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A Plague Tale: Requiem chapter 10 beach
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A Plague Tale: Requiem is here, and as players work to keep Amicia and Hugo de Rune dodging the hundreds of thousands of rats destroying everything, there are also some collectibles to find. 

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, there are two basic kinds of collectibles: Hugo's collection and Souvenirs. Hugo's Collection is a variety of flowers and bird feathers scattered throughout the game, similar to the flowers that players could find in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Meanwhile, the Souvenirs are memories that Amicia can make with her brother and other characters throughout the story.

We've gathered up the full list of collectibles in A Plague Tale: Requiem that we've found so far, and we'll be updating this list as more are located, as well as additional info like pictures and exactly how to find them. We've also got a guide to the windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem if you're looking for another — admittedly very different — collectible to acquire.

Disclaimer: This guide contains minor spoilers for some chapters and events in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

A Plague Tale: Requiem — Hugo's Collection

There are 12 different items in Hugo's Collection that players can find scattered across the game. There is only ever one feather or flower to find in a chapter, never more than one. Because there are 17 chapters in the game, this naturally means that not every chapter will have something for you to find for Hugo's Collection. Specifically, there's nothing to find in Chapters 1, 12, 14, 15, or 17. 


This flower is found in Chapter 2, Newcomers.


You'll locate this flower in Chapter 3, Burden of Blood.


Another flower is in Chapter 4, Protector's Duty.


You'll get this flower in Chapter 5, In Our Wake.


This feather is at the beginning of Chapter 6, Leaving All Behind. It's also one of the easiest to find. After Amicia and Hugo race and Amicia's head bothers her in the grass field, check close to the big tree. You'll find the feather on the ground. 

Black Kite

This feather can be found in Chapter 8, A Sea of Promises.

Barn Owl

You can acquire another feather in Chapter 9, Tales and Revelations.

European goldfinch

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Chapter 11, The Cradle of Centuries, holds another feather.

Greylag Goose

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The last feather in the game is towards the end of Chapter 13, Nothing Left. As Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas come close to where Arnaud is being held captive, don't immediately drop down. Instead, use the card to reach an area above where you walked in. The feather is on the edge of the ruined structure.


A Plague Tale: Requiem Carnation

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This last flower is one of the easiest collectibles to find. It's located in Chapter 16, King Hugo, and will be found early on as Amicia and Lucas make their way into the ruined city. It's right in the middle of the path.

A Plague Tale: Requiem — Souvenirs

The Souvenirs in A Plague Tale: Requiem vary, consisting of a wide variety of different memories that Amicia will hold on to over the course of the game. There are 21 different Souvenirs, so unlike Hugo's Collection, there can be more than one per chapter and most chapters actually have two. Like with Hugo's Collection, there are some chapters with no Souvenirs, specifically, Chapters 1, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

Best player

Located in Chapter 2, Newcomers, you can find this souvenir in the market that Amicia and Hugo explore, talking to various purveyors of wares. Down a small path on the right-hand side of the market (compared to where you first enter) you'll find a man offering a free game. Amicia will have to throw pots to knock down as many cubes as possible. 

Our home

In Chapter 3, Burden of Blood, Amicia and Lucas will end up trapped in a room where they have to lower a large ballista. In the room, on the middle level, you'll see a small area with a map. Accessing this will start a discussion between Amicia and Lucas, granting the souvenir.

Imagine you're flying!

Early on in Chapter 6, Leaving All Behind, Amicia and Hugo will find a camp of pilgrims. When first entering the camp, take the first possible left and walk behind some of the tents until you see a swing. Interacting with it will grant the souvenir.

Which colour do you want?

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Later in Chapter 6, Leaving All Behind, after making it past the quarry filled with soldiers, Amicia and Hugo will be in a large building. Instead of heading out the door to the next area, you need to go up the ladder in the room. You'll be able to drop into a small room, where a few colored hairbands can be found. Interact with them for the souvenir.

The Survivor

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In Chapter 7, Felons, as Amicia, Hugo, and Arnaud are making their way down a small beach and passing a shipwreck on their left. Before heading into the cave clearly filled with rats, head back, slightly to the left of the way you came, and climb up the small cliff. You'll see the wreck of the ship, interact with it for the souvenir.

Silent Lucinda

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Early in Chapter 8, A Sea of Promises, as Amicia and Hugo pass people on La Cuna celebrating, take a sharp right into an open stable where you'll see some goats. Interact with Hugo and the goats to grab this souvenir. 

Flower Crown

Right after interacting with the goats for a souvenir in Chapter 8, A Sea of Promises, a little further in Amicia can play another game throwing pots throw flower hoops. Get all four and you'll get an achievement/trophy, but no matter what you'll earn a souvenir.

A thousand more years

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In Chapter 9, Tales and Revelations, Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia have a large area to explore. Starting at the castle, go down the path, then as far to the right as possible. You'll find an olive tree. Approach and interact in order to gain this souvenir.

Nice screeching

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Later on in Chapter 9, Tales and Revelations, players will encounter a fort tower. Climbing up to the very top will offer a prompt for Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia to test their lungs, screeching while looking down on La Cuna. This gives another souvenir.


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The final souvenir in Chapter 9, Tales and Revelations, is found shortly after talking to a goatherd when he mentions his missing goat. When you pass the goat locked away in a ruined building shortly afterward, you'll need to burn the grass, then tell Hugo to go through the small crevice and open the door. Finally, you can interact with the goat for the souvenir. 

A rag doll

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A ways into Chapter 10, Bloodline, after Sophia learns of Hugo's powers, you'll come into a wrecked building. Use a grappling hook with Amicia's crossbow to clear a path, and you'll be able to find a few chains connected to a tree, alongside a small doll. Interact for the souvenir.

His toys...

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In Chapter 11, The Cradle of Centuries, before opening the massive door that requires Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia to all work together, you can find a door on the left-hand side of the room to open. Go in and you'll find some toys on a table which you can interact with for the souvenir. 

A mess

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You'll get the final souvenir in Chapter 13, Nothing Left, as Hugo is refusing to speak and acting non-responsive. Before pulling down the cart in order to proceed to the next area, look behind you (from the grappling hook point) and move the dresser out of the way. Go through the new passageway and interact with the table as Amicia breaks down for a souvenir.

Plenty to find in this dark adventure

There's a lot to find and discover in A Plague Tale: Requiem, and if you need to go back through this harrowing journey for a second playthrough in order to get everything, you can.

In our review of A Plague Tale: Requiem, which is easily one of the best Xbox games of the year, we wrote that " Anyone who began with Innocence and is invested in the fate of its characters can't afford to miss this follow-up."

A Plague Tale: Requiem is currently available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and PS5. It's also currently available in Xbox Game Pass.


A Plague Tale: Requiem

Asobo Studio's follow-up to A Plague Tale: Innocence is here, and there's plenty of collectibles to grab as you make your way across France and beyond in a desperate attempt to find a cure for Hugo. Go make some memories while finding some flowers and feathers!

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