Halo Infinite’s next update drops this August, here's what's inside

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
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  • Halo Infinite's second "Drop Pod" update is scheduled to arrive this August, bringing various fixes and improvements via a mid-season update.
  • Planned changes appear to include cross-core visor customization, the first instance of previously-announced plans to allow armor and cosmetics to be used across armor cores. The update will also include additional buffs to various vehicles.
  • More information on the next Drop Pod update is expected in early August.

Halo Infinite is set to receive another “Drop Pod” update next month, introducing the first instance of cross-core customization within its multiplayer modes. The upcoming update marks the second in a series of smaller updates planned for the title, bringing various quality-of-life improvements outside the seasonal content roadmap.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offerings have been the subject of continued criticism since launch, with many players voicing frustrations over lacking content, looming gameplay issues, and poor communication.

The game’s developer, Microsoft-owned 343 Industries, has looked to address concerns with its bite-sized “Drop Pod” updates, deploying minor tweaks and bug fixes at an increased pace. The first Drop Pod update rebalanced vehicles and tackled some outstanding issues, with its second now set for August, according to a tweet from 343 Industries senior community manager John Junyszek.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The post also alludes to the arrival of cross-core customization for visors, delivering the first instance of promised plans to revamp the game’s approach to cosmetics. The game’s customization currently centers around various “armor cores,” stylized foundations for each Spartan, where armor and components are placed. The studio has announced plans to expand existing coatings and visors to all cores, with cross-core helmets and chest armor to follow. It remains unclear when further cross-core customization will arrive in-game.

We also expect Halo Infinite’s August Drop Pod update to contain further buffs to vehicles; once planned for the previous June update. Changes announced include improved durability against sidearms and increased impulse on Warthogs when damaged. More information on the next update is expected sometime in early August via a blog post on the Halo website.

While Halo Infinite Season 2 wasn’t as huge as some expected, the game continues to receive regular updates to its multiplayer sandbox. The game’s latest limited-time event, Alpha Pack, is live through August, while its initial co-op campaign flight is underway to select Halo Insiders.


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Halo Infinite bundles the most expansive Halo campaign yet with an ambitious free-to-play multiplayer experience. While the game's multiplayer has room to improve, it's the latest in Microsoft's flagship shooter franchise, with regular updates and in-game events on the horizon.

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