The Starfield Constellation Edition is back in stock AND $50 off at Walmart

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The Starfield Constellation Edition is one of the best limited-edition bundles I've ever seen for a game launch, with a bunch of Starfield goodies cased in a classy metallic case that looks like it was meant to last in space. But it was pricey, and when preorders went live I wasn't sold on committing to a collectors edition of a new IP I may not even enjoy when it launched.

Others weren't so apprehensive. The initial stock vanished like distant stars in the night sky, propelled by the allure of a watch so cool it's become a coveted treasure on eBay, fetching upwards of $300. FOMO set in, and I found myself among those who missed out on the cosmic watch craze.

But fear not, fellow space enthusiasts! Walmart has just granted us a second chance to orbit the cosmos in style. The Starfield Constellation Edition is back in stock, and the best part? It's now available for a stellar $250. Rejoice, patient collectors - our intergalactic patience has been duly rewarded with a $50 discount.

Starfield: Constellation Edition | was $299.99

Starfield: Constellation Edition | was $299.99 now $250 at Walmart

A truly impeccable Collectors Edition which gets you Starfield on your chosen platform in Steelbook case, Limited Edition Chronomark Watch, Constellation Patch, Credit Stick etched with digital game code, Shattered Space Story Expansion, Constellation Skin Pack, Digital Artbook, Official Soundtrack and Old Mars Skin Pack. Back in stock and on SALE for the first time.

PC Edition | Xbox Edition

👍Price Check:
$299.99 at Best Buy (when in stock)

Our very own Michael Hoglund purchased the Starfield Constellation Edition and has a full unboxing post here if you want to see it in all its space-age glory. Inside the metallic confines of the Starfield Constellation Edition, you'll discover a treasure trove of cosmic delights, including:

  • Starfield base game on Xbox Series X|S or Windows PC
  • Limited Edition Chronomark Watch & Case
  • Steelbook Case
  • Constellation Patch
  • Credit Stick
    • Laser-etched with game code
  • Access to the Shattered Space Story Expansion when it launches
  • Constellation Skin Pack for the following in-game items:
    • Equinox Laser Rifle
    • Spacesuit
    • Helmet
    • Boost Pack
  • Starfield Digital Artbook
  • Starfield Official Soundtrack
  • Old Mars Skin Pack preorder bonus for the following in-game items:
    • Laser Cutter
    • Deep Mining Helmet
    • Deep Mining Pack

If you've come to love the universe of Starfield and regret not grabbing the Constellation Edition at launch, now is your chance to get one of the best quality sets of gaming merchandise we've ever laid eyes and hands-on. 

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