Game Troopers brings Monster Go! and Ridiculous Marathon to Windows 10 PCs

Game Troopers has decided to make two of its Windows 10 Mobile games, Monster Go! and Ridiculous Marathon, available to owners of Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Both of the free-to-play endless runner games games will get HD graphics and performances upgrades for their Windows 10 versions. Both will also get some special in-game discounts for content this weekend. The discounts are just for the Windows 10 versions.

In case you are unfamilar with Monster GO!, here a quick description:

"Your goal in the game is very simple: just run as fast as you can, and collect as many coins as possible. These coins allow you to improve your equipment, team and skills, and unlock special upgrades to defeat the final bosses of each level. If you are enjoying infinite runners, and love the golden era of 2D games, "Monster Go!" won't disappoint you."

Download Monster GO! from the Windows Store

QR: Monster Go

Here's what players can expect from Ridiculous Marathon:

"Help the pet to flee in order to avoid punishment, run while you are collecting coins and candies in the Amazon forest from Brazil. Run, jump, crouch, change lanes and dodge obstacles like fences, truckloads of wood, and travel through impressive caves and ancient indigenous villages on your route."

Download Ridiculous Marathon from the Windows Store

QR: Ridiculous Marathon

John Callaham