With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S landing in homes worldwide, and Xbox One still supported for the years ahead, early Black Friday deals will surface some lucrative savings through November. Microsoft is pushing backward compatibility across its latest consoles, and most Xbox accessories work between generations, making it safe to invest in new headsets, storage, and charging solutions. And with retailers discounting products ahead of the day, the time is right to jump on these Xbox accessories.

Cloud Gaming

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox

Microsoft's cloud gaming platform is now a reality, unlocking remote access to hundreds of Xbox titles on mobile, and included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Using an existing Xbox controller delivers the optimal experience, and this officially-licensed clip mounts your phone up top, making an easy Xbox handheld. And with Black Friday fast approaching, it's available for one third less.

With both Microsoft and third-party accessories manufacturers expected to lower prices over the weeks ahead, we're keeping an eye on the best deals available for Xbox owners. We've already rounded up some attractive savings within top categories, likely to rival savings found throughout the month.

Astro Gaming A10 Wired Headset | $50 at Best Buy (Was $60)

Astro rarely disappoints with its headset portfolio, and its A10 Xbox headset continues that trend as an affordable entry point. This budget-friendly model is well-constructed with impressive audio in its category, including the same 40mm neodymium speakers as its top lines. The only stipulation comes from a tighter on-head fit that may impact comfort for a select few. But it all hooks up seamlessly via its 3.5 mm cable on Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X and Series S.

$50 at Best Buy

HyperX Cloud II Wired Headset | $79 at Amazon (Was $100)

With an established reputation in gaming audio, the HyperX is one to consider throughout the Black Friday sale season. Best in comfort with rich audio, the Cloud II headset has been discounted by 20 percent, cooking up a killer deal for Xbox owners. They're well-suited to gaming with low latency, alongside 53-millimeter drivers that uncover footsteps and finer background details. They work on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S via the 3.5mm audio jack.

$50 at Amazon

Seagate Expansion 2TB Hard Drive | $58 at Best Buy (Was $73)

With storage space an increasingly scarce commodity as file sizes soar, an external USB hard drive is the most affordable way to upgrade. This discounted Seagate Expansion 2TB drive is one of the best discounts ahead of Black Friday with full compatibility with Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. While there are limitations on USB drives for next-gen consoles, only storing but not playing the latest releases, it's still an ideal opportunity to expand your Xbox storage.

WD Black 5TB Game Drive | $95 (was $150)

The WD Black Game Drive gives you lots of storage to work with for storing your games on your shiny new consoles. With 5TB of space, there's room for more than 125 games on this drive alone, freeing up your internal storage for enhanced next-gen games.

Samsung T7 500GB External SSD | $90 at Amazon (Was $110)

Upgrading to an SSD for external storage brings improved speed over traditional hard drives, although at a premium, while still providing more space for games. You'll see reduced transfer and load times with the Samsung T7, with stellar performance and quality across the range. This hugely improves an existing Xbox One console and works on Xbox Series X and Series S, albeit with usual USB drive limitations.

LG CX 55-inch 4K OLED | $1,397 at Amazon (Was $1,597)

The Xbox Series X launches with HDMI 2.1 support, enabling up to 4K resolutions at 120Hz, coupled with other next-generation display features. But with the specification still in its infancy, the LG CX is one of the few 4K TVs that checks all the boxes this holiday. With a premium OLED panel, you're experiencing the best rich colors with deep blacks, with the best image quality available on your console. The 55-inch model is already $200 cheaper ahead of Black Friday, also undercutting the 48-inch version.

$1,397 at Amazon

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