Grounded: How to find Sunken Bones

A Sunken Bone in Grounded.
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One of Grounded's rarest resources are its Sunken Bones, which are shards of the bones of a creature that used to live in the Backyard's Koi Pond. These items are needed in order to craft some important mid-game gear, but they're difficult to find if you don't know where to look for them (and what to look for).

If you're not sure where to start your search for Sunken Bones, worry not. We've created a complete guide that goes over everything you need to know about finding Sunken Bones, including where they're located, how to obtain them, and what they're used for.

Where to find Sunken Bones in Grounded

The Sandbox biome is one of three locations where players can come across Sunken Bones. (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are three places where you can find Sunken Bones in the Backyard open world of Grounded. The first is the Koi Pond, in which players will be able to spot the teeth-like Sunken Bones sticking out of the pond floor and can dig them out with a shovel tool. Secondly, players can also acquire Sunken Bones by digging up Buried Treasure in the Sandbox biome in the southwestern portion of the map. Finally, Sunken Bones can also be obtained from pieces of Buried Treasure located in the northern BBQ Spill biome past the Upper Yard Ascent.

Note that all of these areas are hazardous, though the Koi Pond is generally the safest of the three. You'll only have to deal with the occasional Diving Bell Spider and an oxygen meter while exploring its depths, as opposed to the powerful Antlions of the Sandbox, the deadly Ladybird Larvae of the BBQ Spill, and Sizzle status effect present in both areas that causes health loss and movement speed penalties. When exploring the Sandbox or the BBQ Spill, make sure you bring along some heat-resistant Antlion Armor and Quesadillantlion consumables to battle the high temperatures.

What are Sunken Bones used for in Grounded?

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The most important use for Sunken Bones is to create the Bubble Helmet, which is a very useful headwear item that increases your underwater oxygen timer from 80 seconds to 160, doubling the length of time you can spend underwater before needing to come back up to the surface. As a result, this item is a must-have for thoroughly exploring the Koi Pond. The helmet takes five Sunken Bones, four Eelgrass Strands, and four Silk Ropes to create.

Sunken Bones are also a core crafting component for the Tier 2 Koi Scale Armor, including the helmet, chestplate, and greaves. When all three pieces are crafted and worn, they provide you with a set bonus called Dazzling Riposte that improves the damage of your next attack after you Perfect Block an incoming attack. This makes the armor worth chasing for folks confident in their Perfect Blocking abilities.

Grounded is officially out now on Xbox and PC for $30, and has quickly proven itself to be one of the best Xbox games of all time for fans of survival games thanks to its unique and creative theming, content-rich open world, and deep crafting, upgrade, and combat systems.



Over two years of development in early access have led to one of the most impressive survival games released in recent memory, and one of the top Xbox games of 2022. Grounded is an experience that simply shouldn't be missed, especially if you can play with friends.

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