Halo Infinite Alpha Pack event: Start date, rewards list, and more

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Halo Infinite's limited-time events are continuing on, with new cosmetics for players to collect and, new to Season 2: Lone Wolves, additional narrative beats for players who are paying attention to the ongoing story. Alpha Pack is up next.

Here's everything we know about Halo Infinite Alpha Pack, from when you can play it to the rewards being offered and more. 

Halo Infinite Alpha Pack: Release date and start time

The Halo Infinite Alpha Pack event is slated to begin on July 19, 2022, as part of Season 2: Lone Wolves. We don't have an exact time for when it will begin, but based on prior event rollouts, it's safe to expect the event to be fully live by midday.

Halo Infinite Alpha Pack will be available until August 2022, meaning players will have two weeks to participate in the event. This two-week timeframe is in line with prior Halo Infinite events. 

What is Halo Infinite Alpha Pack?

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Halo Infinite Alpha Pack is a limited-time event following Fracture: Entrenched. Events in Halo Infinite run for a couple of weeks, bringing new rewards for players to earn. Because Alpha Pack isn't a Fracture event, which pulls from alternate Halo timelines and universes, the cosmetic content featured in Alpha Pack is canon to the main timeline.

Like all other events, Alpha Pack introduces a new event pass, with rewards to earn as players complete challenges. This event pass is separate from the main season pass for Season Two and is free for all players.

Halo Infinite Alpha Pack: Is there new content?

Not every event in Halo Infinite introduces new playable content, and that's the case with Alpha Pack. This event uses the Last Spartan Standing mode, which was first added at the start of Season Two. 

There is new content for anyone following the story, though. Halo Infinite Season Two introduced narrative beats to multiplayer, continuing with the Alpha Pack event. Additional cutscenes featuring the player's Spartan are being added, so be sure to watch them and catch up on the latest with the story of the Lone Wolves.

Halo Infinite Alpha Pack: Rewards list

The rewards in the Halo Infinite Alpha Pack event pass are geared towards the Rakshasa Armor Core, which is unlocked as part of the Season Two battle pass. While the full list of rewards was not revealed prior to the beginning of the event, a reliable leak shared that this is what players will be earning:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
UnlockItem Type
UTIL/NULL Bag (Tier 1)Armor Piece
Athena's Mirror (Tier 2)Helmet
TACSTAR MODEL 2490 (Tier 3)Armor Piece
Morrigan (Tier 4)Helmet
MOD-P CBRN (Tier 5)Armor Piece
UA/CMA SN5 TYPE 11 Left Shoulder (Tier 6) Armor Piece
UA/CMA SN5 TYPE 11 Right Shoulder (Tier 7) Armor Piece
Sapphire Grey (Tier 8)Armor Coating
Fire Gunmetal (Tier 9)Armor Coating
Trapmaster's MapArmor Piece

Naturally, we'll be updating this list if anything is added or revealed as the event rolls out. 

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