Grounded: How to find Sap

A Sap Clump in Grounded.
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One of the most important resources that players will need to track down during the early-game of Grounded is Sap, as it's often used in many common crafting recipes. However, unlike other basic materials like Grass, it's not immediately clear where players can actually find Sap in the vast open world of the Backyard.

If you're in need of Sap but you're not sure where to look for it, follow this guide. It has everything you need to know about finding Sap, including where it's located, what to look for, and some of the valuable items you can make with it.

Sap locations and where to find in Grounded

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In Grounded, Sap is often found on pieces of wood all over the Backyard. That means you can find it pretty much everywhere, although biomes that have plenty of wood in them will likely have more Sap than ones that don't. Overall, the best place to find Sap is in the Oak Hill area near and underneath the large oak tree in the eastern portion of the map, though you can also find plenty of Sap in the Woodpile to the far northwest and the Grasslands area in the center of the map as well.

When you're just starting out, you should begin looking for Sap in the Grasslands by keeping an eye out for fallen branches and twigs. The Sap on these will generally be enough for your early-game needs, though once you've geared up enough and are confident in your ability to kill spiders, you should begin venturing to the oak tree next. You'll have to deal with a few Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders there, but it's worth it since the Oak Hill biome has an abundance of Sap resource nodes on the tree's trunk, branches, and exposed roots. You can even find Sap Clumps here, which are crystalline Sap formations that provide seven Sap when smashed with a Busting tool. Additionally, you can build a Sap farm at the oak tree by placing Sap Catchers on it, which will passively generate one Sap every five in-game hours.

The oak tree remains the best Sap source for the rest of the game due to its relative safety, though you can also collect plenty of it while exploring the Woodpile in the northwestern part of the map. This area is very dangerous since it's filled with Termites and plenty of other nasty creatures like Mosquitoes and Wolf Spiders, but the abundance of wood there means that there's plenty of Sap to be found as well.

What do you use Sap for in Grounded?

Lamps in Grounded made using Sap.

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Sap is used for a wide variety of crafting recipes and structures in Grounded. You need it to construct basic crafting stations like Workbenches, Smithing Stations, and Spinning Wheels, as well as containers like Storage Chests. You also need Sap to create light sources like lamps, torches, and sconces, and can use it to make Fiber Bandages and Acorn Leg Plate armor too. You can even turn Bratburst bombs into sticky Splatburst ones with Sap, allowing you to stick them to enemies or surfaces.

Beyond its practical uses, Sap is also necessary for a few base decoration items as well. You'll need some Sap if you want to create the Berry Chair and Clover Table furniture pieces, which are both great items for folks that want to give their humble ant-sized abode some personality and flair.

Grounded is officially out now on Xbox and PC for $30, and has quickly proven itself to be one of the best Xbox games of all time for fans of survival games thanks to its unique and creative theming, content-rich open world, and deep crafting, upgrade, and combat systems.



Over two years of development in early access have led to one of the most impressive survival games released in recent memory, and one of the top Xbox games of 2022. Grounded is an experience that simply shouldn't be missed, especially if you can play with friends.

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