Xbox's Grounded gets huge 1.2 Super Duper Update, here's what's new

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What you need to know

  • Obsidian Entertainment's charming survival game Grounded just got the huge Super Duper Update, out now on Xbox and Windows PC.
  • The update includes the Super Duper machine that can dupe items; a new Base Coziness system; close to 100 new building pieces; a "Handy Gnat" bug that can build with you; an Acorn Turret that fires five different ammo types; and wasps, a new enemy type in the Upper Yard that can be defeated to get materials for a new trinket and armor set.
  • Grounded is also now Steam Deck Verified, and is on the official support list for Valve's handheld gaming PC.
  • From April 27 through May 1, players on Steam will be able to try out Grounded for free.

Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment's unique Xbox and Windows PC exclusive about exploring a backyard as a bug-sized human, has gotten an exciting new 1.2 patch called the Super Duper update. It's the first major content update the game has gotten since it officially launched in September 2022, and it includes quite a few significant features and additions.

First up, there's the Super Duper machine, a gizmo that you'll come across next time you visit BURG.L in the Oak Tree Lab. With it, you can duplicate pieces of gear — including their upgrades — as well as other items using Raw Science as fuel. This makes it incredibly useful for situations where you and your friends need a way to prepare for expeditions fast, but the catch is that you can't use the machine until you find the new Duper Discs that the developers have scattered around the Backyard. Each one gives you the ability to duplicate different types of items, so you should definitely try to find them all.

Additionally, base building has gotten some big upgrades in the Super Duper Update. Grounded now features a Base Coziness system that encourages players to raise the coziness level of their shelters by adding lots of structures, furniture, decorations, and more. By doing so, you can unlock new decoration building recipes, a new base building-focused mutation, and several new emotes. Along with Base Coziness, Obsidian has also created close to 100 new building and furniture pieces that you can use when constructing your home.

Some other Grounded base building changes include the addition of the friendly "Handy Gnat" bug that can build with you using stockpiled resources in the Creative and Creative with Bugs modes (as well as Survival once you convert it into a Custom Game in the Game Settings), as well as an update to turrets that combines the Pebblet and Pollen Turrets into the Acorn Turret. This turret can shoot five different types of ammo, all of which can be stored in a chest nearby so you can swap ammo types without dismounting it.

Finally, the Super Duper Update also introduces wasps, which are the latest enemy bugs in Grounded. They can be found scattered around the Upper Yard, guarding their mini hives. Obsidian warns that if you "piss off their kin," you will "release the full fury of the hive," so be careful when taking them on. Notably, the wasps also have a hidden main nest somewhere, which is where the new Wasp Queen boss can be found. By defeating these wasps and challenging the terrifying Wasp Queen, you can collect resources to craft a new wasp-themed armor set and wearable trinket.

The announcement post for the update also noted that Grounded is now Steam Deck Verified, meaning that the game is on the official Steam Deck support list and can be played with Valve's popular gaming PC handheld. To celebrate, the game is getting a free weekend on Steam from April 27 until May 1, which gives fans an opportunity to try the game out before purchasing it.

In case you missed it, Grounded celebrated 15 million unique players back in Dec. 2022. If you're wondering what makes this survival game so special, be sure to read Windows Central's Grounded review for all the details. Grounded is hands-down one of the best Xbox games released in the last year, and delivers an incredible survival experience whether you're by yourself or playing with friends.

Grounded is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Windows PC (Microsoft Store and Steam), and Steam Deck for $40. It's also on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Windows Central's take

It's awesome to see Grounded continue to grow after launch with new features, and I hope to see that evolution persist into the future. This looks like a fantastic update, especially for players who love to build up their bases (sorry, it's not a base anymore, it's a home).

I'm not ashamed to admit, however, that I do not like wasps. Frankly, I find them to be terrifying. I have no such fears regarding spiders, but I'm guessing Grounded's impressive Arachnophobia Mode doesn't turn the wasps into harmless little blobs. I hope everyone has a great time in Grounded following the 1.2 Super Duper update, but don't be surprised if I'm in no rush to challenge the Wasp Queen. — Zachary Boddy



Obsidian Entertainment's critically acclaimed survival game, Grounded, continues to grow with dozens of new features and improvements after launch. The 1.2 Super Duper update is out now.

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