Halo Infinite leak suggests Firefight is coming with Forge mode support

Halo Infinite
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What you need to know

  • A new Halo Infinite leak has surfaced that strongly suggests Firefight, Halo's fan-favorite wave defense horde mode, is coming to the game in the future.
  • The leak includes screenshots of Firefight's settings menus, along with reports about how it will work.
  • According to the leak, Halo infinite's version of Firefight will allow players to create custom waves and maps with Forge mode placements and scripts. Players will also be able to add AI spawns to other multiplayer modes.
  • Players will be able to play the default Firefight experience on a map set in the large arena from the House of Reckoning campaign level, and "probably" in the rest of Halo Infinite's multiplayer maps as well.
  • Late last year, 343 Industries expressed its plan to explore adding campaign AI to the Forge mapmaking tool. The addition of Firefight with these customization options seems like a progression of that plan.

Is the popular wave defense horde mode Firefight coming to Halo Infinite? It's a question that fans of Halo's PvE experiences have been asking ever since the game came out in late 2021, though unfortunately, Microsoft and 343 Industries haven't yet given a concrete answer. However, a new leak has surfaced that suggests Firefight is on the way.

Shown by the widely known leaker Bathrobe Spartan on Twitter, the leak includes screenshots of in-game settings menus for Firefight as well as Bathrobe Spartan's own findings. According to their report, Halo Infinite's Firefight will allow players to create their own maps and choose which AI enemies will spawn and where with the Forge mapmaking tool, with support for tweaking the appearance of weapons and AI as well as scripting custom encounters. You'll also be able to revive your teammates if they go down, similar to the way you can in the Attrition multiplayer mode.

Beyond Firefight, Bathrobe Spartan says that players will be able to add AI to all Halo Infinite multiplayer game types. If true, this would mean it'd be possible to build custom PvPvE experiences similar to Halo 5: Guardians' Warzone mode, in which AI enemies would attack both teams of players. To speculate, you might even be able to assign specific groups of AI to a team, turning them into allies that will fight alongside you.

What if you don't want to make your own Firefight maps and encounters and simply want to jump into a game? Bathrobe Spartan says that the large combat arena from the House of Reckoning campaign level is being repurposed into a space for Firefight, and that the mode will also "probably be on the existing multiplayer maps."  Also, since an "Override Map AI Placements" setting can be seen in the leak's screenshots, it's likely that each map will feature default AI spawns.

While every leak should be taken with a grain of salt, Bathrobe Spartan's screenshots look very real, and their previous reports have turned out to be correct in the past. Plus, developer 343 Industries confirmed its interest in adding Halo Infinite campaign AI to Forge late last year, so it's not surprising that it would opt to add the highly requested Firefight mode in full.

Sadly, Bathrobe Spartan didn't have any release date information to share, so it's unclear when Firefight will actually make its way to Halo Infinite. Still — assuming the leak is legit — PvE players finally have something to look forward to.

This news comes just after the arrival of Halo Infinite Season 4, which added the Infection game mode along with two new maps and sandbox items. The Halo Infinite campaign is available with any tier of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service, and its multiplayer is free-to-play on both Xbox and Windows PC.


Halo Infinite

Despite its issues, there's plenty to like about Halo Infinite. The core multiplayer gameplay is enjoyable, and since it's free-to-play, there's no barrier to entry. The campaign is fantastic, as it features an excellent story, fun open world gameplay, and plenty of action-packed levels to play through.

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