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Dead Island 2
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While fighting your way through Curtis Sinclair's mansion to save the movie star in the opening hours of Dead Island 2, you probably came across a strongbox called Curtis' Valuables Safe. This container has a very valuable piece of loot inside, but it can only be opened once you've obtained Curtis' Safe Key. Unfortunately, since the game never gives you any hints about where you can find it, many players move on for good and end up missing out.

In this guide, we'll go over the full process of finding Curtis' Safe Key and unlocking his safe. Here's a look at everything you need to know.

Dead Island 2: Curtis' Safe Key location

Curtis' Valuables Safe is found in his wine storage room. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Most players that discover Curtis' Valuables Safe in his wine storage room on the northern side of his mansion end up thoroughly searching the property for its key, but end up empty-handed. This is because it's actually not possible to get Curtis' Safe Keys until later in your playthrough, a decent amount of time after you've finished the Justifiable Zombicide quest with Sam B and fought the Nikki Gutte boss, the first Screamer in Dead Island 2

At this point, Screamers will begin to appear throughout the game's various areas, and a unique named screamer called Crystal the Lawyer will spawn on Curtis Sinclair's property. You'll need to kill her to obtain Curtis' Safe Keys, so fast travel back to Bel-Air and make your way to his residence.

Crystal the Lawyer location

Crystal the Lawyer can be found somewhere within the area indicated by the red circle in the image above. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Crystal the Lawyer can be found on the southwestern edge of Curtis' property, near the swimming pool and back entrances to the mansion. She's easily identified by her green dress, and like other Screamers, she's lankier than regular zombies and has long claws. The red circle in the image above indicates where she spawns specifically.

Standard anti-Screamer tactics work excellently here. Hold Block to reduce the slowing effects of her scream while walking toward her, then start dishing out damage with a blunt weapon. Don't forget that you can use weapon throws, explosive Curveballs, or a special attack skill like Ground Pound or Dash Strike to stun her and interrupt her scream, too. This will give you a large window of opportunity to get in plenty of hits. 

Once Crystal goes down, she'll drop Curtis' Safe Keys. Make sure to grab them and then head over to Curtis' Valuables Safe to open it up.

Dead Island 2: Curtis' Valuables Safe reward

The Tactical Heavy Revolver is one of the best firearms in Dead Island 2. (Image credit: Windows Central)

When you unlock Curtis' safe, you'll be rewarded with the Superior-quality Tactical Heavy Revolver, which is one of the best guns in Dead Island 2. It comes with the High Impact and Tactical Reload perks intrinsically, which boost the knockback power of each shot and improve reload speed after killing a zombie, respectively. It also has the Demolition classification, meaning that it deals guaranteed critical damage against Vulnerable zombies and temporarily raises your Toughness (damage resistance) whenever you reload.

The base weapon is very powerful, but it gets even better when you upgrade it at a Workbench. It has a free Mod Slot and room for two additional Perks, so as long as you have the necessary materials, you can improve its performance with different damage types and stat improvements.

Dead Island 2 is available now, and it's easily one of the best Xbox games available if you love zombies. With its addicting and satisfying melee combat, clever level design, hilarious B movie-tier writing, and goretastic presentation, it's sure to delight action horror fans.


Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is everything a fan of the original game could ask for. Between its brutal melee mechanics, satirical writing, and awesome presentation, it's a must-play for any zombie lover. Make sure to get the Deluxe or Gold Edition if you want access to the first two Character Packs.

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