Bethesda has launched a Starfield duvet set, so now at least somebody in your bed can see stars

Starfield Duvet Cover
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What you need to know

  • You can now sleep amongst the stars with the Bethesda Starfield Bedding set, available directly from the Bethesda Gear Store.
  • Prices are $75 for the twin, $90 for the queen, and $100 for the king size.
  • Don’t expect any in-game perks from this duvet set, though. It won’t make you well rested or give you an XP buff, but it will make your bedroom look awesome.

Is your name The Galaxy? Because I want to explore every inch of you. This chat-up line and more can be yours with the Bethesda Gear store's latest addition, the Starfield bedding set. Yes, you read that right. You can now sleep under the stars, or at least under a Starfield logo. It's the perfect way to turn your bedroom into a space-themed sanctuary, where even your dreams are set in a galaxy far, far away. Just remember, no one can hear you snore in space.

All nerdy jokes aside, it's actually a really nice-looking set of bedding, and it matches the other Starfield merchandise perfectly. You can have a full look at the set on the Bethesda Gear Store but it'll set you back a pretty penny. Or should that be cred stick? Costing $75 for the twin, $90 for queen and $100 for the king size.

But why would you want to buy a Starfield bedding set you may ask? Well for several reasons, for one you can show support for Bethesda and their first new IP in 25 years. For another you have the opportunity for some great jokes to woo your partner such as "Hey, do you want to see my rocket launcher?" and "Are you an asteroid because I want to collide with you baby." Of course your partner may not appreciate your sense of humor and you may end up sleeping on the couch, but at least you can take your Starfield duvet with you.

Now unfortunately for Starfield fans, this bed set doesn't guarantee you a 'well-rested' buff of increased XP for your day after sleeping in it, or even the 'Emotional Security' buff for sleeping with someone in it. Perhaps then it would be easier to stomach the price, but if you really love Starfield this makes a great companion for all of the other merchandise which also so far has been stellar quality.

Speaking of which? The Starfield Constellation Edition is still on sale right now at Walmart. So you can wear your Starfield watch while lying in your Starfield bed playing Starfield. Time in the real world is just a distraction from exploring the virtual cosmos.

Starfield: Constellation Edition STILL ON SALE | was $299.99 now $250 at Walmart

PC Edition | Xbox Edition

👍Price check:Unboxing:🚀Starfield stuff:

Starfield: Constellation Edition STILL ON SALE | was $299.99 now $250 at Walmart

A truly impeccable Collectors Edition which gets you Starfield on your chosen platform in Steelbook case, Limited Edition Chronomark Watch, Constellation Patch, Credit Stick etched with digital game code, Shattered Space Story Expansion, Constellation Skin Pack, Digital Artbook, Official Soundtrack and Old Mars Skin Pack. Back in stock and on SALE for the first time.

PC Edition | Xbox Edition

👍Price check:
$299.99 at Best Buy (when in stock)
😍Unboxing: Starfield Constellation Edition unpacked
🚀Starfield stuff: Seagate HDD for Xbox | Starfield Xbox headset |

I actually already own a bunch of Starfield-themed items, or rather, I purchased them for my other half. I can confirm that everything so far, from the Xbox Starfield wrap to the Starfield controller and headset, has been of amazing quality — the Constellation Edition is no different, as reported by our writer, Michael. Bethesda knows how to craft quality gaming merchandise, so while it may be a bit pricey, you definitely get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I can't report on the bed set as it's not available in the UK. But, if you do decide to buy it, let us know if you can make it through bedtime without at least one Uranus joke.


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    I mean.. that actually looks pretty nice.
  • 1astr3qu3s7
    Despite the disappoint surrounding Starfield, nobody can deny the aesthetic is on point. Might actually pick this up.