Grounded is getting another big update, this time with a new, creepy spider

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What you need to know

  • Just over a week ago, Grounded added a ton of new content and improvements in its 1.2 Super Duper update.
  • On Wednesday, Obsidian Entertainment announced another new content update releasing to players today.
  • Falling under version number 1.2.2, the new update adds more bug fixes, improvements, and content.
  • Most of it centers around the terrifying Broodmother boss, and the brand-new Infected Broodmother that can be found in the Hedge.

Still haven't had enough of Grounded? We don't blame you, and apparently Obsidian Entertainment is here to deliver. Not even two weeks after the release of Grounded's first major content update since launch is a new patch bringing even more content, bug fixes, and general improvements to players.

Grounded's 1.2.2 patch update may fall under an unassuming version number, but don't let that fool you. While it is smaller in size than the Grounded 1.2 Super Duper update that rolled out to players a little over a week ago, there's still some very exciting new features and content included in this surprise update.

Although, if you're not a fan of spiders, you may want to avoid this one or make liberal use of Grounded's Arachnophobia Mode. Here's a quick overview of what's included in the latest Grounded update.

  • A brand-new boss. A new boss, the terrifying and powerful Infected Broodmother, is hiding deep within the Hedge. Should players make the mistake of stumbling upon it and setting it free, the Infected Broodmother will provide a serious challenge with some serious rewards should they survive, including:
    • A full equipment set
    • A new weapon
    • A new trinket
    • A new Xbox Achievement
    • Four new buildings, including a throne
  • Changes to poison damage. Players who enjoy utilizing poison to neutralize their foes will be happy with this update, as there are a number of tweaks coming to Grounded's poison effects, including:
    • Wasps are no longer immune to poison
    • Most poison effect durations caused by players are doubled
    • All poison does additional damage over time
    • The poison effects of the Broodmother equipment set no longer gets applied to players
    • The bonus poison damage gained from spider and Black Widow sets is increased
    • The Broodmother Mutation now also massively increases all poison damage you cause
  • New Broodmother gear. The Broodmother now has a complete equipment set with the addition of new Chest of the Mother Demon and Greaves of the Mother Demon.
  • Lots of other changes and fixes. There are a decent number of other changes and fixes included in this update, with many targeting feedback on the 1.2 Super Duper update. Check out the full changelog linked above for more information!
  • Seasonal content. There will be a new May Sign Set in the Science Shop just for the month of May related to the Spring. However, the other content in this update, including the Infected Broodmother, is permanent!

I don't think anyone was begging for fresh Grounded content right after the release of the Super Duper update, but it's awesome to see the game enjoy healthy post-launch support. The Grounded 1.2.2 patch update is now available for players across all platforms.

If you haven't played Grounded, yet, now's the best time to join over 15 million players in what is absolutely one of the best Xbox games and generally one of the greatest survival games you can play right now. In my Grounded review, I dubbed it a "stunning survival triumph teeming with secrets, stories, and surprises," and the game has added plenty more content since then.

Grounded is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Windows PC (Microsoft Store and Steam), and Steam Deck for $40. It's also on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.



Obsidian Entertainment's critically acclaimed survival game, Grounded, continues to grow with dozens of new features and improvements after launch. Now, that includes a brand-new spider boss.

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