Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event is now live - here's what it's all about

Apex Legends Neon Network reward shop
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What you need to know

  • The latest Apex Legends update is live and gives us the Neon Network Collection Event.
  • Use the Node Tracker in non-ranked Battle Royale Matches to gather Compute Nodes.
  • You get to choose what to unlock in the Reward Shop.

Apex Legends brings another update and with it we get a brand-new limited time event. This time it's the Neon Network Collection Event. In non-ranked Battle Royale games, you can use the Node Tracker to detect, locate the best location to connect, and hack into leads across the map to receive lovely loot and to gather those all-important Computer Nodes.

You're limited to how many of these Computer Nodes you may collect each day, but you can also choose what you spend them on. This is a little different to how these Collection Events usually work where you'll normally unlock each item one by one in a set order. As a nice bonus, once you've unlocked all of the rewards from the shop you can use your remaining Nodes to earn additional BP Stars, which help with your Battle Pass progress. For the Neon Network event they've mixed this up a bit and it's definitely a welcome change.

All the things you can do in the Neon Network event in apex legends

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Collecting said Computer Nodes isn't going to be straightforward of course. As already mentioned, they aren't given out at the end of the match. You are going to have to fight and fight hard with other players who will no doubt be looking to take the loot for themselves. 

There's not long left of Season 17: Arsenal and as part of the Neon Network Collection Event you'll be revealing some story snippets that give some hints at to where the story is going to as you keep gathering the Computer Nodes. Hopefully Respawn keeps bringing events like this to Apex Legends as it's definitely more friendly to those that don't have as much time to put into the game.


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