GameStop will pay for your stand alone Xbox One Kinect sensor

GameStop's retail stores in the U.S. are now allowing customers to trade in their Kinect sensor from their Xbox One game console as a stand alone product for store credit or cash for the first time.

GameStop stores are reportedly giving customers who bring in the Kinect sensor either $40 in store credit or $32 in cash. It's not currently known what the price will be for anyone who purchases the used Kinect Xbox One sensor from GameStop.

This news comes as GameStop is holding a special two day Xbox One sale in its stores, where customers can get discounts on games, accessories and Xbox Live Gold memberships.

After insisting for months that the Kinect hardware was an essential part of the Xbox One experience, Microsoft announced in May that it would begin selling the console without the Kinect for the price of $399, shaving $100 the console's normal price. Microsoft plans to sell a stand alone version of the Kinect for the Xbox One this fall but a price tag has yet to be revealed.

If you own an Xbox One, but don't see much value in the Kinect sensor, do you plan to sell off the add-on at your local GameStop?

Source: Gamespot

John Callaham