was the selling point for them. "Why would I buy this WITHOUT the camera?"
  • $50 on Ebay, you can easily get a new one.  I'd give up my useless Kinect for $150 all day and wouldn't even consider buying another.  Such a useless pile of crap.
  • THIS IS TERRIBLE. The Kinect is great; tell me what other devices you dont need to touch at all to watch uninterrupted movies/tv.
  • The Kinect is they're for a reason. Selling it now is just ridiculous as peeps have to give Microsoft time to iron out all the kinks in the system. Shit takes time, nowadays everyone wants instant gratification n it's unreasonable. I bet wen Cortana integration comes you'll all be dirty u sold ur Kinect™
  • I chuckled when people were so outraged that they were bundling the Kinect with the Xbox one. Now I get to chuckle at the people who are somehow happy about this, or the fact that they can get an Xbox without one. It's like buying a car and opting for the cassette player instead of the 6 disc changer to save a few bucks.el-oh-el.
  • Precisely.
  • Fuck Gamestop.
  • Fuck gamestop
  • Sounds tempting but I have a feeling we'll see kinect achievements again in games that dont make great use of it
  • Wish you could also sell it on Glyde. Slogan? "Make more per Gamestop being ripped off." No space is intended, and is white before / red starting at 'stop'.
  • Why would I sell one of the coolest parts of my Xbox One? And for $32? GameStop, the king of ripoffs.
  • Anyone that takes this deal, should go out and buy a playstation. Cuz like this deal its crap. Kinect is what makes Xbox One. Not a single person, that uses their Kinect, wants to get rid of it. Ppl need to realize it truly is great, and a key element in Microsoft's strategy.
  • I really don't understand why you would NOT want the Kinect. It's not about the "waving my arms around" nonsense. It's the voice commands and face recognition.
  • This is yet again Gamestop taking peoples money. Not that I don't shop there, but trading in a Kinect for $40 after you spent $500 for the complete system is stupidity. Unless you truly, truly despise the Kinect (which means you should just have not bought the system to begin with). Either way, just keep it and save it or unplug it. And as we know Gamestop is going to turn around and sell it for #95.99. Lol. Business wise it's smart for Gamestop for those that find this to be a deal (I don't know how), but hey... someone will do it.
  • I would agree with you, but people who would sell something they essentially bought for a hundred dollars and then sell it to game stop for less than half of what they paid? Can't get mad at Gamestop, if people are dumb enough to sell it. It's a win for those who bought the system without the Kinect, because they will not pay a hundred bucks for it. Most likely, Gamestop will sell them between $65 - $70. They make a profit and customers who want one will simply by the base system, then by the Kinect from Gamestop. Now that I know that's what they're going to do, that will be the route I take, when I decide to get one. For those who do, will feel pretty dumb for selling, when MS integrates Cortona into the system. The Kinect could potentially add so many cool features to Cortona. Imagine Cortona using the face recognition to acknowledge your presence and then ask what you would like her to do, when you sit down in from of the Kinect. An always on feature that would be killer. Just one of many different features that could be added.
  • That's retarded
  • That's the worst thing I ever heard. I believe every Xbox one should have a Kinect with it
  • Why wouldn't they? However that amount for trade in is a joke
  • They can pry it from my cold, dead, remote-wielding hand. It's the centerpiece of both of my entertainment centers.
  • I hate Gamestop. They've been ripping people off forever. But people are stupid and let them do it.
    Personally I couldn't get rid of my Kinect now. At first I was mad MSFT was making it mandatory. But after having and using it. I have to see its pretty damn cool.
  • At this point, anybody trading the Kinect is straight retarded. There is always someone tho
  • Much like people on this forum who complain that developers aren't showing love for 512mb devices, there will soon be a much larger group pissed off that their XBox ONEhalf doesn't get to do things that a full ONE does. Reminds me of when my son comes in from playing basketball and asks what stinks in the living room. We all know he smells like microwaved roadkill, but because he's living it, in his mind something else is causing the aromatherapy nightmare.
  • first, I haven't sold anything to Gamestop for years.
    I really love the Kinect. I get to bark orders at it whenever I want. Not to mention my boyfriend really loves it.
  • They'll buy it for $10 and then sell it for $99 the next day.
  • I use my Kinect all day long to control the entertainment center with voice, power everything off and on, volume, etc. It's great for control when I'm on the grill cooking something and I want to look something up on Bing without picking up the remote or controller. I use Xbox fitness, which is great with Kinect. I can't be the only one, right?
  • Same here. I use it for everything. The fitness is amazing too.
  • Kinect is a great party of Xbox one, no way I would get rid of it.
  • GameStop is such a rip off.
  • No thanks i will keep my kinect love it