dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch adds a kickstand, textured grips, protective casing, and more to the gaming handheld — and it's finally available for purchase

dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch cover and kickstand
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What you need to know

  • dBrand launched the new ROG Ally Killswitch protective case for ASUS' gaming handheld. 
  • This is similar to the Steam Deck Killswitch case that dBrand previously released. 
  • The company is also launching new ROG Ally skins such as Matte Black, Toxic Waste, and more to give your gaming handheld a unique look.
  •  Orders for the dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch are now open with an MSRP of $59.95 at dBrand for the Essential Kit and $74.95 at dBrand for the Travel Kit. 

Today, orders for the dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch finally went live. It's a gaming handheld accessory similar to the popular Steam Deck Killswitch that dBrand previously released for Valve's device. 

So, what exactly is the Killswitch? This is a slim and protective case that's designed to fit snuggly around your gaming handheld. A grippy texture makes it easier to hold your device while a kickstand on the back allows you to easily prop the Ally up. Based off of official pictures, it looks like you can lay the ROG Ally flat on its back without the kickstand causing issues. Another useful Killswitch feature is its built-in microSD storage, which also allows you to bring more game data with you wherever you go. Additionally, there's a removable front cover to prevent the screen, buttons, or joysticks on the front from getting damaged in transit.

Of course, dBrand also made sure to provide openings for buttons, vents, and ports. If you're interested, you can purchase the Essential Kit dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch for $59.95 at dBrand. Alternatively, you can also get thumbsticks and a front cover by getting the Travel Kit for $74.95 at dBrand. You also get to choose one ROG Ally skin with this purchase. 

Here are the various skins you can choose from when purchasing a dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch: 

  • Matte Black: This covering brings a level of elegance to ROG Ally that matches the Killswitch. 
  • X-Ray: A faux-transparent design, mostly in white, that makes it look like you're staring into the ROG Ally's internals. 
  • Toxic Waste: Provides a swirl of greens, blues, and yellows to give the ROG Ally a fun 
  • Teardown: Another skin that gives the illusion of transparency, only this time with a red and black design. 
  • Solar Flare: An energetic use of color that incorporates oranges, reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and greys. 

Is it worth getting a dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch?

To be clear, I haven't been able to check out the ROG Ally Killswitch myself yet, but I am excited for this accessory. My ROG Ally has been a constant gaming companion for me ever since I got it last year. While I do love it overall, there's no denying that having the right ROG Ally accessories can improve the playing experience, and the ROG Ally Killswitch definitely has a lot to offer. 

For one thing, dBrand is known for making quality skins and cases for various devices. They're also good at improving upon their initial designs. For instance, when the Steam Deck Killswitch launched, people discovered that the magnets in the kickstand were interfering with the handheld's fans. Once dBrand learned about this, they updated their design and released a Killswitch 2.0 that no longer had this issue. 

True, $59.95 is a relatively high price, but having a kickstand and a more grippy texture will make the device easier to use. Meanwhile, having a protective case with a removable front covering will make it easier to travel with my gaming handheld. I'll have to tote the ROG Ally around somewhat like a clutch or put it in my backpack since it won't fit into a traveling hard case, but the slim form factor is worthy tradeoff. 

At any rate, I'll be getting the dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch in the near future and will write up a review on it. So, check back here at Windows Central to see my post-testing thoughts on it. 

dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch

dBrand ROG Ally Killswitch

Protect your gaming handheld with this slim casing that features a kickstand as well as a removable front covering. You'll be able to rest easy knowing your ROG Ally is better protected both while you play and while you travel with it. 

Buy for: $59.95 at dBrand

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