A beginner's look into the Minecraft Marketplace

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Join the fun, create the world you imagine! (Image credit: mincrosoft)

Whether you're new to Minecraft or a veteran of the games, we've got you covered! Let's go over the Minecraft marketplace and what it offers to players. 

There are a lot of ways to get lost in this game before even beginning, so let's make the start of your journey (or whichever point you're at) as smooth as possible. As someone who is a beginner to the game, let's go on this journey together!

What is the Marketplace?

The world of Minecraft awaits! (Image credit: Mojang)

Think of an ever-expanding, ever-growing library of assets, from texture packs to adventure maps and more! The Minecraft Marketplace is your hub for creating your Minecraft experience the way YOU want to experience it.  For those who are new to the Minecraft Marketplace, you can play mini-games to hone your skills and practice things before jumping into the game itself.

And much like the Nexus, there are different mods and community creations to add to your Minecraft world, so you can make it as colorful, spooky, or intricate as you can imagine. There's a stone age pack, a pastel skin pack, there's even sparkle portals.  There is so much to add to your game to make us uniquely yours.

What does the Marketplace offer?

There's a ton of content to purchase in the Minecraft Marketplace, and some freebies, too.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

If I discussed all the things the marketplace had to offer, this article would turn into a ten-page document. Instead, let's go over a few of the different things that are both beginner-friendly and already in the thick of this game-friendly.

  • Texture packs: This one is relatively straightforward, texture packs allow you to change how the game fundamentally looks. The blocks can be smoother, you can add pastel colors, and just overall change the look and feel of the game to fit your narrative. 
  • Minecoins: To buy anything in the marketplace you need to have Minecoins which can be purchased  on PC and Xbox
  • The Marketplace Pass: This is a subscription service that allows players to have multiple texture packs, skin packs, and more available to them with new items added each month
  • Tombstones: Yes, you read that correctly. The Minecraft marketplace offers tombstones.  did a friend die in the game, or maybe your pet died saving you from the wither, this is a great way to commemorate them.
  • Classic shaders: Do you want to make your experience of Minecraft more lifelike? With classic shaders, you can have realistic water effects, leaves, and grass waves in the wind,  and there's even lifelike sky and clouds!

The start of a new journey, or visiting an old friend.

Minecraft is the only game I know that has been able to invite new audiences consistently, with how much it keeps up to date and all the new things it adds to it. 

The Minecraft marketplace houses so many tools and resources with its ever-expanding library, that honestly it can be hard to keep up. The Minecraft marketplace is here for your creative enjoyment to help make the experience of Minecraft the best it can be!

Arielle Danan
staff writer and video editor